Spectacular September Giveaway – ENDED


Thanks to all those who entered and congratulations to the following winners!

LeapPad2 – Virgina Mason

STIHL Pack – Eliza, Sarah T, Kell Kelly, Marilyn, Kathy Kemp

Retro Cereal Pack – Benjamin Travia, Kim M.

QV Pack – Jane Battersby, S Armstrong

Stay tuned for more giveaways soon!

The sun is finally shining, the second trimester is here and I’m finally back on my feet. I generally run giveaways one at a time but with so many to catch up on…here they are in one big Spectactular September Giveaway! More to win = more CHANCE to win. Good luck!

1. LeapPad2 with ALL the trimmings!

LeapPad2 Green (front) - 32610_PR07

The LeapPad 2 is, in my opinion, the perfect substitute to the ipad or phone. What I love about the LeapPad is that is built for children. It’s got a nice, sturdy case around it and the carry case is nice and hard too just in case it gets rough handled!

You can explore a library of 325+ LeapFrog Explorer cartridges and downloadable apps, including innovative book apps, videos, music, creativity apps and more! Not only that, rather than downloading apps or games aimlessly, not sure which one would suit your child, the LeapPad2 automatically adjusts the learning to each and every child, asking more challenging questions as children’s skills develop. Progress is remembered from game to game so the learning and fun keep moving forward!

The LeapPad 2 is for ages 3-9 and my beautiful Prep nephew has had a blast trying his out for me. His little sister has gotten in on the action too. They’ve had it for a few months now and haven’t lost interest in it at all.

So the giveaway includes!

1x LeapPad 2 tablet

1x LeapPad carry case

1x Explorer Pet Pals 2 game

2. QV Skincare Packs x2


A few months ago I attended a gorgeous morning tea hosted by the equally gorgeous Rebecca Judd. It was to celebrate all things QV skincare and skin on skin contact with newborns. Not long after, I was sent these QV packs, one to review and 2 to giveaway. I’ve been using the cream everyday and plan to carry it in my hospital bag for when I have this little bubs. Last time I was pregnant I honestly used every smelly stretch cream/oil to date. They didn’t work. My ideas on what’s important has changed so much this time around. After I gave birth to Tom, I took a shower, I used smelly soaps, I moisturised, and only after all that, was I asked to try for a feed. Both of us were fully clothed. He didn’t latch. And there’s a long breastfeeding struggle to follow that.

I really want to take a different approach this time. I love that QV is just as safe to use on bubs as it is to use on yourself. It has no nasty fragrances or chemicals.


x2 QV skincare packs including QV cream, bath oil and bath bag.

3. Retro Breakfast Cereal Packs


Well, I’ll be honest…these were sent to me a little while ago, and they dwindled and dwindled until they were gone! I had planned to make old fashioned recipes, honey joys, nuts and bolts, etc…but, erm, they just didn’t make it!

I love the designs on these boxes. They are so cute. Such a sometimes cereal most of these…but by sometimes, they can be breakfast, lunch or an afternoon snack can’t they!? They’re a great treat and the recipes that can come out of them are endless…if you can get to them in time that is!


2x Retro Cereal Hamper Packs!

4. STIHL Garden Packs


STIHL has launched a national program to encourage kids to get outside and connect with nature. They are providing primary schools around the country with “Green Walls” – vertical gardens where Grade 3 kids can grow their own plants and learn more about gardening, at no cost.

Vertical Gardens seem to be the ‘next big thing’ don’t they!? They are great for schools as they are so easy to set up and encourages school to get children gardening, regardless of the space.

All schools involved are also given a take home kit to encourage gardening at home. What better time to do this than Spring? We decided to trial their take home kit. I’ll let you know our progress!

You can register for the STIHL Get Outdoors program here


5X growing packs (pots, seeds, trowel, apron and glove

To be in the running to win, just leave a comment below telling which prize you would like to win the most and why. Remember, the most interesting or creative answers will be chosen! This is a competition based on skill.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Only Australian residents are eligible.
  2. One entry per prize.
  3. Entries close at midnight on 12th October 2013 and winners will be chosen within 3 days.
  4. Winners will be contacted by email and announced on the blog and Facebook.

47 thoughts on “Spectacular September Giveaway – ENDED

  • I would love the QV pack, having a family with sensitive skin who react to the majority of creams and lotions, QV is the only one we use in our house.

  • The STHIL Garden Pack. I love seeing my boys minds at work. It always amazes me how much passion they have for the simplest things and to see their hard work rewarded as the plant grows would definitely keep them interested.

  • The Retro Breakfast Cereal Pack would literally go down a treat around here. I can remember making kites from the cereal box cardboard as a child. They actually flew. Time to re-introduce this creative activity I’d say.

  • The LeapPad would be ideal for my daughter who started school this year. She likes to use the iPad but I worry about radiation and inappropriate content for her age! I don’t want her getting too much education!

  • I would really love to win the leap pad 2 for my daughter! Almost 5 and struggling to talk, one of these come highly recommended by summers paediatrician!

  • I’d love to win the LeapPad2 because it would be a great distraction for my son while I attend the many and various specialist appointment that I have to attend.

  • My Son has Unfortunately been Blessed with Sensitive Skin like me and QV is our Saviour . Would love to win the QV Pack to keep our Skin Glowing and not Irritated.

  • I love the cereal! My kids would love to win these, because I am a mean Mum who buys what I call “fancy” cereal only occasionally. I would love to win them, because I love the packaging, and I think that if I cut the front off the box’s and put them in black frames, they would look awesome on my loungeroom wall, bit random, but I think they would look cool!

  • When travelling in the car with The Leapad 2, I would arrive at my destination stress free when the kids have had something productive to do!

  • There’s no faster than a hungry Connor,
    More powerful than a ravenous Riley,
    Declan has the ability to scoff a large bowl of cereal in several mouthfuls.
    Look out! There in the kitchen! It’s a magic disappearing act.
    It’s an amazing army of ants.
    No…..it’s my kids!!

    (The Kelloggs prize would be all kinds of awesome here and give me a little break from ‘we’re out of cereal!’ 😉 )

  • We have decided to do a garden this spring,
    A STIHL Garden Pack would be a very handy thing.
    To encourage the kids to watch, learn and grow,
    inspire them to discover how nature evolves and is on show.
    To see the end result would be such a hit,
    fun, satisfaction, much excitement, would be bliss.

  • With 3 active minded children to keep interested and helping to expand their imaginations and curiosity, I think the STIHL gardening packs would be perfect for them. It would also keep them grounded and give them pride in their hard work.

  • The LeapPad 2 tablet please. My son has always been allowed to play with my mobile when he’s bored but 2 weeks ago I bought a fan-dangeled new phone and I’m quite precious about it (and paranoid about it bring dropped or broken). We’d take the LeapPad 2tablet everywhere….a walking advertisement. And it makes birthdays and Christmas easy as we’ll buy new games, in line with his age and interests. (love that there are 325 to choose from!?)

  • The Retro Kellog’s Cereal Pack – with three kids we love cereal as a snack and my daughter ‘the artist’ will love the Retro look. We melt real chocolate and stir in Cornflakes or Rice Crispies, then place in cupcakes for a universal crowd pleaser!

  • The LeapPad2 with ALL the trimmings because Cooper has reached the age where the help of such a great interactive educational item would be very welcomed

  • My Preppie would love to Leap ahead at school with help of a LeapPad2 and Miss 3 would love to play on this instead of getting into trouble playing with Daddy’s iPad or ‘My’Pad as she calls it.

  • My kids would absolutely love the leapPad2. There are so many games and applications which they would really love to explore and learn so much from. What a wonderful way to have fun in the afternoons after school, weekends, rainy days, school holidays, doctors appointments, car trips, holidays and travels.

  • Definitely the STIHL garden pack! I’ve got 3 kids, two are older and a 2 year old. My older girls love to garden, they have their own garden tools and tend to their own garden bed. Of course my 2 year old thinks its all his, ” my dig dig (shovel) mummy” or “me arden mummy”. Lets just say that it isn’t pretty when my girls get out into the garden to tend to their beds and their brother tries to take their equipment as his own; I think it’ll make everyone happy if I was lucky enough to win.

  • The Stihl garden pack, because my kids love helping me in the garden and watch their seeds turn into fruit and veggies!!

  • would LOVE the leapad for my 4 yr old Globally developmentally delayed boy – would really benefit him – thanks for a chance

  • We travel alot and spend many hours together on planes or in cars, I would love to be able to gift my toddler the Leappad2 for some fun educational time.

  • Spring is definitely in the air
    and the kids are letting down their hair.
    They love to watch things grow
    And with STIHL’s help they’ll be able to sow
    Their own seeds of mystery and delight
    Helping them build up a real appetite.

  • Enviously, he steals a glance at the iPad the woman next to us is using. It looks WAY more fun than the counting book he has to keep him busy while we wait. He is about to start Kindy and while he is a keen learner, who enjoys practicing writing his letters and numbers, I’d love to add some FUN and excitement to his education with a LeapPad 2. My husband would also like to be able to reclaim his iPhone for its’ intended work purposes ;o)

  • My little man would absolutely love the LeapPad2, he plays games on the computer all the time and to have his own child friendly games to play while learning and having fun would be awesome.

  • The growing prize. We love our fruits and vegies in this household, well all except my 7 year old food fussy, but they taste so much better home grown, that even Mr food fussy will eat it if we have grown it.

  • I’d love the cereal packs so I can make some old favourites. Honey joys, rice bubble slice and chocolate crackles. Yummy treats for my nieces and nephews when they come to visit.

  • would love to win any of these amazing prizes!!! but the leap pad2 would be a postitive way to keep my very energetic and exhausting boy (4) entertained! fingers crossed as this would be the prized possession in our house lol

  • I would love the QV skin care pack because good skin care is important at all stages of our lives: new baby, new mums and even new grandmas.

  • Our low maintenance, drought proof planted garden beds do not provide much fun so we are already using pots to grow our herbs and some vegies. The Stilh garden pack would be a great addition to our potted ‘vegie patch’….homegrown summer salads here we come!

  • I would love to win LeapPad 2 for my son because whenever I make a cardboard ipad for him with a screen printed on it – he says mum stop tricking me – I can make out it is not real. If I win this will hide it under his cardboard ipad and will make a video to see his excitement….

  • The Stihl Garden Pack, with the Christmas Holidays around the corner, a chance to plant and harvest would be an excellent outdoor activity. Pots of strawberry plants would be fantastic, and when the fruit arrive – just add icecream. Yummy!!

  • LeapPad 2 tablet please. My nephew is autistic and this would be a great learning tool for him. Also being alot of fun. Great for speech and co ordination and giving his mum a little break whilst he is learning.

  • Leap into learning
    Leap into fun!
    The leap pad pack is the one.
    Use it at home or out and about
    My turn now! the kids will shout.

  • The Leapfrog would be great for a little one in our house. I would like to think I would save it, it make it more special for when we travel… every school holidays; but that’s what you get when both parents are teachers! Educational gifts and lots of holidays! LOL

  • I’d love to have number 2. QV Skincare Packs x2.

    So that my skin will feel like a baby’s bottom instead of a rhino’s bottom.

  • I’d love to win the STIHL Garden Pack. With 2 boys who love nothing more than getting grubby in the garden, they have been asking to start their own so this would be an absolutely wonderful and welcome surprise for them.

  • I would love to win the leappad 2 for my daughter as a thank you and merry Christmas from her little brother. (who is due the week before).

  • The Retro Breakfast Cereals, as they remind of when I used to sleep over at my Nanna’s and she served us cocoa pops with warm milk in the morning.

  • I would love to win the garden prize so I can start a little veggie garden with my little man. I’d love to teach him about healthy eating and the way plants grow from seeds to food!

  • We would love the Leapfrog 2 to keep my little ones entertained,
    with so many fantastic applications to stretch their brains.
    Easy to take in the carry case when we are off for the day,
    and having Pet Pals 2 would be a great start to play.
    Then hopefully my phone will just be used just for Mum,
    as the Leapfrog 2 will provide way more kid friendly fun!

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