I’ve had a stellar week in parenting this week. Just awesome.

Tom started out on Monday being sick. Runny nose, nothing major. But he had quite a fever and that made him really miserable. I doted over him all day and night. I ditched the laptop and the housework and gave him all the cuddles he needed. I followed him around with his favourite foods urging him to eat. His lack of appetite was a first for me. He also hasn’t really been sick much, apart from a couple of ear infections. 15 months of breastfeeding was a huge help in him hardly ever getting sick.


Due to the weather, we were also stuck inside. The last thing I wanted was to put him outside in the freezing cold when he was already sick.

The next day though, the fever just wouldn’t quit and when it hit 38.7, even though he had Nurofen, I decided a doctor’s visit was in order. My patience was still OK that day, but I was starting to feel a little tired. He was given antibiotics and we came back home.

Would he swallow the antibiotics? Um, no. Would he eat anything? Um no. The incessant whinging and wanting to be held was starting to pile up on me, combined with the housework, the emails I needed to write and the things I wanted to get going to boost the School of Mum shop.

Sometime in the week, I fell sick too. Things started to slip then. Instead of resting, I thought I better get stuff done in case I get really sick. Terrible reasoning, I know.

So then I let him go. Don’t want to eat? Fine. I’ll just leave this plate on the floor for whenever you want to eat it. Want to wipe your snot all over the couch, our bedsheets, my sleeve and anywhere but in a tissue? No worries. Want to throw toilet paper all over the house or play with those things that very well might break? OK. Anything, just to have the peace.


Last night the monumental snot hit the fan. From 10:30pm to 1:15am I tried in all desperation to get him to sleep. He coughed and cried and pulled his ear. I’m suspecting he now has an ear infection. By the end of it we were both coughing and crying. In the spirit of trying to do whatever works, I gave him back the wretched dummy. The dummy that he hasn’t touched for 3 weeks…

He threw back at me.

Eventually he fell asleep. They always do.

The sun is actually shining today and I’m hoping it has some warmth to it. We both could use the fresh air.


How do you cope when your kids are sick? He has had moments of peace, but mostly, it’s been exhausting.

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