The Gift of Giving and Appreciation

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Some of you may know that my family celebrates Christmas twice. We celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December, and again on the 7th of January. I never used to celebrate Christmas on the 25th before marrying my husband. But now, being a part of a Catholic and Coptic Orthodox faith allows us to delve into two cultures, two languages, two Christmases, but one meaning – The Birth of Christ and the Spirit of Giving.

Unfortunately, sometimes the 7th of January lands on a weekday and can often be the day people are due to go back to work so sometimes that can cause a dilemma, as it has for us this year. My brother goes back to work on the 7th, and my sister-in law is pregnant and will be too close to her due date to travel.

Now, while I have adopted the Anglo-Saxon Christmas, my sister-in-law has adopted Orthodox Christmas and has gone so far as to invite us all to celebrate it at her house on the 5th of January to fit in with such a busy schedule. I’m amazed that this heavily pregnant mama of two is going to such a huge effort to invite my side of the family over to her house for lunch. For me, it’s a great show of respect and love towards our family by ensuring that our Christmas is just as treasured and valued. More often than not, it can be tossed aside due to work commitments, post-new year busy times, or anything else really…
Not long after I received the invitation, another thing happened. A couple of weeks ago my brother’s farm caught fire. The result was absolutely devastating…

What can you do in a situation like this? It’s heart-breaking for everyone, but mostly for my father, brother and sister-in-law who have been tending to those trees and picking cherries for the last few years. 
Spirit of Giving

Dressed up Bakers Delight Cake. So easy and pretty!

Now Bakers Delight gave me some scrumptious bread, fruit mince tarts and Christmas cakes. In the spirit of giving they also offered me some to gift to a friend or neighbour. I have been racking my brain trying to come up with someone who I can attach a good story to, so that I could give them the gifts and write this post.

But by Sunday, following the above events taking place, it was a no-brainer. I’m hoping it will be one less thing my sister-in-law will have to provide at Christmas and hopefully if we all chip in and help she will get to put her feet up as host. Having two Christmases is busy enough, without the addition of being pregnant and natural disasters! 


My Sister-in-law checking out her new treats!

Bakers Delight Christmas Cakes and Mince tarts are delicious! I honestly never liked either mince tarts or fruit cake until I tried theirs! Head to their website to find the store near you.

Do you know someone in your life that would enjoy a bit of extra sharing at Christmas time? What are you planning on giving them?

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