Travelling in the Car with Children – The Perks

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I can hear you laughing as you read the title. You have children yourself and scoffing at this headline. Perhaps, like me, you’ve been on the side of the road trying to breastfeed an inconsolable baby before. You have answered the question, “Are we there yet?” more times than you can count and thrown a ridiculous amount of food into the back-seat, just to hear the almost-silence that comes when children are busy chewing (I’ve never loved that sound so much!).

But you know what, there’s something pretty special about hitting the open road in a car with kids. You can technically stop whenever you like. They get to see and experience so much, and there’s a brilliant freedom that comes from not being tied down to schedules or tours. You’re in control but you’re also free to do whatever, whenever.

In a world that seems to spin faster than I can keep up, I find the prospect of travelling with the children on the road, really thrilling. I know that my boys would flourish in a world where they can explore and be adventurous, without the constraints of social constructs and schedules that can make them anxious. Have you ever taken your kids out of their usual home/kinder/daycare/life environment and just thrust them into a world of travel? How can you imagine them behaving? It would never be a full-time reality for us, but it’s something I would love to expose them too, when we can.

Where would you go?

We’re almost at the ‘been there, done that’ stage in Victoria and we’ve ventured out to SA a few times by car (and will again later this year). I think anywhere with a short flight and easy driving when you get there, is perfect for travelling with little ones and would definitely be our next step-up when it comes to family travel. I especially like the look of…

Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand isn’t really that far away from us and the prospect of flying long distances with little ones doesn’t appeal to me AT ALL. At least when you’re in the car you can stop and stretch/walk away from the crying! Besides imagine the children being in awe of this surrounding? I bet you’ll rarely hear a peep…


Ezi Car Rental has a Queenstown car hire depot which offers awesome family-friendly cars readily available for your Queenstown trip.

Makes it sound so easy doesn’t it?

Do you think there’s some perks of travelling in the car with your kids on holiday? What have been your favourite experiences?

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  • Nice article. Have been in Queenstown a few times. Definitely nice place to go. If you visit Queenstown to the christmas season make sure to book a rental car at least 4 month in advance as the good cars are booked out quickly.

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