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Thermo Drink Bottles

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GAIA Natural Detangler

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ShoeZooz shoe sticckers

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I Learn app 




There are so many back to school guides in bloggy land and generally online at the moment. I know I wrote one and there’s some with funny spins on them, some are informative, some are dry and some are entertaining!
This isn’t a back to school guide. This is a feature of some awesome products I found. As a parent and educator, I think they are perfect for school starters! There’s a giveaway of ALL the products at the bottom of the post!

1. The Thermos Foogo Range

I’m a convert to the stainless steel bottle. After throwing out plastic drink bottles with unreachable places to clean, I haven’t been confident with the fact that the water living in them is clean.

It also gets super hot here and our fridge is always jam packed. I can’t always keep the drink bottles in the fridge and who wants to drink luke warm water that’s been sitting out all day?

The Thermos® Foogo Stainless Steel Drink Bottle range – (RRP: $29.99) has vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention, keeping things cold for up to 12 hours. Coming in blue or pink, there is also a hygienic push button lid with a pop-up silicone straw that is easy to open.

thermos bottle

Check out the range here

2. GAIA Natural Baby Conditioning and Detangler (RRP $9.99)

I love GAIA products. How nice are they!? I had no idea they made products like this until it arrived at my door. Tom is really sensitive to certain sprays and creams and so am I. Any hairspray, gel or strong hair cream touches my neck or shoulders and I break out in a rash so I tend not to use them.

Some of you may know I’ve been having a bit of drama with Tom refusing to get a hair cut. At this rate I am seriously considering giving him a little snip in his sleep! The other option is tempting, which is just to let his curls grow freely!

I really want him to look neat and tidy on his first big day though at 3 year old kinder though so I plan on giving him a quick spray to smooth down and tame those curls before we take a ‘first day’ pic.

Great for all ages (just gentle enough to use on babies), GAIA Natural Baby Conditioning Detangler can be used by those with skin affected by eczema, psoriasis, dandruff or cradle cap as it is free from artificial fragrances, soap, sulphate, petrochemic als, mineral oils, parabens, propylene glycol and other ingredients that are known irritants.


Available at selected health food stores, pharmacies and online.

3. Shoezooz Shoe Stickers (RRP $7.50 with free shipping)

I’m a big fan of encouraging independence and I absolutely love this innovative product. So simple. Just attach the stickers of a simple two-piece animal puzzle – the animal head and body is on one side and the tail is on the other.
Kids match up the puzzle and put their shoes on the right feet.


Check out Shoezooz here.

4. BizziBrains ‘I Learn’ App (RRP $3.99)

You know me. I can be a little skeptical about technology with toddlers. But I thought this app was clever, innovative and fabulous for children transitioning to day care, pre school or primary school.

The App is short but sweet and takes you through a day of preparing for school, going to school and how you might feel at the end of the day. Incorporated in this is activities like writing your name, rolling a dice and discussing emotions.

Tom absolutely loves it and we will be using it right up until his first day at pre-school. I do feel it will help cement those small routine things about the transition that can be overwhelming to little people!

bizzi brains app

You can download the app here.

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16 thoughts on “Starting School – The Best and Most Innovative (Giveaway)

  • I’m there with you about plastic bottles. Are they really clean? Will they melt if I shock the germs with boiling water? I just don’t trust them. So the Thermos Foogoo sounds wonderful. Though hats off to the Gaia detangler. Love to let curls run free!

  • With two boys with massive amounts of curly hair, it has to be the conditioner for me!! I love their curls and I don’t want to cut them off but they are hard to maintain. The only conditioner we could find in the shop was in a pink princess bottle and smelt like strawberries :/. Thanks so much!

  • The Thermos Foogo range as, like you, I worry that the plastic drink bottles just don’t get clean enough, and also don’t keep drinks cold for long.

  • The shoezooz as my little man still gets really confused as to which foot each shoe goes on and he is a big lover of puzzles, so these will be perfect for him

  • The drink bottle is the one thing I fear sending my daughter to Kindy. How long will it last and a how cool will it keep her water? I haven’t heard about the Thermos Foogo range and may need to look into getting her a drink bottle because it looks much better quality than what I’ve bought her.

  • The GAIA Natural Baby Conditioning and Detangler would be most helpful with my daughter’s hair. It’s baby fine, so ideal for her.

  • I’ve been hunting around for a new drink bottle for my son so I would definitely love the Thermos Foogo drink bottles. I’ve yet to find one that I like that has every thing I want in it but this one looks great. I especially like the idea of the water staying fresh and the pop up straw.

  • Argh! Drink bottles. We have tried SO many different styles and managed to make them all leak. But just like pens that run out of ink, and odd socks, and kitchen gadgets you don’t remember buying, somehow the leaky drink bottles just keep reappearing in the drawer. I must admit though I’ve never tried Thermos brand for the kids so I’m very interested in those!

  • Shoezooz would be the most practical back to school item – Master 4 is always in a rush and often puts his shoes on the wrong feet.

  • The GAIA Natural Baby Conditioning and Detangler. Although my daughter’s eight – and definitely no longer a baby – she refuses to try and comb or brush her hair, except when it is being washed. Her hair is very fine and we have to coat it with a lot of detangling shampoo/conditioner and comb it through gently – from the bottom up. No matter how hard hubby and I try, we invariably have some tears. If GAIA can help with the detangling of her hair, I would be so grateful!

    I’m actually thankful when it is summer and she has to wear a hat outside because it covers up the birds nest that starts forming in between hair washes.

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