"You’re doing WHAT for your Blog this weekend!?"

I have the biggest blogging weekend I’ve ever had. I’m overwhelmed and excited with all the things I will be able to experience, write about and share with my readers. The reaction in my title is what I’ve been getting lately, mostly from my brothers (who are totally jealous, mind you).

Never in my right mind would I of thought I would be blessed with this many perks as a blogger. I know what people say. I read the ‘politics’ about sponsored this, biased that…and to that I say, whatever! I GENUINELY get excited when PR companies contact me with an opportunity, and it’s not just because I’m a ‘newbie’. I’ll always get excited! Because I love experiencing, writing, mingling, communicating. I really am enjoying what I do.

I do turn down products and events. I turn them down if I don’t think I will like it, enjoy it or if it doesn’t fit my Blog. The reason I don’t rubbish a product in a review is because I research effortlessly to make sure I’m going to like what I get. Why would I want to bring something rubbish to my readers and then try to give it away to one of them? Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. I can honestly say I haven’t received something and been ‘surprisingly disappointed’ yet, so I’ll keep bringing you great things!

What I’ll be bringing you stories of after this weekend…


KidsBusiness Event: This is only my 2nd event so it’s safe to say I’m excited! There’s going to be some amazing brands and businesses to try and experience. There will also be plenty of activities for Mr.T to enjoy and lots of yummy goodies to taste! Looking forward to putting some faces to blogs too.

Ballarat Beer Festival: Thanks to Jedo, advertisers of the festival –  My husband and I are heading to the BBF. I love Ballarat. If you haven’t been to Ballarat, jump on board. It has a soft spot in my heart which I’ll tell you all about later! The Ballarat Beer Festival is a huge hit for the town. It’s going to be full of boutique beers, petting zoo, bouncing castle, gourmet food and fantastic live entertainment. My husband is bursting out of his skin to attend this and has grown a beard JUST so he can see The Beards while he is sporting one.


Tuki Retreat: I’m calling this our ‘belated anniversary’. We will be heading 40km out of Ballarat to a beautiful retreat where we can go fishing for trout and enjoy it in the restaurant, laze around the beautiful stone cottage complete with king-sized bed and corner spa. Bring it on!

I’m certain I’ll be ready for the wind-down after such a busy weekend!

How busy is your weekend? Which part of mine are you looking forward to hearing about the most?

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