Why Health Insurance Before Babies is a Good Idea

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BC, that is, Before Children, I didn’t really think much about health insurance. Why would I? I had a health care card for years as a student. It covered or reduced the cost of my braces, medicine, transport and more. It was ace!

There was a transition to becoming an adult when that got taken away. Suddenly, the reasons for needing health insurance were on the rise. Isn’t getting old such junk sometimes? If you read the blog regularly, you would know my health has put me in some really tight spots recently, and coincidentally (or not) I’m turning 30 this year. Hoorah!

Other than turning 30 soon and my downward spiral to AGING, here’s my top 3 reasons why I don’t regret getting top health insurance before we had our babies.

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1. Getting what I wanted for both my births

I’ve read all the arguments on public hospitals. I’m all for it, if that’s what you are comfortable with. In my experience, ¬†here’s what was great about being in a private hospital:

The food: It was so good. I don’t know about you but establishing breastfeeding was seriously hungry work! Having good food was important to me.

The private room: I know some people get a private room at public hospitals anyway but gee it’s good to get one guaranteed, rather than just striking it lucky. I’m a private person and well, after birth is not much fun. I couldn’t imagine not having my own bathroom and shower after giving birth.

The Special Care: When Jeremy was born 4 weeks early, the special care was amazing. It wasn’t just the way he was looked after, but also the way I got to stay for a few days, no questions ¬†– then I was placed into self contained accommodation on the premises. They gave me a breast pump to borrow and offered to save me meals if I was heading there to feed Jeremy. We lived an hour and a half away from the hospital and I was so grateful for perks like that.

The Obstetrician: We had our differences sometimes, but on the whole, I loved seeing the same person for each of my births. I loved that there was an ultrasound machine in her room and I got to see my baby every time I went in for a check. Despite the statistics about giving birth in a private hospital, both my births were natural ones.

2. Getting what I wanted for my ectopic

After we had the boys, we had discussed downsizing our insurance…then I had my ectopic pregnancy. Even though I went through the public hospital to emergency this time, my private obstetrician came across to perform the surgery. I was scared, and alone. My husband had taken the children home, 120km away from me, and I didn’t want to worry anyone else. I told her before she wheeled me into theatre, that seeing her familiar face was a huge comfort to me. 4 weeks later, at my follow up appointment, she thanked me for that moment.

3. Needing it after the toll babies take.

Women talk about their tiger stripes and their empowerment that comes with giving birth. It’s amazing for sure. For some of us, it can take a serious toll on our bodies too. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can weaken your teeth, your back, your pelvis and bring on all sorts of future health problems. In my case, it’s a possibility that hormonal changes in my body sped up my corneal disease, Keratoconus. Going to the dentist and chiropractor, as well as needing new glasses often can be really expensive without health insurance or a health care card. The peace of mind, that it’s there when you need it, makes it worth it.


You can get a rebate on your Health Insurance at tax time and it can save you from an extra charge on your Medicare Levy too. If I’ve convinced you, head to HealthInsuranceComparison.com.au to get the best deals on Private Health.

Do you have Private Health? Did you have it when you had your babies? Was it worth it?

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