Exploring Macarthur Park Wetlands

We braced ourselves, donned our coats and headed to Macarthur Park Wetlands today. While the playground was too wet for us to explore we did find plenty to chat about… “Some birds like water, and some don’t” Tom said. “We didn’t bring any bread! They must be hungry” which caused us to discuss what else Read more about Exploring Macarthur Park Wetlands[…]

Painting with Marbles (ages 2+)

If you follow along the blog you know I’m all for activities that take minutes to set up. They are real and doable in amongst the chaos that comes with having a family. This activity would be fantastic in classrooms but my aim is to keep things realistic and simple at home! What you need: Read more about Painting with Marbles (ages 2+)[…]

How to Toilet Train in 5 Days

I found the few months before we toilet trained Tom a little uncomfortable. He was almost 3 and starting  to look a bit awkward in nappies. He’s a big, solid boy anyway and people often think he’s older than he is  which can make it difficult. Sometimes people asked “Oh so he’s not toilet trained Read more about How to Toilet Train in 5 Days[…]