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Every now and again something ‘fad’ comes out. You aren’t sure if it’s gimmicky or actually something good. Most of the time you think it is too cheap to work and will collect dust and sit in the cupboard forever.

The ChillFactor Slushy Maker by Funtastic is one of those things that you might think could go either way. It doesn’t cost much (RRP $14.95) and claims to make any drink a slushy in a really short amount of time. So is it a gimmick or not?


All I know is, it hasn’t left our freezer or dish tray since I started reviewing it. I was skeptical, unsure about this one. But 3rd trimester, hot, Central Victoria summer and a fridge too full to hold a jug of chilled water, and I was pretty desperate for this contraption to work! And luckily, it has. Brilliantly in fact.



* For starters, it really does work. As long as the slushy maker has been in the freezer for long enough and the drink you are turning into a slushy is chilled, then you are guaranteed a slushy will appear in your cup with a few squeezes.

* I also use it a lot just for instant chilled water straight out of the tap, or if I’ve just bought a drink and it hasn’t made it to the fridge yet, then I pour it into my slushy cup. It doesn’t turn it into a slushy, but it makes it so icy cold and awesome without taking up room in the fridge like a big jug of water might or like ice trays do in the freezer.

* It works best with soft drink, but it does a pretty good job of other drinks too, as long as they have already been chilled in the fridge.

* It is easy to clean. All the parts come off easily and are put back together just as easily.


* The straw/spoon is nice and sturdy and really useful…I tried to drink without it once and ended up with slushy all down my shirt. Whoops!


* I find the gel insert has a kind of plastic smell to it. It’s barely noticeable, but I keep getting paranoid that I’ll pierce it without knowing while I’m washing it and end up with the gel in my drink.

* You need more than one. I’ve claimed this one as my own and even my toddler knows that this is “Mum’s Cup” You really need to have a few of them if possible so you can always have one chilled in the freezer if others are in the sink to be washed.

I just saw the SOFT SERVE version of the slushy maker in the Big W catalogue the other day. Um…sounds really, really good.

Check out the website for some awesome drink recipes to try in the maker too!


2 FAMILY PACKS of 4x CHILLFACTOR Slushy Makers (RRP $14.95ea at BIGW or the ChillFactor website)


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25 thoughts on “ChillFactor Slushy Maker *GIVEAWAY ENDED*

  • i love the sound of the mocha choca delight for the adults but for the kids i would love to try pink lemonade vanilla yoghurt and some blended fruits!

  • So when i suggested you swim and eat icy poles to cool down i clearly hadn’t seen the slushy maker!!! Yum!!! Can’t wait to try itvout.

  • OMG we had these as kids except they were massive chunky things that mum used to go nuts about three of them taking up all the room in the freezer! My kids favourite treat is pink lemonade cordial so it would be cool to have a slushy version.

  • I’m the biggest fan of icy cold drinks. My daughter is the same and steals the ice out of my waters. This would be great for our family of 4.

  • I am definitely looking forward to making fresh juice with the kids and turning it into an icy cold treat, we cannot keep up with the demand of water ice pops in our house so I think the kids (and mummy) would have a lot of fun with the slushy’s.

  • I’d make Lemon Granita for the kids, with my mum’s recipe, lemons, sugar, water and the same for us adults with a touch of sparkling wine!

  • For myself – an ice cold coffee on these hot days sounds just the thing. For the children – freshly squeezed orange juice.

    • Hubby’s on a health kick after getting a scarily high cholesterol reading recently. While I’d love to whip up a batch of slushy pina-coladas for the two of us, I think I’d have to go the healthy option – and create a real lime iced tea slushy. Cool, refreshing, healthy and the kids can drink them too :o)

  • On a hot day there is nothing better than a nice cold glass of homemade lemonade (fresh lemons, sugar and soda water) – oh wait yes there is- homemade lemonade slushy!! It would be so refreshing and yummy and a hit with both kids and big kids alike 😉

  • My kids would love to make their iced chocolates in them and I would love to try making my fav adult drink (Vodka lime and lemonade) to refresh myself on these hot stinking days we have been having. I haven’t been game enough to buy them yet but have been interested in them since the day they were released.

  • Hubby’s on a health kick after getting a scarily high cholesterol reading at Christmas time. While I’d love to whip up a batch of slushy pina-coladas for the two of us, I think I’d have to go the healthy option – and create a real lime iced tea slushy. Cool, refreshing, healthy and we can share them with the kids :o)

  • I love slushies, there is nothing as refreshing as in ice cold drink on these hot days, but my doctor has told me I need to lose weight, so store bought slushies are now on the no-no list. So my favourite drink now has become ice cold water with a dash of lemon or lime juice, but we are going through ice cubes like nothing else at the moment, so being able to make it into a slushie to satisfy my slushie love sounds perfect.

  • How nice would these be at the moment with the current heatwave conditions. A green one would really be be very nice.

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