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Nits. Head Lice. Parasitic Insect. Are you itching yet? Me too. I’ve been itching ever since I started thinking about writing this post!

As a teacher, I’ve had my fair share of experience with nits. I’ve got the curliest, thickest hair and so I’ve been lucky to only ever have nits once in my life. I’ll be sharing more of my personal experiences at another time, because today, I really want to tell you about this awesome, natural product that prevents nits from getting on little heads in the first place!

I love supporting mums in small business. So of course I was thrilled when local Victorian mum, Michelle, approached me to tell me about her new product Nit Free For Me.

Michelle was fed up with her own son’s experience of getting nits within the first few months of attending school. She also detested using all the nasty chemicals needed to treat, kill and prevent the lice from returning. Anyone who has had the ‘pleasure’ to do this, knows it’s awful! For the child, parents and anyone else involved.

Not only that, but in some cases children can become embarrassed, anxious or nervous about the fact that they had nits. And while most teachers would ensure that there classroom is part of an accepting and supportive environment, it’s natural that children may react emotionally to having nits. The one time I got it was as an adult and I was emotional and felt a bit terrible and embarrassed too!

Michelle has put in all the research to develop an all natural, Australian product to prevent nits. It doesn’t kill or treat nits, but a quick spray everyday will prevent any nits deciding to jump on board!

Nit Free For Me has two types of spray. One for boys and one for girls. The girl’s spray has a beautiful lavender scent and the boy’s spray is more of a peppermint fragrance. Both sprays are made with the purest cold-pressed essential oils.

I’m not really worried about my little man getting nits just yet, however he is starting to go to childcare from time to time and I can’t see a quick spray hurting him! It’s just like using sunscreen really, it only takes a minute, a quick spray before they walk out the door!


I’ve kind of found myself using the girl’s spray too…did I mention I have really curly, thick hair? Oh yeah and it’s really DRY too. Love the shine this spray gives without making hair greasy! It’s a great for getting knots out too.


So really, anything that prevents nits is a big thumbs up from me. And extra, extra points go to anything natural. I can’t say what’s in those nit treatment products, but the smell is enough for me to know that they are full of all things nasty. I would much rather use something natural on my little one’s scalp!


Do you want to score your own bottle of Nit Free For Me to prevent nits in your child’s hair? You can! We’re giving TWO away!

Just complete the Rafflecopter form below and COMMENT telling us your best/worst ‘nit’ story. Try not to itch while you’re writing it!

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22 thoughts on “Nit Free For Me: REVIEW + GIVEAWAY *ENDED*

  • Ever since my first child was born, I have really dreaded family events where we would see my hubbys sister and her two girls, every single time we see them, we catch head lice from them. Yep every single time! Even when there has been break outs in the different schools my boys have attended, they did not catch them, they have only ever caught headlice from their cousins. My sister in law has no problems with feeding her girls every type of junk food available but will not use headlice shampoo as she is concerned about the chemicals being used so close to her daughters brain! Go figure. So she uses a zapper comb which does NOT work so she and her girls are absolutely crawling with them every single time we see them. But my hubby did not want to tell them theat they continually passed headlice onto usAgainst my better judgement, hubby wanted them to come and stay with us for a week at Christmas time. So guess what we were doing Christmas Day. Yep, treating 11 of us for headlice. Merry Headlice Christmas to me. At least now they know that every time we have seen them for the past 10 years, we have caught headlice from them. In fact, I think I screamed so much about it, the whole town knows it now too.

  • the worst was my poor little girl had a head check at school grade 2 they said see had lice and took her to get her bag and sat her at the office and rang me.when i got to the school she was sitting there very upset i was asked to take her home and told to treat her hair which was bottom length very long and very thick.i was told to get a certificate of clearance of my doctor for her to return.we did as asked and went back to school and gave it to them they said she has to stay home that she still had them so went took her to council who examined her and come to the conclusion she didn’t have nits and had no sign there had been any and gave us a certificate .on return to school she was funny and told me mummy i dont like school now i asked why she said because my teacher was yelling at me that my should be cut and washed everyday this was horrible for my daughter and half the school did end up with head lice we had no issue but were treated so badly and a child should never be punished for it now we check every week and i keep the hair braided and keep tied back

    • Hi Jody! What a horrible experience 🙁 As if having the lice isn’t traumatic enough, your daughters treatment from the school, and especially her teacher, was absolutely appalling. Braiding the hair does help. Thanks for sharing your story.

      Aside from this School of Mum giveaway, be sure to like my Nit Free For Me Facebook page for updates –

  • I was a nanny in the UK, and the youngest came home from school with nits, which quickly spread throughout the house to the other 3 children plus the parents and me.. I have a photo of all of us lined up with nit shampoo in our hair waiting our turn to wash it out. now I am itchy!

  • I was doing my teaching rounds and working in close proximity to a young child, perhaps grade 2 or 3, beautiful personality but needed a bit extra assistance at this time. It still makes my own skin crawl, but I could see the nits infested in her hair, crawling around and having a ball on this poor little girls head 🙁 Obviously I brought it to the attention of my supervising teacher who told me she was a repeat offender, and often had them. I felt so sorry for this poor little girl – any safe natural product that is easy to use and helps to PREVENT nits is a winner in my book!

  • A ballet extravaganza, the end of year performance complete with giggling anticipation, excitement, swift costume changeovers and ‘nits’. Helping out in the change rooms with the swift costume changes, redoing hair pieces and hairstyles, the determination to continue had to kick in overtime.

    Being exposed to ‘numerous little runaways’ throughout some of the girl’s hair was enough to turn you off volunteering for life. Not in a position to refuse their participation, but desperately not wanting to touch their infested hair, I just had to soldier on through major grimaces. With much hand washing to follow; my own girls having to be ‘denited’ as a precaution afterwards. Being in such close quarters, through no fault of anyone – I desperately hoped these little critters weren’t infesting all the children in sight. Oh glory be – I had the itchies for a week afterwards – frantic for my husband to keep checking our hair. YUCK!

  • OH MAN I’m already itching, the dreaded cooties arrived about a month ago while I was brushing my daughter’s hair, she had a braid in it and they were hanging out around there. I treated her and then thought of the boys, but surely not and yes i found A SQUILLION in my 1.5 year olds thick hair, I suspect he was the carrier not my daughter, who is at school. Every morning I douse all three kids hair in homemade tea tree oil formula which they hate and so do I. I even treated myself 3 times because I kept itching, this is after the lady at hairdresser cleared me! I even wrote an article for the local paper encouraging all parents to check their kids hair because sadly most parents won’t talk about it which means their kids have it and no one knows. GREAT post and giveaway! Em

  • LOL I itched while reading it….I hate nits and I hate the parents that wont treat there kids my son got sent home once for 1 nit thats all I could find

  • We have 7 kids here,
    3 of them in primary school,
    So I’m sure you can imagine,
    Getting nits is just not cool,
    The worst time we had them,
    I saw my daughter scratching her head,
    Ewww she was infested,
    And I knew hours of combing were ahead,
    Then I checked my boys,
    Ten, four and three,
    And yuck they had them as well,
    And then I checked me-
    Oh no- I had the critters too,
    Getting them out of my hair is tough,
    You see my hair is very long,
    And my sore arms could not comb enough,
    So now I check their hair every day,
    I’m not getting nits again- no way!!
    And I’d really love to try Nit Free For Me,
    To help keep the nits at bay!

  • about 6 months ago, my then 3year old daughter caught nits and lice while on holiday. after being there for 2weeks and not bein able to remove them, she came home. i tried natural remedies, including eucaliptus oil, tea tree oil, lemon juice and vinegar mixes, all to no avail. i then started on the chemical shampoos and creams from the chemist. Nothing was working, so i started CUTTING the hairs out, that had a nit on it. i would do this every day for a week, but no matter how hard i tried, she still had them. i took her to the doctors and got medication but after a month of trying everything under the sun, i gave up. my poor 3 year old girl had nits and they wernt going away 🙁 i gave up. i had two options, shave her beautiful long hair which had been growing since birth, or do what my grand mother used to and soak the hair and scalp in kerosene. i didnt want to do either, so i mixed all the chemical creams, shampoos, oils and acids into a bowl, and soaked her hair for an hour. then they finally started to die!!!! this all could have been prevented if i knew about the Nit free for me.

  • My daughter is also a child care worker who could recommend this wonderful product to parents of the children she cares for. My granddaughter discovered she was infested on Christmas Day. Must have picked them up on the last week of school. Not the best Christmas present

  • When we were kids my mum would have us bend over the bath tub and pour kerosene over our heads, smelled so bad, I hated it.

  • you guessed it Im scratching! lol
    Our kids have just got lice again, its such a problem for so many familes at the moment 🙁

  • Some great stories here…about a not so great issue that everyone faces for years during our kids early years. I feel for all you frustrated mums out there who try SO hard to eradicate the little buggers once they’ve taken up residence on your child. Because there’s so many parents who don’t care to treat their kids, they’re the ones who are re-infesting the rest…which makes the battle even harder to win 🙁

    Michelle @ Nit Free For Me

  • OMG do I have to think of this subject, scratch scratch!!
    My children would go over and play with next doors kids and every time we would get nits after she advised us that her kids had nits again, so after 3 times of the kids ending up with nits I stopped them going over there as I felt she wasn’t treating her children. My kids now don’t play over there and guess what we haven’t had head lice since and this was over a year ago,grrr.

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