On Tech Toys for Christmas – My Top 3

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It might seem a little odd that I am writing about a type of toy that I don’t stock in my shop. But the truth is, I can’t stock everything and there’s only so much money a small business like myself can use to buy stock. So I tend to focus on smaller, wooden, educational toys. And of course, they definitely have their place too!

I don’t stock ‘tech toys’ but that doesn’t mean I don’t think there is a home for them. I really believe in balance when it comes to toys and learning. My husband noted to me this morning, that Tom has such a breadth of toy and gadget knowledge and enjoyment. At 19 months, he loves turning the pages of a book, but he also gets a kick out of swiping and unlocking a smartphone. He equally loves the old-fashioned goodness of roleplay, jigsaws and balls. But that doesn’t mean he can’t fall in love with his gadget-type toys either.

I’ve been lucky enough to review a lot of LeapFrog products on the blog, and because of this, Tom has grown up with them, and I too, have learnt the ins and outs of their products, and what makes their brand what it is. Their toys and games definitely come under the ‘tech toys’ umbrella for me and are definitely the ones I turn to when I need some tech toy inspiration.

So I’ve done some hunting on the BIG W Toys Section online…and I’m bringing you my top 3 LeapFrog Tech Toys for Christmas.


1. LeapReader at BIG W  – $98 NOW…At Toy Sale $88LeapFrog LeapREADER with book MR

We were lucky enough to head to a special blogger’s event on this product last week and it is as new as they come! Revolutionary, actually. It’s the first tech toy that focuses on reading, writing AND listening. I was ridiculously impressed with some of its features. I was having so much fun playing with it, I kind of forgot it was a product for kids! It incorporates all the cool things of the Tag Reader but magically transforms into a greylead when placed on the special LeapFrogwriting paper to practice writing letters. It apparently has a built in camera that identifies if it’s a book or the writing paper! So it is impossible to write on walls or on the floor. The camera also records a child’s pencil strokes as they write.

Anything that encourages reading, writing AND listening is a winner for me. It doesn’t have to take over the ‘old fashioned’ way, but it is just another medium to encourage literacy, as well as the use of modern technology! It’s the perfect educational, techy gift.


2. LeapFrog My Pal Scout at BIG W – $28.84 NOW…At Toy Sale $20


Aren’t Scout and Violet cute!? My little man took his Scout LapPup EVERYWHERE for months and months. He came with us to doctor’s surgeries, trips in the car, in the pram and even to the osteopath. Tom would push the buttons until he heard his favourite songs and would rock back and forth. Now he has the Scout Sleepytime too and I think he is ready for this little guy. I love that LeapFrog have some characters that don’t come from a TV show. Scout and Violet are whatever your child wants them to be. They are their own little personalities and they are not TV celebrities.

You can personalise these two by plugging them into the computer and adding your child’s name, favourite food, colour and animal. You can also download more tunes for them online so the toy can grow with your child. Anything that can be extended upon and last as long as possible is a winner for me!



3. LeapPad 2 Console at BIG W – $178 NOW…At Toy Sale $138


If you are looking to spend a bit more on one special item this Christmas, the LeapPad 2 Console would be one of my recommendations.  I know a lot of people wonder why they should bother going for a LeapPad over an Ipad. And there IS pros and cons to each. The LeapPad looks and feels a lot sturdier though. The games are very educationally tailored. In fact you can even track your child’s learning path. As well as that, you have a lot more control over what your child is or isn’t playing. The cartridges or apps can add up in cost though and will need to be built up over time.

The BIG W toy sale starts online at 9pm on the 19th of June and runs until the 27th of June. You can see the catalogue here.

Q: Do you buy ‘tech toys’ for Christmas or like to mix it up with some traditional ones too? Which ones are your favourites?

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