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Guest post by my husband, Steve

Once upon a time there lived three green puppies named Scout. They were all owned by a young boy named Thomas. Thomas enjoyed playing, dancing and singing with the puppies very much.

Lap Pup Scout
The first green puppy named Scout was Lap Pup. Lap Pup was a medium sized puppy made of a hard plastic. Thomas loved to carry Lap Pup around the house. Lap Pup was particularly fond of playing peek-a-boo whenever you opened or closed his lid. Lap Pup was a very good talker. Every time he spoke his mouth would light up in rhythm with his speech. He liked biscuits and would encourage Tom to bring the biscuit to his mouth.

Tom’s favourite thing to do with Lap Pup Scout was to sing and dance. Lap Pup had a special music button which would play different songs every time it was pressed. Tom loved to skip through the songs until he found one he felt like dancing too. Lap Pup also had a special star which would light up and play Tom’s favourite song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.


Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Scout
The second green puppy was Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout. Twinkle Twinkle (or TT for short) was a bedtime puppy. He was small and soft and loved to snuggle up with a nice blue blanket. TT liked to sing peaceful lullabies which help to soothe babies off to sleep. Tom liked TT because he played music. Tom loves music and will rock out to the most peaceful rendition of Brahm’s Lullaby like it was Pearl Jam. To Tom, TT was a day time toy he liked to dance to TT’s sweet, soft tones. I think that if TT had a different owner they would find him a great help in soothing and calming them when they were upset.


My Pal Scout
The third green puppy named Scout was My Pal. My Pal was the latest addition to the group and Tom loved him the moment he set eyes on him. My Pal goes everywhere with Tom. He is bigger than the other two puppies but just as soft as TT. Tom has no problems carrying him around the house (or even down the street). My Pal loves to sing and play games. When Tom first got My Pal he already knew 5 songs and loved to sing them to Tom! He also likes to play guessing games giving clues based on colour. One night My Pal spent some time with Tom’s Dad. Tom’s Dad thought he might be able to teach My Pal some new songs and games. By plugging My Pal into his laptop (with a provided USB cable) Tom’s Dad was able to teach My Pal all sorts of new things.

He taught My Pal Tom’s name: how to pronounce it and how to say it. Tom’s Dad then taught My Pal about all the things that Tom likes, for example his favourite colour, animal and food. Most importantly he was able to teach My Pal more songs that Tom loves, especially Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Now My Pal talks to Tom by name and talks to him about the things that Tom enjoys. Also, as Tom’s interests change his Dad (or Mum) can easily retrain My Pal the changes by simply plugging him back into the computer. There are over 30 songs to choose from and a plethora of items to pick from that Tom may enjoy.

My Pal is definitely the big brother of all the Scouts. Though he can plug into a computer his “plug pack” is safely stored inside him. It can be accessed through a Velcro opening in My Pal’s back. It is quite simple for an adult to pull the pack out but it is a bit tricky for little hands which Tom’s Dad thinks is a great bonus. He also thinks that the fact that the “plug pack” is sewed into Scout is great as it keeps any pesky wires out of the way.

scout my pal my pal scout 2

Tom loves his three green puppies named Scout and is sure that other children will love them too.

*Scout also has a sister named Violet. She is a purple puppy and can do all the fun things that Scout can.*



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48 thoughts on “Three Puppies Named Scout **GIVEAWAY ENDED**

  • My Mr just turned 2 has a mild hearing loss and speech delay, so we are doing intensive therapy to get him talking. He loves all the “talking ____” apps on the ipod as they repeat the sounds and noises he makes, back to him. The My Pal Scout sounds like it would be perfect to try and get my son talking with all the songs that it can sing and even that we can teach it my little mans name, and I am hoping, his brothers names. Even if I am not lucky enough to win, I think I will definitely be checking it out as a Christmas present for my little man.

  • My daughter has been ‘asking’ for a Violet for ages! Is obsessed with pressing their paws when we seem them in the shops! They’re pretty brilliant given they can play music, talk etc and you can tailor them to your child’s name and musical favourites. Would love to see my little miss’ face if we got picked. She’d be so excited!

  • We would love to welcome My Pal Violet to our home. Our children love to sing, learn and play together and Violet would be a wonderful addition to the family (and the kids would be delighted to have a dog actually allowed inside our house!).

    I love the quality and educational value of Leap Frog toys and think Violet would be best suited to our two year old daughter who is at the gorgeous stage of learning nursery rhymes, new words and trying to take everything in like a sponge. I’d really love if Violet could help my daughter learn to say her name. At the moment she can say Tah, Li and Ah but hasn’t quite mastered the art of combining them into her name – Tahlia.

    Violet will surely become her new best friend and valuable tutor. Thanks for the chance School of Mum 🙂

  • My Pal Scout will be a great buddy for my son. Firstly he would love to cuddle scout because it is soft & will keep it with him all the time. He would love to sing & learn new rhymes with scout and there are so many things that scout can teach him while playing in a fun way.

  • My puppy obsessed toddler would love to cuddle violet, sing songs with her and have a gorgeous little friend to bring on our holidays

  • A dog that won’t knock my daughter over?
    A dog that won’t lick and lick and lick?
    A dog that will talk back?
    A dog that doesn’t make a mess inside?
    I think we can make you a kennel in our home Violet, I’d even let you sleep in her new bed too! 🙂

  • Miss 2 would love to be up with the techno buzz
    Feeling informative like her big brother does
    She’s striving to learn, take control
    Of her own independence, that’s her goal

    To have Scout or Violet close at hand
    Would mean she has a soft companion when down time commands
    She loves to sing, questions everything about
    Cross-examining her My Pal so mummy doesn’t feel worn out

    A My Pal would be a delightful addition
    To a family who has lots of tradition
    A cuddly toy, soft and sweet
    But providing connections with updated technology street

    So please send us a little green or mauve friend
    Whom Miss 2 can warmly depend
    On for interacting, singing and having fun
    The cutest companion, it can’t be outdone.

  • I’d love to win a Scout for my sister-in-law for Christmas. She is due to have her first son, and I’d love for my nephew to have every opportunity possible to learn and have fun 🙂

  • Scout would be the perfect addition to my best friend when she has her little boy in a couple of months, he will have 2 big sisters and will be in desperate need of some boys toys to play with so he doesn’t get stuck playing barbies and picnics all the time!

  • I haven’t seen my little grandson 18mths since he was just 2 mths, and he along with his parents older brother and sister are vising us in December, and he just loves dogs but can’t have a real one, and these adorable puppies are not only perfect for his age, but also just the exact toy that he will cherish

  • Violet would be the perfect partner for my niece she would love her ,she loves to dance in her special little groove and Violet can sing while she grooves along

  • My eldest had scout as a comfort for sleeps and now we have uploaded new info and he has passed him down to his little brother x he also loves scout x I am hoping to win Violet so that i can send her to sydney for my little niece who has spend more time in hospital than at home since she was born x she is just 5 weeks old and i want her to have just as much comfort with violet as my boys have with scout x

  • Violet would be a great addition to our household – As my 5 yr old wants a puppy so bad , but we rent & no animals(besides the children lol) are allowed . She loves imaginative play & Violet would be a welcome addition to the family , without all the mess real puppies can bring .

  • My daughter would love Violet – she already has the Leapfrog Violet phone, mp3 player (had to get that one sent from the US!) my first leaptop & the lap pup (which was her first exposure to the range).
    You could say that she’s a fan 🙂

  • My little girl when she sees these puppies in Target goes mental and runs up to touch, try and would love to bring one home each time!

  • My four yr old has started day care recently, and her two year old boisterous sister has suddenly become very quiet and dull. I think she misses her sister because when her sister comes back from kindy she is active and happy. My Pal Scout or Violet would be perfect buddy and companion to bring back the rosey cheeks and wicked grin back to my little girls face. I really do miss her infectious laugh  and we all at home would be so much happier to see our little ‘puppy’ back to her normal self. Would love to hear the sounds of ‘Me and my pal Anya’ 🙂 Thank you

  • Scout would be so welcome in my sisters house of joy, because they cant have a real puppy,he would be so loved and cuddled this gorgeous puppy toy.

  • My son has scout. He goes everywhere with him. They are best friends. Scout is now needing to be replaced and this would be fantastic to win for my boy

  • Scout is top dog in our house,
    Great for my son who thinks he is so grouse,
    My daughter would love to have Violet to,
    Then they can both have one to love and adore.

  • A MyPal Scout would be no doubt, an absolute treat in my house. The toddler would be as quiet as a mouse. MyPal could go outside, on the couch, in the crib and in the car. I wouldn’t have to worry about this puppy doing any harm. Toddler could listen to daddy sing songs, all day long, even though he works all day. Toddler could just play and play.

  • A “Pal” to take wherever he goes
    My little “Scout” is on the nose
    Hanging at home, or out to play
    A “Leapfrog” puppy he’d love to cuddle all day

  • As a full-time working dad I am never at home as much as I would like to be to spend time with my kids – I would love to give my newborn son Samuel a friend who will always talk with him, teach him, play with him and would give him the cuddles I can’t always give.

  • Our Little Miss arrived 4 months before Christmas.

    Her first present was a Twinkle Twinkle Little Violet,
    it was the perfect gift for the apple of our eyelet.

    She takes her to bed at night and plays lovely music,
    sets her off to sleep just right.

    This year is Little Miss 14 months 2nd Christmas,
    a My Pal Violet would be a perfect addition to a Leap Frog beautiful little mauve puppy dog Christmas tradition.

    She would help our little one ‘leap into learning’ without disturbing her big sister – we wouldn’t even hear a whisper.

    Winning a My Pal Violet would be just super.

  • My little boy played with one at a friends house and he couldn’t stop giggling! Little baby giggles are the best sound in the world!!

  • My Pal Scout,
    Like to be out and about
    He can play games and sing,
    He can do anything!
    Thomas would love his own special friend,
    A pal to play with from the day’s beginning to end!

  • I would really <3 <3 <3 the green one for my sons first child which is due very shortly, I am so excited and think he would be too if I won this for him

  • My son will be 2 in 6 weeks time. Were in the process of moving house and we will have a new addition to our family. Everytime he sees Scout he wants to play with him. This would make my little man so happy to win one of these. He has just started talking and trying to count, name colours and sing songs, this would help him that much more, while having fun with a new toy 🙂

  • My Pal Scout would be very loved by my little man
    help him learn songs and numbers
    perfect little friend for my little boy

  • My daughter loves learning new things and is always asking questions and this would be ideal to help expand her learning. She would love My Pal Violet as she would love to sing, play games take on car rides and share with her cousin when he/she arrives next year. 🙂

  • i have a scout at my place but a real one and we dont allow her to play with scout but we were willing to buy her 1 scout for this christmas.because shell be turning 1 on 25th of dec,lucky the competition came up so i hope i win it for her and every mother out their wins for their little ones.

  • Violet is my daughter’s best friend
    Sadly her baby brother feels left out
    Scout would be a godsend
    If he came to live at our house

  • We already have My Pal Scout in our house and my 18 month old loves it. I have a nephew due to be born in February. and I’m sure he’d love Scout too.

  • My baby boy would love the green one as his current TedTed is has been too well loved and this would be the perfect pal for him to want for cuddles all the time.

  • We’ve recently had a new addition to our family – a baby boy – and we have been told by his big brother (who is 4 and half) that his little brother has to have a Scout Dog just like him!
    My 4 and a half year old has absolutely loved his My Pal Scout (the poor dog has been bounced on the trampoline, driven around in his pedal car, fed food, and cuddled in bed), and we would love our new little boy to have the same enjoyment from his very own My Pal Scout!

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