Starting with Smiggle (Review+Giveaway)

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I say that Smiggle is the Tupperware of stationery and school supplies. There is something about it that makes children’s eyes widen in delight. I’ve seen it so many times in the classroom. “Where did you get that from?” a child would say to another as they watched them use some super trendy, super useful, brightly coloured sharpener. “Smiggle” the other would reply, a little bit bashful and a little bit proud.

Tom, aged 3 will be aware of none of this. He will be starting preschool this year and I just want him to have things he can recognise easily amongst the sea of other children’s belongings. I want his supplies to be in a theme he loves and I want them to be strong and sturdy. And well, I kind of like super trendy, super useful, brightly coloured objects for myself too. Don’t you?

Theme he likes – 

Cars. It’s all about cars. He loves the movie and he owns lots of things in the Cars movie theme but there’s also lots of other little ones who would to so I really wanted something a little unique!

Tom's lunchbox

It’s so much easier at his age to get supplies that he can easily identify as his. He can find it in a crowd or spot it from a distance. He doesn’t need to check for name tags (although they are of course necessary in case it goes missing or somebody else needs to find it!).

The Double Decker Lunchbox – RRP $24.95

double decker lunchbox $24.95 (4)

What grabs me immediately for a pre-schooler? It’s BIG. He needs big. He IS big. And he likes to eat…a lot. When busy, his eating becomes even more extreme and rushed. He is always frantic to get back out there and play again in case he should miss one minute due to being idle. That’s our Tom.

So the lunchbox is a great size and it also has big, sturdy zips which will make it easier for him to do himself. We’ll be practicing the art of zipping and unzipping it over the next few weeks.

It is also is heavily insulated in both the larger bottom section and the smaller top section, and in this country heat we have – he will need it.

 Brain Food Lunch Boxes – RRP $12.95 (Pack of 3)

brain food lunch boxes $12.95 (3)

I love that the snack boxes match. Yes, I am that mum. But I’m also that teacher. There’s nothing worse than ending up with countless random containers kids leave behind. I’ll still label them with his name but because his lunchbox is so identifiable he will be able to find his snack boxes easily as well!

Even the largest snack box fits in the top section so he doesn’t need to open his whole lunch box each time – we can just keep snacks at the top and lunch in the bottom. Too easy.

Pencil Case – RRP $14.95

330 pcase $14.95 (3)

A word of advice on pencil cases – only get them if your kids need them for school, otherwise leave them at home.

Second: Don’t buy a big pencil case for little kids.

It sounds like common sense but I’ve seen children rifle through their pencil cases for far too long trying to find their grey lead, rubber, scissors and where’s that red connector pen? Some schools allow them, some don’t. For juniors I prefer shared pencil caddies etc but some children do love having their own special things to craft with and some schools/teachers do allow it. As long as it’s clearly labelled and manageable it’s ok!

We’ll be keeping this pencil case at home but I do love the size of it. Not too big but not too small that things get spread all over the table either.

These items were sent to me to review but I’m very much planning on picking up the school bag for him next time we are in Melbourne.

Overall they are great products and I feel like they will last him for years to come!

*** GIVEAWAY ***

Smiggle collage

WIN a Smiggle pack valued at $90!


·        Smiggle Awesome Tote Backpack $49.95

·        Smiggle Awesome Rock n Roll Pencil Case RRP$14.95

·        Smiggle Awesome Drawstring Library/Sports Bag RRP$14.95

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20 thoughts on “Starting with Smiggle (Review+Giveaway)

  • I took my daughter (3) into smiggle for the first time a few weeks ago and she was so excited! She wanted to touch and look at everything and found some cute bags etc that she wanted in future so this prize pack would be perfect to start off her collection! (Which know doubt will be very big, very quick!)
    P.s I LOVE the double decker lunch box I had just this afternoon shown hubby and had a discussion but how good it would be for her!

  • It’s funny isn’t it walk through the stationery section of kmart or big w and kids couldn’t care less….walk through a shopping centre and matilda spots one shop a mile away and all you hear is that screech of excitement….. “sssmmmmmiiiiiggggglllllleeeee” and we never just walk on by. The one thing I’ll never admit to her is that I love Smiggle and everything that’s inside just as much as she does and yes my desk has a splash of Smiggle too!!!

  • We have our last child starting preschool this year, and it has definitely been the hardest to prepare for emotionally, due to his disabilities. So we have had a few visits, we received a great booklet from the preschool explaining what the children do while at preschool, so we have been reading this with our little man and he has been involved in purchasing his hat, shirt and bag.

  • I get them to try on their uniforms to see if their hems need fixing, as well as taking them to buy new school shoes and hair ties (these always manage to disappear somehow!)
    I also label EVERYTHING!!!!!!

  • I love the idea of matching items. I am also that mother and that teacher. Having taught prep I understand the importance of having items that children can easily recognise as their own.
    With my own daughter starting kindergarten this year we are very much looking forward to our kinder bag shopping date… and smiggle will definitely be on our viewing list.

  • Smiggle are so up with what’s hot! My eldest starts 4yo kinder this year and it’s all she talks about. Random strangers in the street get told that she’s starting big kid kinder soon! Last year she admired all the other 4yo kinder kids bags and asked if she would have one like theirs. We have yet to buy one, but these giveaway items would be simply perfect! Such great designs, well made and reasonably priced products!

  • I’ve already got all the school supplies ready and this holiday I’m not letting them get used to sleeping in and hanging around in pj’s till late morning

  • We are keeping regular hours, getting up, making our beds, having breakfast, doing something, then having a break around 11, doing something else, then having lunch and a rest in the afternoon. I’m hoping that by keeping a routine up, it won’t be too much of a shock when they go back to school.

  • I’m also a fan of matching sets! But then again, I’m yet to meet a teacher who isn’t… 😉 Oh, and I TOTALLY agree about not buying big pencil cases for little kids!

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