Rock-a-by QV Baby (Review + Giveaway)

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This is a review

I must confess.

When I was pregnant with Tom I packed some things in my hospital bag that I never even considered when I had Jeremy. Silly, silly things. I wanted to feel good after birth (see? Silly already!) and I was given one of those awesome free makeup bags that you get when you spend too much money on Clinique foundation. It was filled with mini cleansers, moisturisers, mini perfume etc.

After Tom was born I did not get to feed him. I was so dazed I just went with whatever they said. I showered, dressed, made my way back to my room…then he was brought to me, all bundled up like an eskimo. Hmmm…I know it wasn’t JUST all those things, the eskimo and the smelly stuff. But he didn’t feed. He would not. And we struggled for months and months.

Anyway, we got there on the end. Yay! Second time around I packed only QV moisturiser, lip balm and roll on deodorant. I’d been further informed at a QV Morning Tea about the benefits of skin to skin and how a baby smelling a mother’s milk and skin helps with their latching.

We have been big users of the classic white tub of QV moisturiser ever since and we got given the new baby range to give a go!

qv baby moisturiser

QV Baby Moisturising Cream

Ohhh this stuff is so light! I use it on my legs all the time…(and for the boys too). While neither of the children have ever had any major skin issues, their legs tend to dry out in winter and summer and so do mine. It is free from fragrance, suitable for sensitive skin and it is non-greasy.


qv baby oilQV Baby Bath Oil

We were recommended QV Baby Bath oil when we brought Tom home and he developed awfully dry patches of skin. As it turns out, the country town water which was full of minerals was not the best for his skin. The oil basically ‘softened’ the water and brought him back to baby bum supple!



qv baby barrier creamQV Baby Barrier Cream

This was the first time I had used the QV Baby Barrier Cream and I quite liked it. It’s not thick so you only need to dab a bit on and it spreads easily. It’s done a great job on Jeremy’s nappy rash which is constant thanks to 10 and a half months old and no teeth yet!



qv baby washQV Kid’s Wash and Moisturiser

The QV Kid’s Wash and Moisturiser is a lot of fun if you want to get toddlers cleaning and moisturising themselves with something that isn’t full of nasties. It has tiny Vitamin A and E coloured beads in it that dissolve immediately when you rub it into the skin and the kid’s wash is hardly soapy at all so if you’re into that big, fake lather it won’t work for you. The moisturiser is thick and absorbed so easily. I may be stealing a little bit of it for those extra dry areas on my elbows too…

DSC_1093 DSC_1087


We were also given a host of QV skincare for adults including the Rescue Remedy Gel which I’ve been using daily for a quick freshen up of my skin and QV Sport Moisturising Lotion which is awesome for that dreaded irritation that comes with working up a sweat! Reasonably priced and at most chemists QV is a great, chemical free way to go when it comes to skin care.

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26 thoughts on “Rock-a-by QV Baby (Review + Giveaway)

  • I love QV products we use the flare up and a cream to battle my daughters excema and it works perfectly!! I’d love this prize to test the other products and finally win the dreaded excema battle!

  • This would benifit me because hannah and jacob get dry skin QV isnt cheap so this would be amazing to win this 🙂
    I have a few QV things and they are just amzing on the kids they are the best when your kids or even yourself

  • I have super dry and sensitive skin and it looks like my grandson has inherited my sensitivities! QV is one of the few things that really soothe my skin!

  • My toddler has incredibly sensitive skin. A reaction to a bandaid last week left him with a raised welt and rash on his face for days. QV doesn’t irritate his skin and leaves him super soft and, if possible, even more delicious than usual.

  • This amazing QV hamper would be the perfect gift for my lovely friend Em! She is expecting baby girl number four in the new year, so the baby products would really come in handy. (Especially as I know she’s worried how she’ll afford things for the new bubba once she arrives).

    Also her other three children and herself all get quite bad dry skin and sensitivities. They’ve just moved house and their new place has a small pool which is great fun for the kids, especially with the weather heating up… But then frustratingly the chlorine makes their skin extra dry and itchy.

    I know Em and her young daughters would really appreciate the wonderful benefits of these great QV products. 🙂

  • I have very sensitive skin and my son has eczema. We would both benefit from the QV range. I have heard that their products are very good. They moisturise really well and don’t irritate the skin either. We’d love to give them a try. Being a solo parent, winning this hamper would be a HUGE help at Christmas time. 🙂

  • My three girls all suffer from dry itchy eczema skin for most of the year. I also suffer from eczema and know the effects it can have on my comfort (especially at night when I’m trying to get to sleep), as well as preventing me from doing fun things like swimming because the chlorine dries out my skin. This summer I would love to get the whole family to the local pool, and having these QV products on hand would make me feel confident that I won’t have three uncomfortable girls (and myself) itching for days afterwards.

  • I would love to try these new products on my new born baby due at the start of march . I never used these products and keen to try them

  • I’d love to win this as my 23 month old son suffers with atopic eczema, which can be quite uncomfortable for him, especially leading up to these warmer months of the year. After many trials of various products, we found QV bath oil was just brilliant, there really was know comparison that worked as good as QV for us. It would be nice for him to have a trial run of all these products together and see how they all go.

  • Being allergic to many of the soap products that we’ve experimented with I am now investigating products that are softer, soothing and non allergenic on my skin and my toddlers. This would certainly help the back pocket with Christmas around the corner because let’s face it, these products cost so much more than everyday soap products. I’ve tried some QV samples and was very impressed.

  • My children have inherited my husband’s Keratosis pilaris on the back side of the tops of their arms and while QV doesn’t cure it, it keeps the area moist and stops the kids getting dry skin and scratching that area and making the dots bleed. Apparently KP is colloquially known as “chicken skin”, like the bumpy skin of a raw chook. lol

  • With baby number 2 due early next year this pack would be invaluable, I loved using QV products with my first born he had terrible dry skin from birth.

  • While my daughter has lovely skin, my poor son seems to be cursed! Suffers from bad nappy rash, reoccurring cradle cap in a few spots that is truly painful to keep in check (worst I’ve ever seen) and random dry skin and rash reactions to many of the products that supposedly help these things. Nightmare! QV is the only range I’ve found that helps and prevents his numerous woes!

  • My son has super sensitive skin so I buy only QV kids wash for him. (I’m going to upload my latest receipt to your FB post as proof). So winning would absolutely help me as I’d save some money and could then spend it on something nice like Clinique foundation and mini perfumes.

  • Both of my son’s have eczema since first month of life and it is emotionally very draining to see little ones scratch and feel helpless in front of the scratching monster.We are big fans of QV range as it provides lot of relief and I seriously wish that our third one stays away from this skin condition when she comes in this world after two months.

  • Son was severely burnt at 7 months and has endured years of skin graft operations. His skin is often dry and scaly. QV has been a lifesaver. The only lotion to soothe, moisturise and thus ‘heal’ his skin. His hands dont ‘split’ as often being supple and he enjoys the feeling of being relatively normal. Only problem in the house is that we’re often pinching the QV bottle from each other. I use it for my sensitive skin and an overall moisturiser. Thinking we should get QV ‘stations’ positioned around the house in future….

  • The QV range would benefit me and anyone that chooses to try it, it is great all round product with many benefits to all skin types. My whole family loves it.

  • I’m one of those unfortunate people that both have oily and dry skin at the same time. My brother’s a pharmacists and he recommended it!

  • One bottle of QV just isn’t enough…
    For boys who play outside and are always so rough!
    And for two little girls with sensitive skin
    The QV prize pack would be oh so welcome here!

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