The Trouble with Bear Hugs: Dealing with Asthma (REVIEW + GIVEAWAY)

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Have you ever seen a child have an Asthma attack?

It can be frightening to an adult.

Imagine then what it is like for the child having the attack, or other children who may be witnessing the attack take place.

I’ve seen and dealt with asthma attacks as a teacher. I’ve observed children who are incredibly calm and others that panic. Panicking is natural. It could be because it’s their first attack, they don’t get them often, or maybe they just find it hard to stay calm.

When I heard about Asthma Peeps I was intrigued. Asthma Peeps was founded by Australian Mum, Kym Latter who, after having trouble managing asthma with her daughter, decided to create a range of products to encourage children to educate them and help them embrace their asthma.

BOOK: The Trouble with Bear Hugs
The Trouble with Bear Hugs is a book that follows the journey of Lulu and her new friend Bear, as Lulu learns about living with, and managing her asthma.

I loved the whimsical characters in this book. Lulu is a little bit quirky and so is her Pop who helps her manage her asthma. The illustrations complement their quirkiness beautifully as Lulu is shown doing her favourite things like putting things on her head (frogs and teapots) and eating giant amounts of liquorice. The expressions on the characters’ faces are clear too and would promote great discussion with a child at home or in the classroom about how Lulu might be feeling when she gets her ‘big bear hug’ which is actually an asthma attack, and how she feels after she gets help.

The language in the book is simple and would be relevant across all ages as the metaphor of getting a giant bear hug helps children understand the feeling of ‘tightness’ that can often occur in an asthma attack and steps to take when it happens. It reinforces finding an adult and getting your spacer and counting. It also shows the relief on Lulu’s face as her asthma attack is washed away.

This book would be fabulous to use in a classroom to allow children to understand what it is like for asthmatics in their class or school. It would also help the asthmatics to feel accepted and reduce self-consciousness when needing to use their spacer.


Spacer and Sticker Combo

Kym Latter has come up with an excellent idea of helping children deal with their asthma by personalising their spacer with stickers! Not only does it break down the ‘medical look’ of the spacer, which can be quite confronting to many children, but it also allows a discussion to take place between parent and child (when decorating it together) without the child feeling scared or apprehensive about owning and using the spacer.

I don’t have asthma but I’ve decorated mine for a little cherub I know and kept some stickers for him to do the rest!

DSC_0421 DSC_0422

You can find out more by visiting the Asthma Peeps website or head over to their Facebook Page



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16 thoughts on “The Trouble with Bear Hugs: Dealing with Asthma (REVIEW + GIVEAWAY)

  • I love the idea of this book. I suffered asthma as a child and was hospitalised from attacks as a baby and primary school student. It’s quite scary. My 14mnth old doesn’t show any signd of having it thank goodness but I would pass on the goodies to my little cousin who at 3 years old has been in hospital around 30 times. What a fantastic idea the stickers are. Something small to brighten a childs day! Love it!

  • I’m so grateful that my children don’t have asthma, at this stage anyway. I developed asthma when I was four, and my mum found out when I had an attack and stopped breathing! I was resuscitated in the ambulance on the way to hospital. As I still have it now, I’ve always been concerned that one of my kids might end up with it, especially as my youngest has been very prone to bronchiolitis and croup. But so far so good. Quite a few of my friends have kids with asthma though, and it’s really scary for them. I might enter the competition for my best friend. Her four year old gets it really badly when he has a cold or something. That book sounds wonderful. I wish it was around when I was a kid!

  • my son has been ill with this since he was 3 months old at first we were told he has a cold an infection a bug till he collapsed and died in my arms we lived one block from the medical centre so i just ran and they were so good the doctor whom saved him was amazing and rushed us to the children’s hospital where under one they normally wont diagnose asthma but did and put my son on steroids and predisolone to take with him everywhere he goes it can be a demanding and dangerous thing asthma my little girl now has been diagnosed so this could be great for us all and the grandparents as its been a few years for us and we don’t know how to explain her condition to her

  • What a really fabulous idea. My middle child is 10 and I am finding it harder to deal with her asthma at this age because she is feeling weird about it. She still needs to take her spacer to school and on excursions but resists because none of her friends suffer from asthma. Those stickers are really cute, making her spacer all fancy and different would be fun for her.

  • What a great idea! I’m all for books which help children better understand medical conditions. They can be a great starting point for a teacher to help explain things to a class. Stickers are also always a hit. My son would LOVE this 🙂

  • My brother died of asthma, as a teenager. I’ve got 3 kids, one of which is asthmatic. It’s a sensitive thing for me as you can imagine, and I don’t handle it well when she decides she doesn’t want to take medications. Anything that reduces that would be a total good thing in our house!

  • That is a fantastic idea, anything to make the kids feel special. It’s not fair that they should suffer from asthma as well as being embarrassed to take their medication.

  • This would be such a help for my younger son. My older son has asthma and my younger son gets really scared when I have to medicated the older son. It would also be great for breaking down the embarrassment of having a spacer at school.

  • There is nothing worse than the feeling of gasping for air! Can only imagine its what its like to drown! Being a chronic asthmatic myself it is now extremely hard to watch my boys struggle with asthma too! I hate seeing the fear in their eyes as they fight for breath, one gasp at a time. I would love any products that make them safer, more relaxed with the illness and just that bring a little fun into their routines! What great ideas these products are!

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