Villa Getaways: Get Luxury Within Your Budget

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Whenever I visit my childless friends, I get awkward. It’s because I actually don’t want to leave their house when it’s time to go home. I dawdle in their peaceful space. I see their ornaments they bought, simply because they liked them, not because they were unbreakable. I see the house they cleaned, that has remained clean. The mess they made is their own, and there is no tornado trailing behind them as they dust and wipe, repeat, repeat, repeat, then give up in frustration.

Once I (finally) hop in the car to go home I can’t stop thinking about enveloping my beautiful children in my arms and listening to them giggle and miss me. Before all that, I’ve had a conversation in my head that involves saying to my friends, ‘please can I just sit on this couch for one whole night without anyone touching me? I’ll pay you!”

Not a word of a lie, when Villa Getaways asked me to write this post, I checked out the website and I laughed. Hilarity! This is not suited to the readership of my blog! Some of these villas are 1k a night! When I looked deeper though, I discovered that you could actually make one of these ridiculously beautiful villa holidays a reality. In fact, some of the local and international villas like Bali or Thailand work out much cheaper than a nice hotel. With careful planning you can be in bliss for the same price as a box-like hotel room.

So I said I’d do it, and now I’m going to share with you how you can make that desperately needed escape real, without being weird with your friends.

How can you do this?

Step 1. Believe you can

You deserve this. You have been covered at some point in your life with multiple types of body fluid that is not YOURS. It has possibly been years in which you haven’t had a child attached to you in one form or another. Prioritise. Do this thing.

Step 2. Find great friends

Find all your awesome friends: Let’s face it. As stated above, the villas are pricey on your own. Not all of them are out of budget once you split it with a few girlfriends though! Find as many friends as you can who get along well together and lock it in.

Step 3. Get searching

You can find some amazing places for bargain prices. That can be hard to believe when you first start looking and spot places that are over 1000 dollars a night. However, This stunning penthouse in QLD sleeps 6 and is $400 a night (off peak). Split that with some of your favourite friends and you have yourself a gorgeous place with a swimming pool and balcony overlooking pristine water views. Not too bad for roughly $65 per night, each!

noosa queensland villa 5314-2

Step 4. Book it

Booking is really easy online, however Villa Getaways also offer their Client Experience Manager who can help you find the perfect place and tailor it to your needs. They’re also available 24/7 if you need help while you’re on your trip, which is handy!

Step 5. Dream

Count it down. Just a few more nappy changes. Just a few more dinners to prepare while someone is screaming at my feet. Keep looking at the photos online, preferably before bed. That may help you at least see the villa in your dreams while you’re waiting for the time you get going.

Step 6. GO!

Go. No need to be awkward at a friend’s house. Once you get there you can sit in silence without someone touching you all day long if you want to. Go shopping, bring it back to the villa and put it on the ground. No toddler is going to rummage through it and flick it all over the house. Winning. Relax with your friends and take a well deserved break in a place that actually feels nothing like home and everything like a real holiday.

Step 7. Be Relaxed and head home

Be rejuvenated and completely relaxed. Miss your children terribly. On your way home, imagine those chubby arms around your neck as they giggle and hug you tight. It’ll be worth it.

Villa Getaways have over 15 years of experience and have villas ALL OVER THE WORLD. Plan your dream getaway by visiting their website or Facebook page. You can also follow them on Instagram to view stunning pictures of their villas.

Have you been on a luxury weekend away with your girls or on your own? Was it worth it for your sanity and a chance to relax?

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