Why I was nit free and still anxious

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A ball rises to my throat. My heart is thumping at the speed of sound and I’m trying so hard not to cry.

I don’t want to cry because I’m the girl that always cries when she has her hair checked for nits.

That was me, many years ago.

Even now, when someone from primary school happens to run into me on Social Media, the first message I receive is “Awww! I still remember when you used to cry when they checked our hair for nits!”

I never had nits. Not ever. I cried because I have the curliest hair in the world and every day, without fail, my mum would pull it into the tightest plaits imaginable. And that’s how I liked it. And sometimes the mean nurses would pull my hair out to check for nits.

I still have visions of the horrific time they pulled my plait out and I didn’t have a hair tie in at the end. That’s how curly it is. It didn’t even come loose without a hair tie. One day, the mean nurse was determined they would need to pull my hair out. I was horrified. I didn’t have a hair tie. That would mean a big, frizzy, curly, mess!


I ran home that day. Frizzy curls stuck to my damp face. I was so embarrassed. I can’t recall being teased. All I remember is that after that, my mum wrote the school a letter, assuring them that I had never had nits, that she checks my hair regularly and that they were not to pull my hair out.

I didn’t even get nits and I was embarrassed. I watched from a distance as those who were sent home with nits, were whispered about and heckled. It was awful. Now, as a teacher, I am super sensitive and aware of the implications nits can have on friendships and a child’s emotions. Fortunately, I’ve embraced the curl, the afro and the frizzy in all its glory now too.

I’ve been watching Michelle’s business Nit Free For Me just BOOM since she started. I’m so proud of an Aussie mum doing great things and I’m honoured to help her on her cause. It would be fantastic to see this all natural, preventative spray for nits in schools and homes all over the country.

nit free

I don’t think we can even begin to imagine the psychological and emotional impact nits can have on a child. They watch their parents in frustration trying to rid them of this curse. They watch their friends move away with them, or maybe stop playing with them because their parents have asked them to. It really can be a nasty, nasty thing.

A quick spray of Nit Free For Me is so much less invasive than all the other treatments and checks. It smells great and nobody has to even know that your child is using it. Head over and check it out for yourself!

Q: Do you have an ‘old school’ memory of being checked for nits? How did it make you feel?

11 thoughts on “Why I was nit free and still anxious

  • I was the opposite. I would always get them. My mum would sit their and pick them out one by one. It was so annoying. My school never checked our hair so never had your problem. But once my mum saw one nit My afternoon would be gone.

    My girls have had them. They still get them. I do have a weekly brush in place to keep them at bay and it seems to be working, But If this product helps me so that I don’t have to have the shower running while I brush their hair it looks like an awesome product.

    • ohhh how awful Salz! Yes it’s an awesome product! Get in contact with Michelle for sure. She will be able to work something out for you.

  • I went to a very small country school growing up. I do remember a lady checking our hair every so often but I must have been too carefree or too naive to feel embarrassed or worry about others having nits. My hair was very thick and long (it is now too) and blonde, I dreaded the comb when my mother dug it out. I also remember her picking out the eggs. Not a pleasant memory.
    My own children have had them too. Horrible process of washing EVERYTHING and my kids hate, HATE the metal nit comb too. I regularly check my children’s hair and have recently started to use and promote Nit Free For Me preventative sprays to my children’s schools and kindergartens because avoiding all that treating and retreating again and again is tiresome!
    My son asked me the last time I checked his hair, “Why do nit have to exist mum?” I honestly couldn’t answer him but I told him I wished they didn’t exist too

    • Yes, they’re an awful, awful thing. It’s amazing how many horrible memories are attached to them too! So unnecessary if it can be avoided!

      Good luck promoting Nit Free For Me! I think it’s just going to be a bigger and bigger success 😀

  • I don’t remember getting checked at school but I remember mum checking for them and it was so boring! I got them a few times, once in high school even thanks to my little sisters in primary school bringin them home. That was pretty embarrassing!

  • No memory of being checked for nits, but do remember the one time i had them was that i had a kerosene hair wash and was has a number 2 haircut. Not a pleasant memory!

    • Ohhh how awful for you Stephanie! I’m glad you only got them once if that’s how it was treated, you poor thing!

      Luckily there are so much gentler ways to deal with them now.

  • Freaky I just read this – I just found one in my girl’s hair this morning – I remember mum finding them and having to treat us three girls! I know only wash my kid’s hair once a week on a Friday and fill their hair with product and defence spray. x

    • Good idea. I only ever had my hair washed once a week too. It was long although you couldn’t tell because it’s so curly. It springs up!

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