Pre-Christmas Gifts For You *GIVEAWAY*

Winners have been announced! Congratulations to:

Kell Kelly – Babushkas

Jac – Cooking Set

Annie – Vtech Rampway

Jenai G- Smiggle Pack

This is a review/giveaway for Smiggle, VTech, Oh My Giddy Aunt and The Little Cook

It’s cliche to say I know, but last Christmas really does feel like yesterday to me. I am still in shock that it’s coming up so soon. I know I need to get that shock out of my system so I can start getting organised!

I really want to shop wisely this year. I don’t want to resort to rushed gifts that are picked up in one day of crazy – you know when you can’t get a park, the shopping lines are soooooo long and you are deflated with a trolley full of things that are ‘grab n go’ gifts?

I get lots of emails this time of year, many are ignored, and many are an awesome introduction to a fantastic business or brand. Other times they are the familiar reliable guys sending me info on new products. I’m here to share and give away some of their goodies! Here they are:

1. Smiggle Pack (RRP 54.85)

Who doesn’t want a bit of Smiggle in their life? I find myself itching to use Smiggle products for myself when they enter the house. All the brightness, cuteness and nice smelling things.


The Super Spring is an awesome sensory toy. I love the classics! Remember when you got a rainbow slinky in the 90s? They are the bees knees! This one is giant and it feels really great and slippery in your hands. I couldn’t stop playing with it myself.

We’ve also got some other goodies to give away…


Neon Fold Away Backpack $24.95 (Butterfly)

Collectable Erasers (pink) $12.95

Super Spring $16.95

Total Prize value: $54.85

2. The Little Cook Kid’s Deluxe Cooking Pack (RRP $39.95)

The Little Cook is the most delightful homegrown business. I have always felt strongly about kids in the kitchen and I can honestly tell you that as soon as the kids saw these outfits their inspiration just soared and they stayed on task longer than they ever have they were just so happy. The quality is fantastic, the apron and hat washed up really well and the silicon rollers are soooo easy to clean and use, the dough literally just slid off them. And let’s not forget – Super DOOPER cuteness factor…


The Little Cook Kid’s Deluxe Cooking Pack includes:

Adjustable chef hat and cooking apron
Kids oven mitt
Kids mixing spoon
Kids egg whisk
Kids rolling pin

3. Oh My Giddy Aunt Ballet Babushkas (RRP $59.95)

Oh My Giddy Aunt has become an absolute favourite online shopping site for me. If you’re looking for individual, quirky, something to suit anyone pieces of jewellery and giftware this is the place to go. They’ve just launched a new website which is fabulously easy to navigate so be sure to check out here.

They’re also giving us a set of these Ballet Babushkas to give to one lucky person and they are so beautiful! Fill them with gifts for Christmas or just give them to someone as they are. They are handpainted and the smallest one is so teeny and beautiful it will blow you away. These ballerinas could be yours!


4. VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Giveaway (RRP $36.95)

My boys have been playing with this VTech range for months and they still aren’t tired of it. Tom loves the challenge of putting the track together in different ways and having the cars communicate with eachother. It’s been brilliant for his spatial reasoning, imaginative play and so much more. The boys often work together to put the track together too, just like in the video below, so cute!


The giveaway contains:


1x Racing Rampway, RRP $24.95ea

4x Toot-Toot Drivers vehicles (assortment), RRP $11.95ea 

***WIN WIN WIN!***

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26 thoughts on “Pre-Christmas Gifts For You *GIVEAWAY*

  • I would love to win the Smiggle Pack for my niece because she is starting prep next year & these cute things will help him settle in her class easily..

  • I would absolutely love to win the beautiful Ballet Babushkas. My grandma had some similar to this when I was little and I felt that instant nostalgia when I saw them just now.

  • What a fantastic giveaway just in time for Christmas!
    We would love to win The Little Cook Kid’s Deluxe Cooking Pack so I can train my daughter Sadie up to be ‘Sadie the cooking lady’!

  • I would love the Vtech Racing Rampway for my daughter. I think there’d be lots of seeing how far they go and racing the cars in our house and talking about rolling… and lots of good ‘whys?’ from Miss E!

  • I’d love to win the The Little Cook Kid’s Deluxe Cooking Pack, you’ve got to train them young ?
    I don’t want to be the only one cooking dinner forever!

  • I would be happy with any prize, as I know that either my children or nieces and nephews would welcome any of them 🙂

  • Any of these giveaways would be amazing however my soon-to-be 5 year old would have a great time using the cooking set. It would also serve as a good reminder to me to back off and let him help occasionally! (Even if he doesn’t place the sprinkles in the exact right spot!!!)
    My 19month old however would get endless joy from the Vtech cars. He is completely obsessed with anything that has wheels at the moment.

  • The Oh My Giddy Aunt Ballet Babushkas would be amazing thank you. Incredibly beautiful. Little Miss would treasure these.


  • Smiggle please! My kids favourite non-screen activity is making their own books. Smiggle products are awesome: Colourful, sweet smelling and fun to use, and a Smiggle pack would enhance and encourage my kids’ love of writing and illustrating stories – and also let them experience something I loved when I was their age – the Slinky 🙂

  • I would love any of these giveaways to help with xmas this years. My 5 year old loves to help in the kitchen, he would think he was just like me with the cute little cook kids cooking pack. My 3 year old would just love the beautiful oh my giddy aunt bella babushkas. My 19 month old is getting in to cars, trucks and trains at the moment so the vtech toot-toot drivers pack would be perfect. Thanks

  • I would love to win the Ballet Babushka Dolls for my nearly 5 year old daughter! She would treasure these gorgeous little dolls 🙂 thank you! Monique

  • The Little Cook Kid’s Deluxe Cooking Pack because my 5 year old struggles to use all the big utensils that I use, and my apron she wears is rolled and folded up so much it’s probably a little uncomfortable for her and the best reason of all, your kids just look so cute showcasing it all.

  • I would love to win the Babushkas. I have a few pieces from My Giddy Aunt and love them all. Sometimes it is great to spoil ourselves, the kids get spoiled all the time, so this prize would be all mine

  • Love all the amazing prize. Will be lovely to win The Little Cook Kid’s Deluxe Cooking Pack. Love to cook with my kids as it will be a wonderful memory for them when they are big.

  • We’d love to win the Vtech toot toot drivers giveaway as I love that it would be something that my boys could play together. With a 4 year age gap I could imagine my 5 year old constructing the ramp way and leading the imaginative play; while my youngest joined in and followed his big brother’s lead. He’d also love that the vehicles can talk, sing songs and interact. What fun!

  • Any of these would be amazing, but I’d really love the Little Cook Deluxe Set. My son is becoming interested in baking but is finding the utensils are a bit big for him and are just too hard to use. He would love items of his own, and I’m sure his love of baking could really flourish.

  • Ummmm…do I have to choose just one prize?

    My daughter would love the ballet babushka dolls.
    My son would love the vtech toot toot cars.
    Who doesn’t love smiggle?

    But if I have go choose just one, I’d have to say the little cooks set, so they can both help me in the kitchen.

  • The cooking pack would be something my children would both use and share,
    as I cook so much from scratch and I would love for my children to also care,
    And be passionate as me in making and creating delicious healthy food
    so this would help inspire them to start and put them in a cooking mood 🙂

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