Santa’s Magical Kingdom **GIVEAWAY ended**

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Blogging has offered me things I would never have or have experienced otherwise.

Some bloggers shy away from the events, the reviews, the products.

I make them count. For my family. For me. Or for my readers.

Last year we were offered the invitation to go to Santa’s Magical Kingdom for the opening night. I was too pregnant and too tired. Don’t they just go together? We also worried that Tom might not cope with the late night and it just wouldn’t be worth it anyway if he had a meltdown.

How far we have all come! Now Tom is older this is going to be perfect for him. I was thrilled when we received this invitation and even more excited when I managed to score a Family Pass as a giveaway to my readers. When I mentioned it on Facebook, so many got excited and that excited me even more!

How fun does this look?

How fun does this look?

So let me tell you Santa’s Magical Kingdom will be at the Caulfield Racecourse and will be open to the public from the 15th November-23rd December.

Santa’s Magical Kingdom brings all the wonder and joy of a traditional Christmas. This interactive walk-through is an enchanting experience that includes everything that you love about Christmas. We can’t wait to see it all!

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 12.07.58 pm

The event will include:

  • A magical Christmas walk-through wonderland
  • Snow Castle and Activity Land
  • Meet Santa and receive a free gift!
  • A spectacular brand new Christmas themed circus show
  • Roving Christmas characters
  • A Christmas craft area where you can decorate your own gingerbreadman and decorate your own Christmas decoration
  • Interactive story reading with Mrs Claus
  • Gingerbread land
  • Amusement Rides and laughing clowns including a carousel, Santa’sSlay Ride, Ferris Wheel, Platform Ride and Australia’s Largest SupperSlide.
  • Plus so much more fun for the whole family.
Want to book?
Box office: Available through Booking Office 1300 307 740 or via Ticketek
Head to their Facebook

Want to try your hand at winning a Family Pass (4 tickets) valued at $130?

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18 thoughts on “Santa’s Magical Kingdom **GIVEAWAY ended**

  • Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year and I’ve been desperate to go to this but just like you I’ve put it off every year because I felt Noah was too young, would tire too easily and I’d be that stressed out mum with the screaming kid with a hundred people staring at me with frowns on their faces. And there I’d be wishing like crazy I could just turn into a Christmas tree and blend into the background! But this year is the year for us and I cannot wait!!!

  • What an amazing opportunity! My 3 year old is just beginning to truly understand the magic of Christmas and this would be such a incredible day and way to show her how truly special Christmas with family can be! I have my fingers and toes crossed and will be sure to pas the Christmas spirt on! 🙂

  • Will be interesting to see this year if Santa has gone from terrifying to bearable as my daughter starts to understand Christmas more 🙂

  • I love Christmas SO much!!
    I don’t have an image in my mind of what a perfect Christmas would be though, as each and every Christmas is magical and filled with wonderment.
    Some of the things that I love to do around the festive season include taking my three young daughters to the city where we view the Myer windows and then they each get to buy one ornament for our Christmas tree. I do Elf On The Shelf too, and take them to see the Chrsitmas lights in the neighbourhood. I take my role of Santa very seriously too, so the girls are always filled with glee and surprise every Christmas morning.
    There are sometimes tears from the kids, there is always a drink spilled over lunch, there is always one parent who doesn’t want to dress up as Santa, and there is always at least one male that falls asleep after our feast, but these things all make for the perfect Christmas in my eyes. I’d love to take my kids to Santa’s Magical Kingdom to add to the special feeling this time of year brings

  • We went ti SMK last year and wow!!!! Mr almost 2 at the time had a ball with his other mothers group friends.
    Christmas has always been a special time of year for us and I have grown up in a large family who go all out to make it an amazing day. It’s so amazing to be able to pass on this excitment and start new traditions by surrounding ourselves with all things Christmas in the lead up.
    I can’t wait to see how SMK has changed this year. I’m sure Tom will be amazed as our little man was last year.

  • My one gift from Santa- “the airline ticket to Poland to see my brother.”
    We’ve been doing just one gift from Santa, and stockings of course. I agree about the magic. We leave a plate of cookies for Santa, so that’s the first thing my daughter checks. Music and lights on, presents on display (Santa doesn’t wrap gifts in our house). Coffee made for the adults, everybody in their jammies. Magic

  • My perfect Christmas would be having all my family around me and seeing the joy in my girls faces. This year we are getting close as my parents are visiting from the UK but it would be especially magical to have everyone in the family from the UK here to spend time together & enjoy this exciting time of year. This year it’s particularly important as Miss M is at the best age 3 for Christmas & it our first one with the new bub – same as you Ange! I would just love that and how amazing if we could go to Santas magical kingdom as well. That would be the icing on the cake 🙂 x

  • My perfect Christmas experience would be taking my daughter (eight) and hubby to England where I was born. We’d enjoy playing conkers, the cold …. and hopefully even a white, snowy Christmas. I haven’t been back to England since I was seven, so this trip is well and truly overdue.

  • My perfect Christmas would be the kids jumping on my bed to wake me up, their excited faces as they open their presents, then eating the gold chocolate coins for breakfast (Santa always leaves those!) I’d love the sun to be shining so we can play outside, and fall into bed happy and exhausted at the end of the day. The most magical time of the year!!

  • A magical kingdom to explore,
    at each turn discovering more,
    turn the corner and there he is,
    Santa, a sight not to be missed,
    a special family experience to enjoy,
    Christmas memories to last longer than any toy.

  • It was a hot summer’s day and Harrison was playing in the cool shade of the pine forest, near the farmhouse, with his two younger sisters, Matilda and Charlotte. They were very excited. School and kinder had just finished last week and that meant that in just a few days it would be Christmas! They had been to see Santa down at the shops and had told him all about the presents that they would like to receive.
    “Is that all?” asked Santa.
    “There is one more thing,” replied Harrison.
    “And what’s that young man?”
    Harrison took a deep breath and with a smile on his face he said, “I want us all to have a magical time!”
    “Ahh,” said Santa grinning wisely. “I think I can help you there. Here take this key. It might just come in handy.”
    Since then, Harrison had kept the key in his pocket and had been trying it in every lock that he had come across, but it hadn’t worked in any of them.
    The three children were having a rest and a drink under the trees when suddenly Matilda spotted a kangaroo hopping nearby. “Let’s chase it!” said Charlotte, the youngest and most adventurous of the three. Before the others could reply she was off and Harrison and Matilda chased after her.
    The ground was uneven and as they were running Matilda tripped and fell. Harrison and Charlotte ran back to see if she was ok. She had skun her knee but otherwise she was fine. As she was sitting there holding her knee, she noticed a notch in the tree across from her, that looked like a key hole. “Harrison, try your key in there!” she exclaimed.
    “That’s just a tree. My key won’t work in there,” replied Harrison.
    “Well it hasn’t worked in any of the doors that you’ve tried either,” said Charlotte who was also very cheeky.
    “Ok,” said Harrison doubtfully and he pulled the key out of his pocket.
    He put the key into the notch and immediately heard a click sound. Excited, he slowly turned the key and the tree opened up like a door! A look of sheer magical awe shone upon the children’s faces. A warm glow illuminated the forest and as they looked around they saw that the forest had transformed into a most wondrous land!
    “I see you’ve found the key hole, Harrison,” said a jolly voice behind them.
    “Santa!” exclaimed the children.
    “Welcome to my Magical Kingdom!”

  • Fun, laughter and Wonder are the Christmas memories I want to create for my children.
    Santas Magical Kingdom sounds like it has it all covered!

  • I loved christmas growing up, and now my children are 1 & 3, this Christmas is going to be the first christmas where my daughter understands who santa is and all about christmas. I cant wait to show them the magic of it all, and this would be the best memory to give her.

  • My beautiful mum has just been diagnosed with breast cancer again – almost 5 years to the day she was first diagnosed…..
    A perfect Christmas experience for us would be having her well enough to enjoy Christmas Day with us and being able to experience all the fun in the lead up to Christmas. Watching mum having to go through chemo again, being tired and unwell all the time, and watching how hard it is for my kids not being able to see her much or spend the time with her like they used to before she got sick.
    Christmas this year will be a quiet family day and hppefully we can have a big celebration in the new year instead!

  • As family is my life, Christmas has always been a time where I can make people smile, provide some magic for my kids and other kids and assist in helping those in need.

    My children have learnt that there are others in our community who are not fortunate enough to be able to afford gifts at Christmas so take it upon themselves to sort through their toys and find good quality items to give “to another little boy”. We also help out making hampers etc for other families.

    Christmas is about togetherness, companionship, Magic, belief, happiness, food but most of all LOVE.

  • It’s not always about the tree, the lights, the cards nor gifts, its about being together, sharing a meal, a kiss, a hug and smiling with joy and to be thankful that the perfect chirstmas is having a family to share it with

  • It’s not always about the tree, the lights, the cards nor gifts, its about being together, sharing a meal, a kiss, a hug and smiling with joy and to be thankful that the perfect Christmas is having a family to share it with

  • Many thanks!! I have already sent you my address details. Miss Eight and I are really looking forward to experiencing Santa’s Magical Kingdom in 2014. Hubby less so – but we will drag him along and include him in the fun. Thank you again!

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