Toy Shopping with a Difference at Myer Emporium

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Shopping with kids can be a total nightmare. Tom absolutely hates shopping centres. He kicks and bucks in the pram and every time I enter a store he screams “No, no, no!” He just doesn’t like being indoors. It’s overwhelming for him. He is quite happy to sit in the pram at any other time as long as we are outside. Set him loose and he is running away, touching things and causing havoc out of boredom.

We were lucky enough to attend the launch of Myer Emporium in the new Emporium shopping centre in the heart of Melbourne. I knew it was going to be ‘different’ to the other Myer stores but I didn’t really know what to expect.


I was pretty surprised to find that this was shopping for kids with a huge difference – interaction. Gosh, there is so MUCH for kids to do while you shop. The store is divided into brands and the area for the brand contain activities, games and fun for the kids.

On top of that Myer is going to have things on for children every weekend including musical performances, book readings, face painters and balloon artists.

Tom made a beeline straight for the Little Tikes area which had a track painted on the floor and a range of ride-ons to try! Hot Pink was his choice and off he went. He also received his very own little license when he was finished driving.


Then it was straight for Thomas the Tank Engine where a gorgeous train table can be found for some play and a front train cab where children can hop on and pretend to drive.

trainemp trainemp2

Overall, I thought it was great for a number of reasons:

* Kids can play while you shop – interactive shopping!

* You can expose your child to new toys and brands for FREE – The Myer Emporium features Australia’s largest LEGO concept store. It’s a great way to see if your child is going to be into duplo for example!


* Having things separated by brands made it easy to explore brands in full, and see the way they have developed their products for different ages.

Tom had a blast and the good thing is, it’s no different to other Myer stores in terms of cost. They still had sales and things on clearance. So why go elsewhere I say!

We were given vouchers to shop with and Tom swooped on the Hot Wheels area and how could I deny him? It was great to see it all in one spot and clearly see how all the bits are collectible and can be added on to other toys etc!

The fashion was absolutely gorgeous. It’s the biggest range of kid’s clothes I’ve seen. I have to admit, I found it hard to shop by brand though. I wanted a warm jacket for Jeremy and instead of having the coats in one spot, I was forced to go around and around to all the brands to find the right one! Maybe when I develop favourite kid’s brands it might make it easier to navigate, but I found that part rather exhausting. However, it did result in one very warm, bundle of cuteness.


Myer Emporium occupies the fourth floor of the new Emporium Melbourne building between Little Bourke and Lonsdale Streets. The new Myer Emporium offers toys, childrenswear, sports apparel, men’s footwear and luggage.

Shop the new Myer Kids Toy Sale this weekend at Melbourne Emporium and see The Wiggles! 

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