Toddler Planner in Review

I don’t like Pinterest very much when it comes to crafts or activities you can do at home with children. It leaves me feeling inadequate and ridiculously time poor. I mean, how come those mums have the time to make rainbow spaghetti AND homemade puffy paint AND scented playdough, and I only have time to get some paper and textas out?

I just don’t think it is realistic to expect yourself to do all of these sorts of activities with children at home. The ocassional treat? Sure, but generally, there are other things to be done in the day. Maybe you are shopping, doing the washing, paying the bills, cleaning the bathroom, heading to an appointment. The list goes on.

So when I came up with the Weekly Toddler Planner the main idea was that it would relax me, not stress me out further because “Oh my gosh, I don’t have tomorrow’s *insert complicated activity here* prepared!”

I have been a teacher. It’s fantastic to prepare activities like that when you are a teacher because they might last a whole week, you are using it on a lot of children and you probably had time without children around to plan the activity in the first place. That’s not the case when you are a mum and your children are with you from the time you open your eyes until not long before you close them.

The planner has been going great so far. There’s plenty that we do, and plenty that we don’t, depending on how the day has gone, what mood we are in, etc etc. What I have found though, is that having those tasks for the day in the back of my head, allows me to have something to fall back on when the screen time is getting too much and the boredom and misbehaving is starting to sink in.


I’ve also found the mornings are the best. We are both fresh and in good moods and it usually results in a good time. I find Tom stays ‘on task’ for a lot longer too.


The planner has allowed me to ensure a variety of activities too. I try to make sure I include outdoor play if we’ve been stuck inside, or if it’s been a while between trips to the park then I make sure that’s added to the list. It keeps everything fresh.


I am about to plan for next week and we are very lucky to have Micador sponsoring the planner and throwing in a giveaway. I’ll be showing you the Micador-inspired planner at the end of the week, as well as showing you ways you can win!

Want to have a go at your own planner? Download Toddler Planner Template here.

Are you into Pinterest or do you find it overwhelming?

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