Tommee Tippee and Us – GIVEAWAY! **ENDED**

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We are big fans of Tommee Tippee in our house. Before Tom was born we were well stocked with their electric steriliser, dummies, bottles and teats. And we haven’t changed a thing. Apart from the steriliser we are still using all those things now at 15 months old.

Here’s something I’m NOT a fan of though…


Yep, that’s a dropsheet. We have bamboo floors and every bit of food sticks to it like glue, which then involves me having to get down on my hands and knees to ‘gently’ scrub the floor and get it all off.

I’ve got a cheeky boy. Aren’t they all? Being the cheeky (and curious) little man that he is, he loves to experiment with gravity, particularly when it comes to food. He will drop it, throw it, tip it, chuck it, laugh hysterically. Oh happy days.

When Tommee Tippee offered to send me their Stickee Bowl I wasn’t sure…I had tried one of a different brand and it didn’t work. My son is big and strong. Within minutes he’d lifted it off the highchair table and looked me as if to say “Is that all you’ve got?”

The Tommee Tippee Stickee Bowl is SO much better though! For starters it’s really easy to put on and take off. I got the hang of it very quickly.

The bowl section comes apart from the suction cup which allows you to wash it with ease and pop it in the microwave. The lid is sturdy so you can pop some lunch in it and take it with you if you are out and about.

403038 stickee bowl 06

And the best part of all, he couldn’t get it off! I watched in a little bit of amusement as he tried!


I’m guessing over time he will just get used to the fact that bowls are not meant to be experimented with in the way I talked about above! This is a great way to show him just that.

Tommee Tippee generously included their new comfy grip spoon and fork as well and they were also a big hit! They are excellent. Initially I thought they were so TINY, but actually, it allows the child to have so much more control and grip over the utensil, as they can wrap their hand around it better. They are nice and wide too which also helps little ones get more in their mouth – something we all want!


Now I could write a whole separate post about the Discovera sippy cup (pictured above). Now I can finally track how much my little man is drinking. Why? Because he CAN NOT get any of the water out unless he drinks it! We have been battling with him shaking bottles to drip water out of them, pushing the softer spouts on the ground until they leak and then bashing his hands on the puddles of water he created. It’s all a bit of fun…but not when it’s happening so much he’s more consumed with doing that then drinking the water.

The Discovera bottle to me is just so sturdy. It feels like it will last for ages. He’s dropped it a million times and the inside hasn’t come apart (don’t you hate when that happens?) and the spout is hard so he can’t leak water out of it. I really think it’s perfect for the age range it’s set for – 12months+



Thanks to Tommee Tippee, I have 4 Tommee Tippee packs to give away! Each pack includes:

1x Stickee Bowl

1x Comfy grip cutlery set

1x Discovera Cup (12 months +)

Just fill in the Rafflecopter form below and don’t forget you MUST leave a Blog comment telling  why this pack will be a useful addition to your home!

This is a game of skill. Entries are judged on the comment.

Colours of products are a mix and cannot be guaranteed!

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56 thoughts on “Tommee Tippee and Us – GIVEAWAY! **ENDED**

  • It would be a useful addition because I (otherwise known as mummy, maid of the house, cleaning slave) would have less cleaning chores to do! And that would make me very happy!!

  • I’ve had an 11 year gap between my last baby and my youngest and I was really hoping there had been a break through in “non spill cups” during that time.
    I bought some straw sippy cups that claim to be spill proof and THEY LIE!
    I haven’t tried this brand though, maybe miracles do happen!
    Please School of Mum, save me from the dreaded dripping!

  • Such a good product, all my kids used Tommee Tippee . Would love to win this as a gift to my Darling brother who will experience fatherhood for the first time in May.

  • My little girl giggles as I approach her with dinner each night. I know she has a game plan, how many seconds before I can thrown the bowl and all the food on the floor. Much frustration for me and yet another game point for her.

  • The Tommee Tippee prize pack would be a great addition to our family as we are foster carers who have many children through our doors and have a busy life style of appointments and activities this pack would be a great time saver for me less mess to clean up.

  • I would love to try out the new Tommee Tippee range for my 9.5 month old girl. It’s not so much her that I’m worried about at this point, but her three year old brother who sits next to her. They have a very affectionate, touchy-feely relationship where he loves getting in her face with kisses, and she loves grabbing his hair and kissing him right on the top of the head. With all the love and excitement (at the kitchen table too!) bowls, plates, cups, utensils and FOOD end up being knocked everywhere. It’s a fun time at our kitchen table, but also a messy time, so I’d love to see how the Tommee Tippee range could bring that down a bit!

  • With four older kids teaching baby Michael bad habits, I’m sure this would definitely come in handy! Would probably use it too with a clumsy 6 year old!!! Lol.

  • this would be so useful to us as baby isnt on real food yet and when she is this will help her to feed herself without dropping the bowl and destroying my floors and walls and i love the grippy cup it will make it so much easier to keep there little hands around it wouthout slipping off i like the whole idea and i think all the baby will to and what a nice little set for mum also

  • My little man, throws all his plates on the floor. He is the messiest eater. I would love to try this set out. It looks great.

  • I have four kids and have learnt a lot along the way,How to survive sleeplessness,mess,toys and water from one end of the bathroom to another. But as a neat freak dinner time for our youngest became Mayhem hour! His sister has had bowls and food end up in her lap at the table !!! So I would love one of these sets! My fella is able to get drink from every sippy cup! So be interesting to see if Houdini can tackle this one!

  • This would be useful for us as we have two living rooms…one is carpeted and that is where we spend our time on hot days (with the air con on). It would be nice to confidently give food to my children in cool comfort without having to worry about food being tipped on the floor.
    No more MESS (Mummy Extra Super Stressed)

  • SELF FEEDING IS THE BANE OF MY EXISTANCE! my eldest is 4 and he is ASD, hates being messy and has it in his beautiful head that food is for other people to feed him! I have tried EVERY thing i can try to get him to feed himself, special rewards, special cutlery, even bribery (oops) all to no avail. My little master loves anything related to literacy and numeracy, we are beginning to read and we have phonics perfected lol. He cannot wait to get to school where “they do numbers and letter learning EVERY DAY” (just the thought of such a place makes him happy!) At the moment, (and i feel terrible, but it is working…) I have told him that they don’t let little boys go to school if they can’t feed themselves – he is trying so hard, but he struggles with holding the bowl/plate still – touching the bowl where his fingers might get messy (sensory issue) is a real struggle for him. I would love to try out a bowl that actually sticks like it claims (I’ve tried others) so he can focus on using the cutlery and master that skill first, and then work on holding the bowl still for himself. Thank you for running such wonderful comps and giveaways, keep up the good blog 🙂

  • My sons fav thing is to throw his bowl away then tip his water over and play with the puddle! Cute… Yes! Fun for mum… No! We haven’t quite advanced to cutlery yet but we will as soon as we receive our prize! 🙂

  • If would all be great for my Messy Little Eater Especially the Stickee Bowl as he loves to throw his Food on the Floor lol 🙂

  • WOW! Looks like we might be able to eat from a bowl and not the floor! My handbag may not like the cup though, it’s so clean from all the leaking sippy cups! Oh well I’m sure I can handle a messy handbag and a clean floor!

  • This is such an awesome giveaway!!! I can definitely relate to having a toddler who seems to want to do all sort of experiments with her food and her bowl, most of the time with the food ending up nowhere near her mouth but on the floor!!!! Like yourself, tried various suction bowls all of which to no success. Have heard many good things about Tommee Tippee during a recent chat with mummy friends and my sis in law who swears by their bottles – so this is would be such a great present for our little Charlotte and us!!!! The cleaners of the house! 🙂

  • My little man is 15 months old and is starting to want to feed himself but place a bowl in front of him and he instantly picks it up and tips it off the side! It’s so frustratng so at the moment we have to hold the bowl for him while feeding him with the other hand and letting him have a spoon to try for himself. All the while dodging his attempts to send the whole lot flying… We have a suction bowl that he got off his tray in less than 2 minutes on first use fo a bowl that actually sticks would be awesome!! 🙂

  • I hear ya on the dropsheet. We have hard wood floors and watermelon (my daughters favourite) turns in to glue! These bowls would be great…especially now that she’s learnt how fun it is to drop things off the highchair if she doesn’t want them!

  • In our home we have created a brand new olympic sport- sprint for the plate as soon as the baby has finished eating her food- if we don’t then she has a new game for us- clean up the food from the highchair, (including its legs), the floor, the curtain and even the wall! Our littlest athlete amazes us with her ability at playing discus with her plate- she is a future olympian in the making!!
    Fingers crossed- at 29 weeks pregnant I’m getting worse and worse at doing the plate sprint lol.

  • With a 4 year gap between babies and #3 due in a matter of months; we need to purchase every baby product again as we thought #2 was our last and passed on every baby item we had to friends. These products will be must haves when bub starts to eat solids.

  • This would be a useful addition to my family as I have a 14 month old who has decided she wants to lift her bowl up at meals and ‘drink’ her food, this is not possible with solids though as they end up on the floor 🙁 and we have another bundle due in a couple of weeks who will be needing some awesome Tommee tippee gear in a few months.

  • I can’t tell you how many melamine bowls my 13 month old little man has broken by hurling them from his highchair. This stickee bowl is genius and will not only keep my floor clean but also ensure he eats more of his dinner (hopefully!)

  • My son can start solids next month and using Tommee Tippee products I know they will make it easy for the both of us!! Hopefully they can make mealtime a fun time, and a clean one!!!!!

  • please save my floor, my tornado toddler throws her bowl across the room covering my floor and walls,nothing has worked so far with stopping her

  • I have 19 month old twins (boy & a girl) and we are still trying to get them to feed themself without mess or tantrums. I have looked at ones like this and thought they were too expensive for something that does not work so now with what you have illustrated shows me that they are worth the money. My husband and I have also purchased all Tommee Tippee products we love the fact that all the tops fit their other bottles and cups. Best was weening off teats to sipper I was able to put a teat back in to keep the little man happy at the time.

  • Having a bowl that can’t be thrown off the tray would be a saviour for my floors and back…getting down on my hands and knees to scrub food off the floor when 39 weeks pregnant is difficult!

  • My two kids are chalk and cheese when it comes to eating – little miss has always been very particular about staying tidy while eating, even from a young age; but her younger brother is a whole different story! lol
    He has a voracious appetite and is rather enthusiastic about his food! To the point where plates, cups, spoons etc go everywhere, along with everything that was on them! I spend so much time cleaning up the house and him (and usually me as we’ll) it’s ridiculous.
    And his Dad and I are just useless at taming the wild food beast! Lol. Our daughter definitely didn’t prepare us, and my Gosh it’s a steep learning curve! We really could use all the help we could get, and it sounds like Tommee Tippee pack is what we’ve been dreaming of.

  • This would be a really useful addition to my home, as I am going to begin baby-sitting my niece (8 months), so my sister can go back to work.
    It would be great to have her own set at my place so my sister wouldn’t have to cart her supplies back and forth.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • I believe that learning starts from day 1 and that includes table etiquette. The cutlery set will come in handy for this early teaching and if the cup and bowl can eliminate spillage then baby will have more self confidence in independent eating!

  • We’re just starting down the road of feeding – and it’s a very long, very messy journey! My son constantly wants to feed himself, and I like to encourage independence… but I’d prefer as little clean up as possible!

  • As I have a 15 month old who thinks its more fun to throw the plate or bowl than to sit there and eat the food this would come in handy, she refuse’s to let anyone feed her now so with this she may get more food in her belly than on the floor

  • A day when the bowl/ plate doesn’t end up on the floor is a good day…. so with this bowl could everyday be a good day?? Freedom for the little man and peace of mind for me.

  • I have a little baby who is obsessed with feeding himself. I’d love to use some of this stuff to let him have a go at it. Does the drop sheet come too? Just kidding, but it is a great idea.

  • Stickee Bowl where have you been?
    You are what is missing from my life.
    My patience is wearing thin,
    because EVERY mealtime is filled with rife.
    My daughter smiles with glee,
    as she throws her bowl to the side.
    Please help me.
    Tommee Tippee I hope to me you will provide,
    a Stickee Bowl to save my sanity.

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