Tour of a Teacher’s Toy Room Makeover *GIVEAWAY*

Congratulations to Bronwyn and Melissa. Bronwyn you are the winner of the sequencing cards and Melissa you are the winner of the ice-cream pack! Stay tuned for more giveaways soon!

Some of the products featured were for review.

A few months ago we moved house. At our old house, the toys were strewn between the lounge room and the boy’s rooms. We were lucky enough to find a new house with a rumpus room. We decided to use it as a play/toy room for now. The reason being that we wanted them to play in a space where they could move around freely but still interact with me if I was doing something else. We also didn’t want them to be in front of screens, which often happened when their toys were in the lounge room. Having the play space has eliminated wanting the TV on in the background all the time.

For the first couple of months the room was drab and just a pile of stuff. It was uninspiring for both the kids, and myself.

before pic

But now it looks like this…

toy room bench seat

1. The Bench

The bench was inspired by some IKEA hacks I had seen online. I wanted something that sat nice and long under the window though, and nothing from IKEA was long enough. I had Marcus and Belinda from Western Wishing Wells custom design this for me. The baskets came from IKEA, the foam from Clarke’s Rubber and the material from Spotlight. The gorgeous cushion is from Just Bedding.

parrot cushion bench seat

2. The Teepee

The Teepee is perfect for hiding out, reading, napping, cuddling, making shadows and more. We love it! I had one earlier, but it just kept falling apart as it had plastic corners and the material was thin. This is a thick material and so sturdy. I laid a blanket down and some cushions from Just Bedding (see below). The Teepee is from PriceCo and can be found here.

teepee elephant

3. The Print

I wanted something that matched the colours and theme of the room and made you know it was a playroom immediately upon entering. I love the ‘kid’ look of this print. The photos don’t do it justice. It is really large which I needed as it would have looked lost if it was small on such a large wall. It ties in with our subtle jungle theme too. This print is from Wall Art Prints. Check them out here.

the elephant

3. The Cushions

I LOVE these cushions! I really wanted something that stood out on the bench seat and the toucan as shown above is colourful and perfect. The foliage and elephants are super cute for the teepee too, adding to our jungle look. The parrot cushion is perfect to lean on while indulging in a book. These are from Just Bedding and can be found here.


5. The Activities I decided not to buy just one rug for this room. With such a big space, I wanted to put activities out that were clearly set out in a way that would be easy to pack up. The spot rugs for IKEA are perfect. We just pick them up and pour whatever is on them straight back into a tub. sent me some 3 step sequencing cards and an ice cream counting activity for the kids and they were a hit! We focussed on 1-5 with the icecreams this week and only a few sequencing cards at a time.

icecream numbers on rug

Tom sequencing cards

I’ll be showing you this room a lot more with fun activities I’ve got in mind as well as displaying the children’s art work!

Have you got a play room? Are you working on it being an inspiring learning space?


smart snack number popssequencing cards

The lovely folk at are giving away the Ice Cream Counting Pack (1-10) and the sequencing cards!

To WIN one of these great prizes, just COMMENT below stating which you would like to win and why.

Feel free to like their Facebook page for great educational products too.


Only Australian residents are eligible
Winners are based on SKILL and creativity in their entry
One entry only
Entries close on 24th August, 2015 at 12pm and winners will be chosen within 3 days
Please enter a valid email address so we can contact you if you win!

13 thoughts on “Tour of a Teacher’s Toy Room Makeover *GIVEAWAY*

  • Both are such great prizes but if I were to chose just one it would be the sequencing cards as my eldest child needs extra help with concentration and short term memory so this would be a great learning tool for her.

  • I would love to win Ice Cream Counting Pack (1-10) for my almost 2 year old. We are trying to learn counting these days and these ice cream counting pops would add so much fun to our learning time.

  • What a beautiful space, I love the ideas of the different carpet spaces. I would love to win the ice cream couting pack, they are the best thing I’ve seen in some time!

  • Fantastic ideas in this room. Our church’s preschoolers room desperately needs an update and i could see the ice creams being very popular with the toddlers.

  • Great improvement in the room! We would love the counting pack. My son has just started expressing an interest in numbers and these look great!

  • What a fantastic space! I love the bench seat! I remember seeing it on iHeart Organizing. We just moved into our new home too, and I am currently working on creating a play space for my son! You have given me some great ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I love the new playroom, especially the funky bench. Well done!!

    The sequencing cards would be great for my 4 year old. He was speech delayed and is still very quiet – I believe these cards would be beneficial for him prior to starting school next year in helping him to form his thoughts and then communicate them verbally.


  • Ice cream sticks are yummy
    And ice cream sticks are fun
    And ice cream sticks can help me
    Count to ten from one.

    Love the toy room.
    We’d love the ice cream counting pack

  • The ice cream counting pack looks like such a fun and engaging way to encourage young children to want to learn. I can already think of several ways to use them with my 5 and 3 year old. I think my 10 month old might just want to lick them at this stage!

  • The 3 step sequence cards would be a good tool to encourage story writing. My youngest would be able to learn the sequence of the story while my older two could practice their creative writing by adding words to the pictures.

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