You’re Doing What Now?


That’s what I think to myself sometimes. What am I doing now? I’m a full-time mum, wife, a blogger and working on starting my own business.

6 years ago I would of said at this age I’d like to be starting to settle, get married and start a family.

3 years ago I would of said at this age I’d like to of done some travelling and be pregnant with my 1st.

1 year ago I would of said I’d like to be back at work part-time with Tom in daycare.

Things change faster than you can blink sometimes. Of course you can’t plan these things, and I have no regrets. How can I have any regrets when all those moments in life that did happen over the last 6 years have led me to be in my own home, with a supportive, loving husband and a little boy that injects so much energy into life, he is the epitome of life itself? I can’t.

My housemate from uni days would always joke, “What happened to the career girl who was going to leave uni, teach overseas, no interest in getting married. Look at you now!”

And it’s true. Career girl I was. As soon as I hit 14 and 9 months I had a job. And I never stopped being in a job until I went on maternity leave. I always thought Tom would still be so little at 6 months old, but after a year I could go back to work.

But we formed that attachment. The one that only a mother could understand. The bond that breaks your heart and lifts it up at the same time. The bond that means you could be at your wit’s end with frustration and fatigue. So much so, that you find yourself fantasising about packing your bags, getting in the car, and driving, and driving, and driving. But you can’t because the bond cannot be broken. The insurmountable love pulls you back, every time.

And now here I am, and sure I miss teaching. It has its own set of bonds – once a teacher, always a teacher. But it’s not the end of the world that I’m not doing it on a part time basis. Especially now that the horrendous fatigue has faded, I find myself actually enjoying being in the company of Tom all the time, as well as managing the house and embarking on this new path of blogging and hopefully a home business.

I used to think if I wasn’t back at work by now, I’d be ‘just’ a mum and that would drive me up the walls, but I’m more than just a mum and even though I have crappy days and sometimes that fatigue creeps up on me, I know this is where I want to be…for now.

Are you where you thought you would be 5-6 years ago? If not, what led you to be where you are?



5 thoughts on “You’re Doing What Now?

  • It’s amazing how things change isn’t it? I never would have imagined I’d be where I am now 10 years ago, or even 5. Two bonus kids being a big part of that lol! So much for ‘oh, we’re only having two’ 😉

    I’d have thought I’d be well and truly back in the classroom by now, but as it turns out that is the farthest thing from the truth!

    • Oh dear Kate, I’m only planning on having 2 also. Don’t scare me!

      I didn’t know you had a teaching background? Funny how our lives take us down different paths…

  • I’m probably where I thought I’d be 6 years ago: Wife & stay at home mother of 2 children. One year ago I thought I’d be going back to part time work now. However, I’m now SAHM to 3 children (bonus third) who’s 7 weeks old, and work has been delayed another 12-18 months. But I wouldn’t change a thing (except the elder 2 fighting constantly if that were possible!)

  • Great work Ange!!! You are not only a mum but a super mum, a teacher, a friend, a companion, a play mate, a joy to dear lil Tom I am sure!!! Yea I think 6 years ago I envisioned myself to be extremely successful in my career at this point – probably married, maybe pregnant, maybe with a child? But like you said, how things change!!! And I wouldnt have it changed in any way!!! I work part time now and spend most days with my little one and that is more than I can ask for!!!! Our times spent together are so precious – every second spent with her is a blessing although some days I am exhausted!!! I’ll do it all again in a heart beat!!!

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