What Has Being a Mum Made You? **GIVEAWAY Ended**

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The thing about packing to move house is, you come across things you didn’t even remember existed. Things in the corners of shelves, behind suitcases. Things like journals that detail every worst possible emotion and physical despair while pregnant with your first.

I hate this so much. Anybody who says they loved being pregnant the whole time is a BIG FAT LIAR! I just knew I wasn’t going to be a natural at this. I’m not excited in the slightest. I want to vomit, pass out and eat something all at the same time”

I felt so sad when I read this. Guilty! After a while though, I realised that it was just part of the journey. It was horrible. Crappy as crap can be. It was crappy the second time too. Early pregnancy never did me any good, but pregnancy as a whole has done wonderful things, and it was so, so worth it.

I used to think what made me a mum is feeling that baby in my arms, or feeling that first kick, because the first trimester didn’t make me feel very mum like. Then I lost in the first trimester and realised I was a mum the minute I knew I was pregnant. You were too.

Being a mum has made me emotional. It has made me tired, it has lifted me up and brought me down. Being a Mum has made me determined, joyous and loved by my own. Being a mum has made me, and you, so many things. We are, so many things! We deserve a celebration.

So come and win something awesome. You’ve earned it.

1. Snowgoose Mixed Fruit, Bubbly and Belgian Chocolates RRP $155


Sure, flowers are nice…but a crate of fruit, bubbly and chocolate that comes delivered, chilled and ready to be devoured? Yeah. It wins! You would think fruit could not look this perfect, but it arrived just like this, chilled, shiny, fresh fruit. We made a light night picnic with it and every piece of fruit was just right. The next day I was able to expose the kids to some fruits we might not normally eat too!


2. Oh My Giddy Aunt Pendant Speech Bubble Sterling Silver – RRP $39.95


Oh My Giddy Aunt have never failed to deliver quality and I’ve worked with the ever lovely Nikki a number of times now. This speech bubble is a gorgeous way to record a word that means something to you and your family or maybe it’s your children’s first words. I had “Mum” put on mine because both boys have said “Mum” first despite “Dad” being much more common as a first word apparently! The quality, as always is just right and a lot of love goes into the packaging too. You won’t be disappointed.


3. Belkin WeMo switch RRP $69.95

wemo switch

Well this is the bee’s knees. You know why? Let me tell you a scenario:
Me: Turn the TV off now Tom, let’s go outside

Tom: No, I want to watch a….what happened?

Me: (Putting my phone away) oh the TV isn’t working! Maybe it will turn on later. Let’s go do something else

Me: WIN!

That’s what the switch does. Plug it into a device and use your phone to turn that device on or off at any time including scheduling it in. Want the kettle to do its thing at 7am? Done. Want the TV to switch off at dinner time? Done. Want the heater on before you get home? Yes, it can do that too. Very nifty device!


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18 thoughts on “What Has Being a Mum Made You? **GIVEAWAY Ended**

  • I seem to get busier and feel more exhausted with each passing year! But I never imagined how proud, happy, rewarding and loved two little beings could make you feel! My emotional and spiritual growth or journey has been phenomenal x

  • Being a mum has made me feel powerful, strong and determined. It has also made me appreciate the simple things in life. I have never laughed (and cried) so much! I feel truly blessed to have three amazing children

  • Being a mother has given me super powers. Everything is super sized, sleep deprivation, loss of privacy, loss of social life and so on. But motherhood gives you the superpowers to overcome these things, and it also gives you super size love.

  • Being a mum has made me a better person. I’m more patient and flexible. My negotiation skills are impressive. (If I do say so myself.)

  • Being a mum has made me busy! I have 4 kids under 6 and a half, and I barely have time to realise I have an itch let alone scratch myself- but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I used to work full-time and get to the end of the week and think wow – what a big week! Now I just laugh at the memory of thinking I was busy then!

  • Being a Mum has made me both strong and vulnerable all at once. While I’m stronger than I’ve ever been in my life I also feel vulnerable because I am so emotionally invested in my children and if anything bad were ever to happen to them it would be devastating to me!

  • I am the finder of all things lost!
    Be it an item of clothing, an important notice, a shell, rock, leaf or other item derived from nature, I am the one who finds it. Nothing is truly lost until I can’t find it!

  • Being a mum has made me fiercely protective. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to protect my little girl. I’m insanely scared of spiders and I came out of the toilet one night to see a huntsman in front of my baby and didn’t hesitate to run over and grab her when I normally would’ve avoided that whole room for the rest of the day pre kids.

  • being a mum has made me an over-tired yet highly skilled delegater with the ability to decide which tasks need doing and which of those can be done in the most half arsed manner…

  • Very aware of my environmental footprint. Researching cloth nappies started a complete re-evaluation of how I might parent my children – and a blog was born.

  • Being a mum has made me resilient. I can push through sleep deprivation, I can work hard with no pay and I am stronger than I think when it comes to disciplining my kids when sometimes all I want to do is say yes to stop hearing the no’s.

  • Being a mum has changed me from being a night owl to a person.


    From a junk eater to a veggie eating role model for kids….

  • So many things…. but a volunteer is foremost, knowing the benefits of parents working in conjunction with schools gives the children the best schooling outcome possible means I have been class reading mum, gone on many excursions and even a 3 day camp, been on P&C’s and management committees and covered so many readers and other school books.

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