Painting with Marbles (ages 2+)

If you follow along the blog you know I’m all for activities that take minutes to set up. They are real and doable in amongst the chaos that comes with having a family. This activity would be fantastic in classrooms but my aim is to keep things realistic and simple at home!

What you need:

* A box or shallow tray with edges

* A handful of Marbles

* Paint

* Paper Plates

* Paper

* Plastic Spoons

How to do it: 

1. Prepare paint in paper plates and add a few marbles and a plastic spoon to each plate.

2. Line the box or shallow tray with a piece of paper

3. Child scoops marbles into the box and tilts it around to make the marbles paint all over the page!

IMG_20150320_094842 (2)
DSC_2233 (1)


It’s that easy. It’s fun, great for mixing colours and talking about the different patterns we can make. It’s also fabulous for making wrapping paper or a canvas!

Want this in a printable? Too easy. Get the Painting with Marbles Printable instructions here.

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