Turning 2! Review and Giveaway Inside! **GIVEAWAY ENDED**

Congratulations Samantha Y and Jenai!

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Well Tom is 2. Already! It goes so fast…sometimes too fast. But he is still my baby. He still cuddles for sleep or when he is upset. He still misses me when I’m gone (sometimes), so I’m going to hold onto all those things before they fly away.

A few weeks ago we celebrated his 2nd birthday. We had a big 1st birthday party for him with a jungle theme, amazing cake and heaps of guests. That was great fun, but really, budget wise, I don’t want to be doing that every year for a child’s birthday. I’m also not into the OVERLOAD of gifts and don’t want my children to expect an overload of gifts every year either!

So in saying all that, we kept this one really casual. A simple bbq at the park for those in our immediate family that could make it.

Two businesses helped me out on the day and they are what make up the review and giveaway of this blog post!

Cake 2 The Rescue

Seriously, the best business idea ever. I don’t do fancy looking cakes. I cook, and I cook well. But I don’t do fancy desserts or decorations. That’s like Art and I SUCK at Art. Honestly.

This is where these guys came in. Knowing I wanted something digger, truck or car themed for the little man’s birthday, I chose my cake from their website. Here is what they do: They send you absolutely everything you need to put the cake together. I was sent instructions, templates, fondant, cake mix and more. I was even sent the silver board and a disposable cake tin.

I won’t lie. I started it really late at night and I was super tired. I think if I made another DIY cake from them (which I most likely will!) that I will do a much better job. But I think it turned out OK, and hey, it’s for kids. They love it. They love you. Even if it’s not ‘perfect’.


I loved having everything provided and clear instructions to follow. I don’t live anywhere near a place where I could find fondant and I wouldn’t particularly want to pay an arm and a leg just to get all the colours etc. The cake is extremely good value too. I only needed eggs and butter to add in.

The only part that I couldn’t figure out at first was how to stick the fondant onto other fondant, like the rims of the wheels onto the wheels for example. I soon realised that a dab of water worked and they stayed there.

All in all, it was a lot of fun! Tom didn’t really take it in. He was tired by the time we cut the cake and wasn’t interested in the slightest, but hey, I have photographic proof and I’m sure he will appreciate what his mum did for him in a few years time…

The second business on board was…

The Perfect Kid’s Party Shop

You might remember Michelle helped me out last year with my jungle theme birthday for Tom and sent me out so many awesome things. I still have the cardboard cutouts and they now decorate his jungle themed room.

Michelle’s website is so easy to use and it is simple to find a theme and all the products you need to go along with it. After chatting to Michelle about my cake we went along with the ‘Construction’ theme and before I knew it there was a whole pack of construction theme products at my doorstep.

The yellow and black napkins, plates, cups and balloons contrasted perfectly and matched the cake too. The balloons needed to be pinned down under the esky due to the windy day, but Tom had the best fun of his life in the car on the drive over. For over an hour we heard him giggling in the backseat as they were hit around.


Michelle also sent me these absolutely cute candles which I popped on top of the cake. I loved them so much and didn’t use them all. I don’t think this ‘wheels’ obsession is going away anytime soon, so I’m sure they will come in handy!


I made some simple goody bags and Michelle once again, provided the perfect, themed, party favour – Construction pencil and rubbers!


I now have two staple websites I will probably rely on every year for birthdays. Soon there will be 2 birthdays a year to organise. Eeep! Why go running around trying to find things when you can stick to reliable sources?


School of Mum, in conjunction with Perfect Kids Party Shop and Cake 2 the Rescue is giving you the chance to win…

A $50 Perfect Kids Party Shop voucher to spend as you please!


Cake 2 The Rescue

A DIY Cake 2 the Rescue Kit of your choice

Just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. Don’t forget you MUST leave a blog post comment! The answers are based on skill and two winners will be chosen. Good luck!

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9 thoughts on “Turning 2! Review and Giveaway Inside! **GIVEAWAY ENDED**

  • To create atmosphere I’d have an avenue of giant pinwheels tied with massive pink and white bows, directing the guests to tulle draped trees. Serving champagne and strawberries on platters and lemonade and strawberries for the children.

    We’d have an assortment of finger foods for ease of eating – leek and broccoli tartlets, salmon filo parcels, curried lamb samosas, nut patties with mango relish. Yum!

    Not to forget our sweet tooth – rhubarb syrup puddings, mini white chocolate cheesecakes, chocolate fudge torte and of course lamingtons – every child’s favourite.

    We can’t forget the magic dress-up corner for the children to play dress-ups and run around like little garden fairies; complete with wands, tiaras and dainty wings.

    So when does it start – I’m coming

  • I’d LOVE to try my hand at making a rainbow layer cake (e.g. http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/rainbow-layer-cake/4969fed8-141e-45f5-9a04-e03addd20fbb), so an ‘All the Colours of the Rainbow’ party would be my ultimate theme.

    Guests could be asked to dress in their favourite colour and then we’d have face paint and coloured hairspray at the party to complete the head-to-toe colour theme!

    Decorations would be bright and colourful, which for me are just a joy to look at, and so fitting for a happy, youthful party atmosphere.

    Food would range from a fruit platter made to look like a rainbow, to multi-coloured jellies, fairy bread, and the cake that reveals a rainbow of colours inside!

  • I think a “dress like a grown-up” party would be pretty cool. It would be funny to see what the kids dressed themselves in. My daughter once told her teacher that I had long black hair and brown eyes, I have curly light brown hair and blues eyes!! Who knows how they would interpret the dress up theme!

  • I would love to blow my Little’s mind with a ‘Fair’ theme. Fairy floss, rides, animals, clowns, games etc…he would love it…if our bank balances could match our dreams 😛

  • The ultimate theme is always a hard one. Every child is different and as their birthday approaches so do their likes and dislikes. Seeing parties where the parents have thought of a theme months before and out in all the effort, for themselves, not thinking is that actually what the child wants?
    A theme that is simply them. That’s the ultimate. A theme they can help with. Even a simple colour theme they pick the colours.
    But, having said that, every little girl wants to be a fairy and princess at some stage, with every little boy wanting a superhero

  • If I had unlimited funds;

    The ultimate event for my children, would be a DINOSAUR theme party!

    We’d include a dinosaur mask with every child’s invitation, for them to wear to the party;

    Our venue would be a park, where each guest needs to follow dinosaur footprints from the car park to a smaller, private party area.

    Prehistoric party snacks will be provided for both herbivore and meat-eater attendees.

    Once all guests have arrived, we’ll have a visit from a dinosaur petting zoo! Erth Dinosaurs (http://erth.com.au/) will roam the audience, the kids can interact with very realistic recreated dinosaurs, and I’ll hire a photographer to take photos of each child with a dinosaur – for them to take home in their goody bag.

    To complete the day, we’ll have a Dinosaur Ollie cake (http://www.cake2therescue.com.au/dinosaur-p-20626.html) for the birthday child.

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