What to do when your child gets suspicious about Santa

Guest Author: Bronwyn Hemus

Sooner or later, there’s going to come a time when your children start to question Santa. When they’re younger it’s easier to keep the spirit of Christmas alive as they have no reason not to believe anything you tell them.

However, as they grow older, they start to get their own ideas and they’ll start mixing with other children who may already know that Santa doesn’t exist.

The question for any parent is: when should you break the news to your kids and how do you know if they can handle it?

Every child is different
There’s no specific age when you should sit your child down and confide in them about Santa’s lack of existence. Every child is different and they develop at different speeds.

One child may know something is wrong at the age of five, whereas another may still believe in Santa when they’re eight years old. You need to pay attention to your child and work out when the best time is to tell them based upon their individuality and level of maturity.

Your child doesn’t always know what they want
Many parents have been completely fooled by the ‘you can tell me the truth mummy’ line. When your child comes to you and says they want to know the truth, it’s easy to assume they are ready to know about Santa. However, what they think and how they feel when you break it to them are two completely different things.

If they are starting to question Santa then it’s a good sign they’re almost ready to know the truth. However, they could have heard something from a friend and they want you to say it is rubbish and that Santa does exist. You need to be careful and know 100% that they’re ready to hear the truth.

Don’t leave it too late
While you obviously want to keep the magic alive for your kids as long as possible, there is a disadvantage to leaving it too late. For example, if they are ten years old and still believe in Santa, it can cause problems at school.

Most children know the truth about Santa when they’re that age so it’s only a matter of time before they upset your child with what they know. Not only that, but your child could also potentially be teased if they still believe in Santa when everyone else doesn’t.

If they reach a certain age and do still believe in him, it could be time to sit them down and have a proper chat.

Teach them Santa’s message
Breaking the news about Santa isn’t always easy, but it can be made better if you drill home the message behind his existence.

Teach your child more about the message of Christmas and how it rewards those who are good all year round. You can also teach them about giving. It’s even a good idea to encourage your child to give to those less fortunate than themselves.

Not only will they feel good that they helped somebody, but it also teaches important life values at an early age.

At the end of the day, there is no ‘right time’ to tell your kids about Santa, so it is best to make your judgement based on your child’s age, level of maturity, and the type of questions they ask about the big man in the red suit.

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