No-cooking Playdough (Guest Post by Salz Dummy Spit)

A little while ago there was talk of finding the Ultimate Playdough recipe on School of Mum’s Facebook Page. I took it upon myself to do some experimentation and found what I think to be the best cooked playdough. It’s still sitting in my pantry, moist as ever.

Salwa from Salz Dummy Spit told me she had the best version, and you don’t even need to do any cooking! So I asked her to write it for me and I could put it on the Blog, and she did! It’s taken me far too long to get it up here, but here it is.

Salwa is trained Children’s Services and has worked in Childcare. She is passionate about Children’s Welfare and Development. These days she has 4 precious little girls and blogs about her family, childcare, life as a muslim woman in Australia and the joys of parenting. Go ahead and check her out at Salz Dummy Spit and LIKE her page! She’s trying to hit 300 and is giving away some Fab goodies!

No-cook playdough

By Salz Dummy Spit

I have been making this playdough recipe for a long time now. I always made it with the kids when I was a teacher in the 0-3 room at the centre I worked at. The kids joined in every month to make a new batch. We then used to put it in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge for when we needed it next. Usually we used it every day.

I also made it for the playgroup I used to run and have made it for a baby shower I attended. It’s just a good, quick, all-rounder playdough.

Playdough is such a great tool for helping children develop their fine motor skills. It strengthens their little fingers, hands and wrists so that they can easily have control over them in other areas like drawing and writing. By squeezing the dough and using cutters and playdough scissors, it helps them develop their muscles in their hand and arm. Hand eye co-ordination development is also helped in this type of play.

image (1)

Kids can do anything and make anything with playdough. It can stretch as far as their imagination can go. By interacting with your children while they are playing with playdough you can help foster co-operative play and sharing. As the child picks it up, pokes it, pulls it, punches it, squeezes it they learn that with every action there is a consequence.  It’s also a great stress reliever for the parent and child.

It’s great to strike up a conversation with your child about what they are making and what you are making. This will help them develop their communication skills. Counting skills can be developed while playing with it. Not only is it a great all-rounder for different occasions, it’s a great all-rounder for different developmental stages. It’s what we would call an open ended activity because the playdough can be anything- food, animal, faces, people, shapes, cars etc.

It’s often the smallest, easiest and cheapest things that amuse the kids like there is no tomorrow.

So here is the easy non cooked playdough.

* 2 cups of plain flour
* 4 tablespoons of ‘cream of tartar’
* 1 cup of salt
* 2 tablespoons of cooking oil
* 2 cups of boiling water
* Food colouring of your choice.

Mix together the dry ingredients. Your child can help you with that part. Add the oil, water and food colouring. Mix it with a wooden spoon at first so you don’t burn your hands then start kneading it on a floured surface until it’s all smooth. If it’s sticky add more flour.

image (3)

image (4)image (5)

It can be stored in an airtight container either in the fridge or pantry for months. It is also safe for the kiddies to eat (although salty!).

Try adding things like glitter, rice or sand to the mixture for a different texture.

If you would like to try some natural colouring you can use these
* Red- Beetroot juice.
* Blue- Blueberry juice
* Yellow- Turmeric powder
* Green- Spinach juice
* Brown- Cocoa powder
* Orange- Tomato or carrot juice.

Do you make Playdough regularly with your children or are you going to start?

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