Winners and a Launch Wrap-up!

The launch of the new School of Mum was a great success thanks to all the support and love given from current readers, friends, family and fellow bloggers! There’s been a lot of new folk join the School of Mum community over the last couple of days and I’m so excited to have you here! Please let me know if I can help you with anything big or small – whether it be regarding something from the shop or if you are just looking for ideas or activities regarding your child’s learning. I’m here to help and often mums around here have got some excellent suggestions too!

To celebrate last night I had a few competitions going on Facebook and…

CONGRATULATIONS to Belinda Holst for winning the personalised t-shirt/bib combo

CONGRATULATIONS to Kyah Taylor for subscribing to the newsletter and winning herself a goodie of her choice!

There’s ALWAYS competitions on School of Mum happening – we’ve had plenty of amazing ones in the past, so if you weren’t a winner this time, stay tuned! There is plenty more and if you sign up to the fortnightly newsletter by entering your name and email on the right you won’t miss a beat! And I swear, absolutely no spam, just shopping, learning and interacting goodness!

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