You can never love enough

Tom is turning 3. On Tuesday he will be 3 years old.

It feels so pivotal. So pivotal for him and so emotional for me. We have a lot of people coming to his party. We are blessed. He is loved. And it is very likely that this will be the last time we celebrate his birthday in this house. And a house is a home. Even when you don’t want it to be so you don’t get so caught up in walls and ceilings and the memories within.

This is the first time Tom has been able to show excitement and really converse with me about his birthday too. And sometimes I have to clear my throat and smile, like today when we¬†were¬†talking about making his cake and he says “Thank you Mum!” Or when he tells me he loves me.

He has 3 requests – all which will be given to him. A Lightning McQueen Cake (just an edible image – nothing fancy!), a special blue car and only blue balloons. To him, everything else will be a bonus.

He has grown up so much this year. He has learnt to cope with a brother in the house, and hey, he’s still learning and he always will be. But his excitement NEVER wanes when he hears Jeremy through the baby monitor. Soon after I will hear a “Hi Brother J!” and a gurgle from J. Sometimes he asks me to wake him because he just wants to play with him.

Other times he is angry, territorial and rough as guts. But you know. He’s Tom. We get that. He’s a fiery, determined thing. Not sure where he gets that from *insert shifty eyes here*tom turns 3n

Life is at a turning point for our family and I feel it begins when Tom turns 3. How fast he will grow. Go to kinder, start school. I want to say it’s gone fast. Because it feels like that’s what people are supposed to say. But it hasn’t gone fast at all. It’s gone at just the right speed. Jeremy however is flying (perhaps being the baby) and I seriously do wish that kid would slow down, just a little!

Tom’s energy is overwhelming at times. Sometimes it’s a nervous energy that comes with HIM being overwhelmed. It happens when there is too many people in one room for him. He becomes hyperactive. He acts out. It’s too much. He is outside a lot and he finds comfort there. In a zone that suits him he is very different – he loves to cook with me, clean, read story after story after story. He is gentle and loveable and quite seriously, a future heart-breaker.

He is ours now and forever. And he is loved a lot. Today I said to Steve, “I love these kids”…”sometimes too much” and I know that’s bull. That’s not even possible. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The western world tries to convince us to love “Just a little less” all the time. Let them cry, don’t hold them too much, don’t breastfeed them to sleep, don’t go to them immediately, don’t smother them.

It’s crap. Kid you’re 3 and I’m going to smother you until you’re 23. At least. Don’t you forget it. Happy Birthday Tom.

me and tom

Stay tuned for all the Cars party themed things post-Sunday!

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