Vtech Alphabet Boat and Feed Me Dino (Review+Giveaway)

Congratulations to Jazz and David for winning the Alphabet Boat!

Congratulations to Hamir and Annie for winning the Feed Me Dino!


This is a review

I’m a lover of classic, wooden toys, but we don’t shy away from tech toys either. They are fun, durable, some sing, some dance and many are educational. We’ve partnered up with Vtech and I’m excited to bring you some of their range in the future!

The Alphabet Boat (age 18-48 months)

I love bath toys that integrate learning. The kids are relaxed and in a great mood when they’re in the bath. There’s no distractions and they love to sing in there (must be the echo!). Tom has had numerous toys in the bath to teach him the alphabet and numbers. I love this one! It’s been our tub for quite a while now and he sings his ABCs at the top of his lungs each time he is in there.


What’s great about it?

The alphabet boat is jam packed full of features, including:

  • Over 20 melodies and sing-along songs
  • 26 fish shaped blocks that teach phonic sounds and letter names
  • 3 learning modes
  • Storage compartment to hold all those floating fish

What did School of Mum like the most?

It’s hard to find alphabet toys that have JUST lowercase letters on them! Tom is great with his capitals, but he definitely needed help with his lowercase letters and the alphabet boat has really helped him out. These toys are built tough. They are sturdy plastic with no material bits that can get really yucky in water after a few days. The voice is clear and engaging. It’s encouraging and rewarding. It asks to pop the fish of the correct letter or sound and let’s the child know if it’s been done correctly with praise. It’s good fun!



Feed Me Dino (18-48 months)

Jeremy doesn’t have many toys that are specifically is. As is the life of being second born! However he loved this little guy straight away. Not only can he pull him everywhere he goes, he can feed this dinosaur too! This little guy incorporates names of food, shapes, numbers and counting. A whole lotta learning fun.



What’s great about it?

The Feed Me Dino has a range of cool features including,

  • Over 100 melodies, sounds and fun phrases
  • Push or pull the dino or spin the disc on his back to trigger sound effects and music
  • Buttons on the front introduce numbers, counting, shapes and the light up head button asks questions to encourage play and repetitive learning.

What did School of Mum like the most?

The Feed Me Dino is one of those toys that will last as your child will get more and more out of it as they grow and develop. For now, it might just be a pull along toy which encourages you to push its buttons in order to get a response. As Jeremy grows older he will begin to understand its instructions and look forward to getting it right when he does (which is exactly what Tom does when he plays with it!)




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11 thoughts on “Vtech Alphabet Boat and Feed Me Dino (Review+Giveaway)

  • I know that Mia will love exploring the Feed Me Dino. Her older brothers are totally into dinosaurs, but this one will be hers.

  • My little man loves all types of animals but especially dinosaurs and loves pretending to feed his dollies and animals so the feed me dino would be perfect for him

  • 1. I am already a fan of School of Mum on facebook.

    2. The Alphabet Boat would be awesome to win for my little boy who loves to be in bathtub for hours. Its will entertain him and he will learn his alphabets while playing and having bath. The Alphabet Boat looks to be the best bath toy ever with so many great features. Bath time + bubbles + A boat singing Songs = happy child .

    3 .I am already a subscriber of the blog via Emails.

  • Ooh, I love the Alphabet Boat! My almost-2yo daughter loves her bath toys but needs something tough to handle her toddler type of love and attention 😉 I especially like that all those fish have a home to go back to at the end of the bath!

  • My little Man loves playing in the bath. Usually by splashing the water all over the floor. The Alphabet Boat would be a great educational way for him to have fun and maybe save some of what little sanity I have left

  • I’d love to win the Alphabet boat for my son. He LOVES bath time and I’d love to incorporate some learning into his favorite time of the day.

  • I’m an utter geek; I love vocabulary and I hate fishing. My son wants to go fishing and has no interest in learning his letters. It is a paradox that can only be solved by the power of an Alphabet Boat! This way we both win.

  • I’d love to win the Alphabet Boat for my nieces – they all love singing, and the youngest two are at the age where learning phonics and the alphabet is important as they get nearer to kindy age, but even the singing alone would be great for them (they already enjoy singing nursery rhymes etc).

  • Im loving The Alphabet Boat. Combining the fun and relaxing time spent in the bath with learning is a winner! And it’s handy there is 3 learning modes available so this toy will not have to be replaced and updated after only a month or two.

  • My son has just started walking at 19 months and I want to win “Feed me dino” for him because it will keep him interested in walking as he can pull the dino with him and secondly feed me dino will teach him many interesting things in the coming months & years – counting,rhymes and many more fun things – all while playing with his favourite animal that is dinosaur .

  • We are just starting to learn shapes so the dinosaur would be perfect. My little one loves colours too and we’d love her to know about lots of different foods. And there’s nothing cooler than a “diddendor” (dinosaur!)

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