What’s Date Night? Win The Ultimate One

This is a sponsored post for Flowers for Everyone

“Can’t wait for date night!” I hear people say. Smile and nod, be cool, don’t tell them date nights at our house involve cheap wine, Netflix and the occasional,”Someone’s waking, put the volume down!”

I mean, how many people actually have regular babysitters and go out on regular date nights anyway? I’m calling them out. Their date nights are just like ours…aren’t they?

If you really are like us then your date nights are a rarity. They are something that’s happened once or twice for a special occasion because breastfeeding, because sick kids, because babies, because no family around the corner, because too hard basket.

Things that wouldn’t make the idea get crumpled up and thrown in the too hard basket would be,
a) it’s free
b) it’s freaking amazing
c) it’s not interrupting school/work commitments.

So, why not enter a competition? Many of you have been winners here in the past, why not try your hand at, I don’t know, something like…

2 x nights at the ultimate couples retreat 

A lovers cave cut into the side of a mountain in the Blue Mountains, just outside of Sydney!

love cave

Set high on a cliff face in the Blue Mountains, the Enchanted Love Cave is a place to cook simply, relax easily, and love your partner. Relax in the spa and watch the afternoon clouds roll over the mountains before the sun starts to fade and an eternity of stars begin to prick the night sky. Breathe in the scent of wood smoke mingled with fresh Eucalyptus and the fragrance from hundreds of red roses filling the cave. Listen to logs spitting in the fireplace as flames flicker shadows across rock walls, painting them with warmth and the age-old secrets of a primeval earth.

Ok, so this competition is worth $3500 and comes with over $1300 of flowers, candles and a bottle of Moet in the room.

It’s probably better than Netflix…and it takes about two seconds to enter.

You can enter at Flowers for Everyone

What would be your ideal date night? Or is Netflix enough for you?

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