The Cliches of Motherhood – My Top 5

Warning: Extreme Sarcasm Ahead

1. Being a mum is the hardest job you will ever have

I’m sorry, but being a Mum is not a ‘job’. Even though I have chosen to stay home instead of work full time, that doesn’t mean that being a mum is my ‘job’ now. Being a Mum is something that I am. Inside and out, through and through, over and over. If being a mum is a job then please hand me my nights, weekends, holiday pay and overtime! (NOT that teachers get overtime *ahem*)

2. Breast is Best

Yes, I know. Breast milk is a magical thing. Amazing. And breastfeeding? Just as amazing. I should know I did it for 15 months. But when you’re wringing out those breasts like a wet rag to get a couple of drops of this amazing milk – then there is no need to shove that statement in my face over and over and make me feel insane amounts of guilt because my baby had 20ml of formula.

3. Your baby needs to learn to self-settle

I would have loved for my baby to ‘self-settle’ but he didn’t want to self-settle. He wanted to be fed, rocked and cuddled…a lot! Surprisingly, he needed some extra love. Surely babies don’t need any extra loving! What is more surprising – he hasn’t self combusted even though he still hasn’t learnt to self settle. Such is life.

4. Your baby/toddler should go to Day Care at least once a week for social skills

I don’t think so. My toddler has his whole schooling life and beyond to run off with his friends, without even a final glance at his Mum. I’m at home (my choice) so I don’t really see the point of paying $60 to drop my child off, screaming, at a day care. He’s not ready. I’m not ready. It will not make him a social invalid.

5. Sleep when the baby sleeps

Yes. That is good advice…sometimes. Often in the early days, I would turn off my phone, unplug the house phone and put a sign on the door to get a blissful nap in. But other times I fought with sleeping when the baby slept – because it was the ONLY time I was without the baby! So sleeping when the baby sleeps is all well and good, as long as it’s not interfering with you having some awake ‘me’ time.

What are your favourites and which ones drove you bonkers? There are so many! Comment below and share!

5 thoughts on “The Cliches of Motherhood – My Top 5

  • Totally agree, id add everyones a parenting expert too! I mean everyone doesnt matter what choices you make someone has something to say about it! My dd also hasnt sufferred at all from.being rocked, cuddled and allowed to develop at her own pace. Tried childcare no thanks, wouldn’t miss this “job” for the world.

  • Love love love them all. Especially the day care one. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me to put my son into daycare I’d be a very rich woman. I have a very social child, a very happy and imaginative child and until I need to put him into day care he’ll be just fine here with me!

  • All of them are the pronouncements of people who think they know better, doubt very much they would make any to the face of a project manager, producer or councillor!! Why is it the work of women everyone thinks they can do better! We need to celebrate women, mothers and the art of child growing!

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