Pinterest Angst, Adaptable Crafting and a 3M giveaway

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I’ve tried to get into Pinterest. If I’m feeling particularly motivated, I can gush over all the pretty things on there for ages.

But sometimes I really hate Pinterest. Because more often than not, it creates this real “I wish I had…” syndrome and some of the crafts and activities on there for children seem to be for adults have copious amounts of time on their hands to create and prepare crafts that a child will demolish in 10 minutes. And there’s no way that craft will look the way it does on Pinterest because an child did it who is not an artistic genius, but just a child wanting to play, create and explore.

With that in mind, when I was given the 3M restickables to trial and giveaway I was compelled to do something creative with them. I didn’t get any inspiration from Pinterest. I didn’t even look there. I just went with it.

At Tom’s age (15 months) he knows his immediate family members pretty well. He can say Mum, Dad and Jazz pretty clearly but doesn’t really use Mum much (to my dismay). I wanted to reinforce those words by giving him a visual in a fun way.

family tree

I also wanted a display that would work for him as he gets older. When he is old enough we can use the flashcard words to play some matching – Thus making it a reading activity.

We can also extend our family tree by including his grandparents and uncles, aunts and cousins.

Teachers like things that are adaptable. It makes life easier and more efficient. If you can create something that is not going to become boring and stale in 6 months time when a child knows it back to front, that’s always a plus.

Making the tree was as simple as drawing a tree stump and doing some colouring on butcher paper. I did most of it but let Tom do a little bit too. Colouring is so therapeutic by the way!

After that I cut out some green foliage, printed some photos and labels of the family and used my 3M Restickables to put it all together. Voila! Done.


Little man has a thing for Stephen King. I couldn’t get that book off his hands to take this snap!

What I love about these 3M restickables is, well, a lot.

* No oily residue – I’m planning on keeping this on Tom’s wall for a while, and there’s nothing worse than taking off old blu-tac to find all those oily spots all over your painted walls.

* Reusable and Washable – You can seriously wash them in soapy water if they get dirty, air dry them and use them again! Awesome

No melting! I trialled this. Our house gets hot and this is what’s been happening to Tom’s Wall posters….they especially like to fall off in the middle of the night.


That doesn’t happen with these little babies. Just pop them on and they are nice and flush with the wall and they stay put!


The Scotch Restickable Mounting range is available in a variety of sizes,
tabs, strips and sheets. The RRP price is $4.95 and they can be purchased at any Officeworks or Bunnings store nationwide.


Want to win yourself a full range of the 3M restickable products? Easy!

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Good luck! Get creative with your comment as this is what the winner is judged on!

I am participating in the 3M Scotch
Restickable Tabs campaign. I received a VISA gift card for this post
courtesy of 3M via Digital Parents Collective. I am also in the running to win
an iPad Mini. As always, all opinions are purely my own.

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22 thoughts on “Pinterest Angst, Adaptable Crafting and a 3M giveaway

  • For the 5 yr old who brings every single drawing home each day. Seriously how does she manage to do so many each day. Then she brought her friends home last week saying her mum said she had too many pictures and my daughter was wanting to stick her friends up too.
    This would be great for her. Limit the number she could stick up and she can choose what to change when, with a fantastic reusable product

  • I love 3M products, particularly for my classroom! At home I use them to stick up notes, shopping lists, etc – because we can reuse the squares, I much prefer doing that than using Post-Its that blow away.

  • These are so handy.. kids are always drawing, and these are great to stick up those pictures without damaging walls…

  • i will be able to use these to stick up my sons art work and posters he loves to draw and his work is so good we have an artist in the house

  • My son just started kindy so is coming home with plenty of artwork that he wants displayed on his walls, this would be perfect.

  • As a mum of three aged 8 and under
    Organisation’s a must (is it any wonder?!)
    So I’d use these to hang their artwork on display
    Hung brightly through the home like sunshine’s rays!

  • I would stick the following things around the house:
    – Menu plans inside the pantry door in the kitchen, along with shopping lists for the week
    – Homework “to do” lists in the study room for the kids
    – Cleaning up and pocket money “to do” lists in the bedrooms for the kids
    – Photos on the fridge of my kids when they are happy and cute (to offset any potential frustrations I feel when they are being naughty!)
    – A note on the back of the toilet door reminding hubby to put the seat down!!

  • Prep = artwork, artwork, artwork. Picasso was never this proud of his creations! Master five wants everything tacked on the fridge, pinned on the office noticeboard, and now he’s moved onto the walls of dad’s shed. He’d be ecstatic if we could stick them on his bedroom walls.

  • I know I’m getting ahead of myself a bit but I think these would be handy for sticking up Chistmas decorations and cards. Until then I would mostly use them for kids artwork and learning charts. My learning charts always seem to fall off with Blu-tac so Restickables can save the day instead!

  • Awesome, my boys walls can now be lined with all the educational teaching charts that are rolled up in the cupboard – no excuse for not knowing the times tables now!!

  • I need something strong that will keep artwork up for a while and not just for an hour, 3M does the trick.

  • These would be fantastic for sticking up craft ideas and finished crafty projects on the walls to enjoy.

  • My MIL just bought my son 4 Thomas the Tank Engine posters, and some cheap rip off type of blu tac that just doesn’t do the job. Would love to give these a go!

  • I would stick up all my photos from my wedding in January. All 248 of them! Oh, i may need to go get a few more Restickables!! lol

  • My son loves to stick his artwork on the wall with a sticky tape, and I think that 3M restickables would be a better solution!

  • Third princess started at preschool like her 2 sisters before her loves bringing home her artwork these would be wonderful to display her masterpieces Thankyou 3M.

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