March 16, 2017

Work With Me

Do you want to work with me? Fantastic! Here’s what you will get:

Once a teacher, always a teacher

That’s me. I know how to inform your clients in an interesting, easy to digest way. Teachers are always developing engaging content for their students and they need to deliver it in a clear way. I can do that for your clients whether you are an education based business, or not.

Someone who has written many, many blog posts

I’ve written for a variety of businesses. I’ve written for – a plumber, ┬ádentist, carpet cleaner, early childhood centre, online university, fitness centre, daycare and so much more. I’ve also written sponsored posts and reviews for big name brands. If you are looking for an all-rounder, you found her.

I write, because I love it

I like playing with words. I get a thrill out of matching my tone to suit the client’s business.

I keep on top of the SEO game

I won’t put my hand up and say I am the SEO queen, because my belief is nothing will be better than quality content for SEO, but I do know a few key tips and tricks to help your SEO.