Woodgrove Shopping Centre Expansion **GIVEAWAY ENDED**

Congratulations Rebecca Collins on winning a $50 voucher to the Centre! For everyone else, stay tuned for some more fantastic giveaways on School of Mum!


Once upon a time, Melton was a little town. I called it a TOWN and it may have even been termed ‘regional’. From our house, where I grew up, we would often walk to the ‘Regional Shopping Centre’ which consisted of Safeway, Coles and a shop called Venture, plus a few take out shops from memory.

If you wanted something other than groceries, you shopped at High St, where you might have been lucky to find some of the odds and ends you needed or a gift for someone.

When Woodgrove Shopping Centre opened it was the talk of the town. Melton was growing really, REALLY quickly! And the shops were not keeping up. If you wanted to find something – you needed to travel to Highpoint or Melbourne. Woodgrove had K-mart and everyone was excited!

That was all well and good, but it really wasn’t enough. Melton continued to grow ridiculously fast. Everytime I go back there to visit my parents I am shocked by the amount of traffic (such a country bumpkin now!). So it was with a warm welcome that people recently embraced an expansion of Woodgrove.


When I went to visit last, I arrived exhausted at around 7pm. I was running a market stall the next morning and was due for a rest. But my Mum had other ideas. She had been telling me about the ‘new Woodgrove’ since it opened and was keen to take me on a walk. And with late night trading, well who could resist?

I’ve got to say, I was surprised when I walked in. It’s hard to imagine you are in Melton when all of a sudden you are in a major shopping complex with huge, spacious stores and wide aisles for people to move in. That’s what first grabbed me.

DSC_0244 (1)

We hit Jeanswest (we never had one!) and I was finally able to pick up some decent maternity wear. I’d been looking for ages for some summer shorts, and with a one day only special – 40% off it was a done deal.

On that note, it was nice to see a centre that was clearly catering for different needs. When it has been so hard to find things for so long, all of a sudden you are in a centre in town that caters for large sizes, children, pregnant women and music/entertainment lovers. With shops like Ollie’s Place which had the most gorgeous children’s clothing I have seen (and suits for boys which can be hard to find) to Autograph and JB HIFI, it’s nice to see that Melton now has a centre that caters to many!

Being child-free, I can tell you that on that weekend I went to Woodgrove 3 times, once with my Mum, once with a friend, once on my own and then again for lunch with friends! So I guess that gives you a sense of what they have created here – pretty much a giant hub of everything you need in one place.

After a day of selling at the market stall, my beautiful friend and I decided to find a place for a major catch-up. What is better than Max Brenner for that? WIth a chocolate fondue to share and hours to spare, we sat there and dipped fruit, marshmallows and chocolate until our bums were numb from sitting on seats and talking for so long. No complaints there. Pure chocolatey, friendship goodness.


The next morning I decided it was time for some ‘me’ time though and to explore properly. I wanted to make sure I took it all in so on a Sunday morning I managed to get the perfect park and spend my time exploring. I headed to the parent’s area because I knew that would be important the next time we were there and also for this review.

The parent’s room is excellent and I’ve seen a few in my time. It is spacious and has a microwave and everything you need. It is going to be a high traffic area though so I think it is going to be super important for them to keep this area clean at all times.

DSC_0249 (1)

The breastfeeding rooms are gorgeous and PRIVATE. Love that it isn’t just a separator or a curtain, but an actual private area to feed. I would have loved to see some toys on the wall though in those rooms or a tv screen attached to the ceiling so that while you are feeding, a toddler or your other children can have something to amuse themselves with.


Outside this area is a large indoor playground! I think Tom will be having a blast on this next time we are there, and I think my husband will be doing a lot of erm, supervising while I shop 🙂

DSC_0248 (1)

After an exhausting walk and lots of Christmas shopping and a shop at Aldi, I dumped everything in the car and went to lunch! Let me tell you I was enjoying this kid-free time immensely 😉

I caught up with my friends at Hog’s Breath Café and once again, realised that the new Woodgrove has opened up so many options to people that live in Melton and surrounds. No more travelling because there is such scarce choice of eateries. Now there is a great food court and new restaurants to explore.

So all in all, while there’s always room to grow with shops like Target, Spotlight etc being in high demand, it’s definitely a place where I would be happy to go, knowing that I’ll probably find what I need and there’s plenty of facilities and entertainment for hyperactive toddlers!


You can win a $50 voucher to spend IN STORE at the new Woodgrove Shopping Complex!

Just comment below telling where that $50 would likely disappear to. You can see the range of stores in the complex by following this link.

Terms and Conditions

Only Australian residents are eligible
One entry only
Entries close on 15th December, 2013 and winners will be chosen within 3 days
Winner must be available to spend their voucher IN STORE

9 thoughts on “Woodgrove Shopping Centre Expansion **GIVEAWAY ENDED**

  • Easy. JeansWest. I’ve already managed many visits and loving the extended 40% off everything in-store. Also loving Big W, Amart Sports, JB Hi Fi just to name a few. It’s been a long time coming and as a born-and-bred Meltonian of around 40 years, it is fantastic to have the new Woodgrove.

  • I’d have to say Lenard’s – we plan to buy our Christmas turkey from there, so $50 would contribute nicely towards that. TBH I haven’t been in to check out the new stores yet, but a gift card would certainly be all the enticement I’d need 😉

  • My husband and I stumbled across the Woodgrove Shopping Centre last weekend on our way back from Torquay to Bendigo (we were searching for a Christmas gift that only Big W stocked, and our store had run out). We were really impressed with the range of stores! I would spend the $50 at Bed Bath N’ Table, Diva, Lovisa, JB Hi-Fi and/or Cotton On Body, either to finish off my Christmas shopping or for a little something special for me. 😉

  • I love shopping at Aldi, they have great food, coffee pods for their coffee machine and even some great Christmas products. Last year they had some awesome chocolate covered pretzels, yum!

  • Wow! I didn’t even know Melton had a shopping center like this I think we need to go for a drive soon! I have to say the $50 would get spent between Amart Sport, cotton on kids and bonds! My spoilt 2 year old can never have to many clothes! I can’t wait to head down that way and do some exploring soon! Thanks!

  • Loved reading your review!
    The bonds store would definitely get a visit from me and my little one if we had a voucher- can’t get enough onesies!
    Maybe even dusk for something to make the house smell yummy 🙂

  • There are so many shops there that I could easily spend the $50 🙂 Although, *fingers crossed* hopefully I can start shopping in some of the wonderful kids shops that are now there at the start of next year.

  • I love the comments about not feeling like you are in melton anymore. That was my reaction when the new centre opened. Felt as if I was in another world! It’s fantastic to not have to travel out of town this year to shop for Christmas presents as everything is finally at our fingertips. Sad to say I’d be practical with a $50 voucher… boring I know however my babies always seem to have their major growth spurts around this time of year, miss 6 in particular, a whole new wardrobe at Christmas time. … her timing has always been impeccable! So I’d have to say a voucher would go towards some new clothes for the kids

  • Loved your review! Also loving the new Woodgrove and it is wonderful for us Melton Residents to not leave the “town” anymore!
    If I won the $50 gift card, I would spend it at Ollie’s Place! Finally a kidswear store with gorgeous apparel!

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