The Best Smiggle Buys for Christmas – *GIVEAWAY*

Congrats to Rebecca for winning our Smiggle Prize Pack. Stay tuned for a Fabulous back to school giveaway from Smiggle in January!

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Smiggle has become pretty iconic over the last few years. When I was a kid you were lucky if you owned glitter pens, connectors or rubbers that smelled like fruit loops. Now, you’re the talk of the classroom if you own colour changing textas from Smiggle.

I’m a fan of ANYTHING that encourages kids to craft, draw, cut, make and imagine. With so many gaming products and so on that do the complete opposite of this, any brand that is capable of inspiring learning is a hit to me. They also make great Christmas presents as most children are pretty excited with anything that says “Smiggle” on it!

Here are a few of our favourites in the range this Christmas!

1. Markers Multipack (x32) $29.95

markers multipack

These are great. I’ve thrown out so many dried up textas or ones that have been pressed too far in. I watched T make ‘dots’ with the colour markers and he banged so hard on the paper, but the marker didn’t budge. The colour changing is uber-cool and the line markers are fun for making borders or anything really. The pack contains contains 8 colour markers, 8 colour change markers, 8 linear markers and 8 stamp markers

markers change colour

2.Headphones Play Art $29.95

Tom smiggle phones

Headphones! We like to be quiet when we are trying to listen to something, but sometimes we forget children like that too. Tom is so used to Jeremy making so much noise that he doesn’t bother turning things up anymore and I think he actually misses hearing a lot. These look really cool, are easy to adjust and he loves them so much he tried to wear them to BED TONIGHT. True story.

tom smiggle leappad


3. Yums Backpack $49.95

smiggle bag

If you want to invest in a quality backpack for kinder or school and tick off a Christmas gift as well, you can’t go past Smiggle bags. Tom really only wore this one for show, because the one he was given last year is still as new, even though it’s used very often. They’re really durable. We especially love the strong zips and padded straps.


4. Yums Watch Was $19.95 now $10

yums watch

This one is on my wishlist as I think it would be a great ‘first watch’ for Tom. It is never too early to be exposed to reading a clock. Time is actually a really tricky concept to grasp for kids, especially when they don’t know the basics such as ‘o clock and half past. It’s important that they are being exposed to a variety of clock faces, digital and analogue. I love how it shows the minutes on the outside and children can also count the individual minutes inbetween. It’s a great teaching clock.


5. Volcano Water Light $34.95

volcano light

This is for every science lover – boy or girl. You add purified water and dishwashing liquid and voila! Instant volcano lava lamp that actually has a volcano erupting! I can see my children being mesmerised by this. You should see them around the Christmas lights!





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26 thoughts on “The Best Smiggle Buys for Christmas – *GIVEAWAY*

  • My slapstick ruler. When you slapped it onto your wrist you could wear it as a bracelet. When straight is was a ruler

  • A troll doll pencil topper!! How much more fun is writing when you have a bare bottomed long haired troll on your pencil! lol

  • i loved the pencil cases you cut the letters out to make your name in the clear windows. I’d scour magazines to find pictures small enough to slide in the holes. Took me hours , even days, and nobody ever noticed them but me.

  • Ohh what memories. Colourful scented rubbers/erasers..I remember I had a big jar of them .Loved spending my pocket money on them.

  • When I was in primary school I went through, and stayed, in the glitter phase. Glitter gel pens were the bees knees and I thought I was just so cool for having the collection!

  • I always loved a brand new packet of colouring in pencils. I used to sharpen them so often, they were soon mere stumps. Time for a new packet. (A genius move on my part I think.)

  • When I was younger my favorite store was “Granny Mae” – it was a stationery Store. Every week I spent my pocket money on either a wonderful smelly rubber {they were all shaped like a fruit} or their Paper. I Loved their Paper…and collected so much that I still had some until recently. I remember writing letters on the Paper to my family {back home}when I was 18 and went to England!!!

  • I loved the Tupperware stencil pack!!! For Mother’s Day, my son found them and used them for my card…I picked the patterns straight away. Ahh the memories!!

  • When I was a child every Christmas my nanna gave everyone in the family a box of Roses chocolates. She was so predicable!

    I thought the wrappers were so shiny and pretty. So every year I made a Roses Chocolates wrapper collage to cover my school books rather than coloured contact.

    They were my favourite books

  • Gel pens, even though they would smudge super easily and a bandy/rubberish ruler, even though it would bend/move if ruling a line too hard! Hahah. It was all about the novelty and instead of actual usefulness back then.

  • DERWENTS! I remember my two sisters having a tin of derwents each… both graphics students. Oh my goodness was I jealous!
    My dad used to go to the newsagency and chat away with the brothers that owned it and I’d sneak down the back and just admire the derwents. I remember sneaking my sisters whenever she was not home thinking she wouldn’t know but sure enough she’d go to use them and the colours weren’t in the right order or they were blunt (clearly I wasn’t the sharpest pencil in the case!)
    The day my mum finally gave in and got me my own was the beginning of my stationery love affair.

  • Erasers in many designs,
    Fun, funky, colourful and fine,
    I had animals, flowers, cars,
    Tiny food, rollerskates, even stars!

  • A brand new exercise book …
    A new chance for my work to look;
    Neat and tidy and between the lines;
    And a new chance for me to design …
    A fancy look for my book cover;
    I was a bit of a animal lover …
    So I’d cut pictures out of magazines;
    And tape them on from seam to seam …
    Then attempting to apply the plastic adhesive straight;
    I’d be struggling til really late;
    But I really did love the satisfaction of having a new book;
    A clean slate, my new chance with my new look :o)

  • My scissors were my Favourite,
    Childhood stationary,
    Oh the things those scissors cut up,
    The creativity that was seen!
    One day my scissors were taken,
    And stored upon a high, high shelf,
    Apparently they weren’t meant to cut hair,
    Either on my sister or myself!

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