The Move to Indepedence

We’re moving. Eventually. When the house sells. I was under the impression that 3 year old Kindergarten wasn’t happening until term 2 here and to be honest, I didn’t really bother looking into it.

At the last minute while we were leaving our Mother Goose Christmas Break Up I decided to pop into the Children’s Precinct just to check.

And just like that – Tom starts 3 hours of 3 year old Kinder next year. Term 1.

I was so naive as a non-mum teacher when I would see parents shedding a tear on the children’s first day of school. I can honestly say I had no clue how they felt.

Now I do. Tom’s never been to daycare. Something I seem to be defending more and more lately. Not that I should have to. This will very much be his first move to independence.

But it’s not just him. It will be mine too.

For 3 years we have been attached. Parted only to be looked after by his father or my amazing sister in law when I went into a surprising early labour with Jeremy.

He is energetic, cheeky, clingy, charming and sometimes intense. His personality has been evident from day 1. We have the same taste in food. The same stubborn and impatient streak. We have the same ability to go or crash with not much inbetween. Being around too many people can be exhausting for us and sometimes we behave out of line because of it. But on the flip side we are social and love getting out and about.

He is me. I am him and sometimes I can’t tell where I start and he begins.

And now he is going to become his own little being. And he will probably cry to leave me. And he will probably be naughty sometimes. And no, please don’t. It’s not because he hasn’t gone to day care. It’s because that’s who he IS.

tom pout

But he will beam with pride when he shows me what he has been up to. He will talk about all his friends and his teacher. He will love pre school the way he loves life. He’s already asking me when is he going to school? How many more sleeps?

And then it will be Master J and I. His beautiful, bubbly, forever happy self and I. Maybe he will go to daycare. Who knows. If he needs to. If I need to start spending more time on School of Mum in the business sense. We will wait and see. But the road to independence for them and me has begun. And it still doesn’t quite make sense to me – that it makes me shed a tear with equal happiness and sadness.

tom cheeky cute

But it does.

How about you?

2 thoughts on “The Move to Indepedence

  • I remember when my eldest started 3yo kinder. We were living in Bendigo and like you had never used any type of childcare. I was also pregnant with my youngest, had a toddler and was very VERY emotional and tired. I walked about from kinder with tears streaming down my face more times than I care to recall. She struggled a bit to settled but in my heart I understood she needed this time to be independent. And she did. She is now about to start grade 5. I am now in total shock that I have a senior PS child. It goes so fast 🙁

    • Ohh just reading this brought tears to my eyes! I feel that this may be me and its a little terrifying but you can’t stop the feelings. You just have to ride the waves I guess. It’s such a bitter sweet feeling.

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