The Realities of Investing in Children’s Education: 5 Ways ASG Can Help *review*

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My parents migrated here from Egypt in 1984. I was born one year later. One of the biggest things that hit home time and time again as I grew up, was that they came to this beautiful land to give us “a better education and a better life”

It sounds old-fashioned. The slow-parenting movement might have us think we shouldn’t consider these things too soon, for we may shape our children before they shape themselves. However, I grew up valuing the choices my education gave me. Was I placed in a private school and forced to enter a degree I didn’t want to do? No. I went to a government school, and I was driven to be educated.

me and my mama

I went from Writing and The Arts, to a Bachelor of Education to teaching. I continue to be entrenched in wanting to learn new things. That’s the bit I want most for my children. I want Tom’s 100 questions a day to evolve into a passion in his chosen field (or two, or three fields!). I want him to engross himself in learning and to love learning and all its challenges. Learning new things is a struggle for every single one of us. That’s because we don’t know it yet so of course there’s a hurdle. However, the feeling of success that comes when you finally GET IT, that’s one of the best feelings and something I want to inspire my children to aim for time and time again.

the beautiful thing about learning

My husband and I are very seriously considering our financial options and stowing away money for the education of our boys. We are realists and want to do this within our budget, while allowing me to be at home some of the time rather than have them in full-time care.

I’ve come across ASG a couple of times at blogger events, but this time I really absorbed what they had to offer and researched further. Now that Tom is 4, it really is time to start thinking about how we can ensure his and Jeremy’s schooling years aren’t a major financial burden on us.

So here’s what I discovered as to how ASG can really help you prioritise such an important investment.

1.The Pathway Education Fund

I made an assumption that ASG was simply all about scholarships and for the elite. Clearly, not true. Their newest Fund, The Pathway Education Fund is really flexible. You invest as low as $12 a week and your contributions (plus investment earnings) can be returned to you while your child is at any stage of study. You can make lump sum payments too and while you continue to contribute to the fund you won’t pay tax on your earnings like you do with a Savings bank account. If you need help in the discipline side of investing in something long-term, and want a tax effective approach to investment, this could be a great solution. We are really considering it.

  1. ASG is member-owned

ASG is all about its members which means its profits are reinvested into products and services to benefit their members. They are completely focussed on education and genuinely want your child to succeed. When you set up an account with them, it’s encouraging you to get pro-active with your child’s education too by continuously receiving support and encouragement through ASG.

  1. ASG isn’t just about book smarts

I’ve been flicking through ASG’s book, “A is for attitude” FOR MYSELF. It’s great! You would assume ASG is all about the academics, but ASG has grown and branched out. They sell their social and emotional books at 50% off to members and they also use the You Can Do It! Education program which I have used myself. It’s great for building confidence and resilience in little ones as well as encouraging risk-taking.

asg book

  1. ASG offers a range of discounts

It’s so easy to put off educational subscriptions and let your children scour youtube or apps instead. It sounds blunt, but it’s the truth – Especially considering some of them get so costly! I really like that ASG offer 30% off Reading Eggs and Mathseeds for members. It just gives you the incentive to sign up and they are great programs. They also have a My ASG website which is constantly expanding with education, parenting and career resources. The website is completely free for members.

  1. ASG believes quality education helps children nurture and explore their interests and talents

That’s completely in line with what I believe. The definition of ‘quality education’ is broad. For some it may be a great public school that suits their child’s needs. For others a Catholic education may be important. To some, private schooling is where it’s at. Whatever it may be, none of it is free. If I want to invest in getting the quality education you want for your children, then investing with a group that has mutual philosophies is important.

Visit for more information. You can also arrange a face-to-face meeting by completing the form on

Other ways to find out more info or to enrol:
Call 131 ASG (131 274) and speak to an ASG representative 

Or if you’re ready to enrol into the Pathway Education Fund, you can do so online at

The information in this post is general information only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the relevant product to consider if the product is right for you – available at or call 131 ASG (131 274)


ASG is offering School of Mum readers a $0 enrolment fee. Just quote the following voucher code when enrolling before 29 February 2016: FREE-ENROLMENT

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