Mum’s Giveaway **ENDED**

An amazing response! Thanks so much to all who entered and the businesses/brands involved. Congratulations to…


Marlene – WINNER of Kambrook Simple Soup Maker

Jody Jamieson – Tiny Touch Voucher and Inkless Ink

Em – Gift basket of Healthy Habits

Georgia O’ shea – Mister Minit Keyring and engraving voucher

Cathy Stone – $100 Stationery Pack

Alison Briggs – Clutter Rescue e-book

Yvonne – All the Love in the world Book by Jesse Hunter



We all know I love a good giveaway on the Blog. Remember the massive 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway? Wowsers!

So here we have it. The long-awaited Mum’s Giveaway!

There are 9 businesses on board and 7 prizes up for grabs. So entering gives you a great chance of winning! Entering is easy too! All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form and LEAVE A BLOG COMMENT at the bottom of this post. Make sure you do both to be eligible!

Here is what you can win:

1. Kambrook Soup Simple Soup Maker

Ahhh perfect for the cool weather that has finally come our way, this stainless steel soup maker from Kambrook is as simple as heat, blend and serve. All in the one appliance. No stick blenders or mess!

It has an easy touch digital panel and cool touch handles.

Chunky or smooth soup – the choice is yours!

2. Tiny Touch Inkless Kit and $50 voucher

Tiny Touch Jewellery create timeless pieces using your child’s fingerprint, handprint, footprint, baby ultrasound or even your pet’s paw print! The inkless kit is perfectly safe and easy to use! Tom and I had a try and we can’t wait to get a piece of jewellery made by Rose and her team! You can win a kit and a $50 voucher to put towards a beautiful piece of jewellery!064 (Copy)


3. Gift Basket of Healthy Habits featuring Kellogs, Be Natural and Kikki K.

I am terrible at eating breakfast. My husband can attest to that. But I’m ready to get back into it and this is the perfect thing for it! The porridge will be perfect in winter. Yum! I’ve gotten into the Special K and I love the slightly sweet taste of the honey in it and the oats left me full all morning too. The Kikki K Healthy Habits chart is gorgeous and such a cute way to keep track of good habits and rewarding yourself for them too!



4. Mister Minit Keyring and Engraving Voucher

Mister Minit has all sorts of items that can be engraved, but they’re currently featuring these gorgeous keyrings ready to be engraved with a short message, children’s names or anything you like!

MUM Keyring Small

5. All The Love In The World Book – By Jesse Hunter

Jesse Hunter has released this amazing book full of the most beautiful photos of hearts around the globe. After visiting 44 countries over 6 continents, he has pieced together this beautiful book using the symbol of love that unites the world. This is perfect as a gift or to give to a loved mother in your life. I crawled into bed with All The Love in The World after an emotional day and was immediately uplifted!

6. A Busy Mum’s Guide – Clutter Rescue e-book.

What have I discovered with this handy little e-book? That I SABOTAGE my time! There are only so many hours in the day and it can be so hard to find that balance of getting things done and finding time for yourself and your family. This is a great book to help all mums find the right ‘balance’. Helen from Clutter Rescue provides excellent time-saving and organisational tips!

Clutter Rescue Mum's Guide 3D Cover 2

7. Phoenix Organisational Prize Pack

Phoenix have the most beautiful stationery and I’m thrilled to have Ember, Phoenix Trader in Bendigo, on board! Ember is helping mums get organised in style with a beautiful pack valued at $100. The prize pack includes:

Retro Flowers Organiser box which is a perfect box for cards, stationery, wrap and ribbons, keepsakes, receipts, important paperwork, letters, recipes and a myriad of other things. Its an ideal gift idea and is a sturdy, rigid box with wipe-clean surface and a side drawer for pen and jotter pad etc. Includes 15 blank dividers for you to create your own categories. RRP $30

Family Organiser Pad – Includes 52 tear off sheets (a sheet for every week!) on a magnetised 297 x 210mm pad. Perfect to stick on the fridge! RRP $12

Birthday Chart – comes in an ivory poster tube and is 500 x 700mm RRP $16

To do list Jotter pad (50 tear off sheets on a magnetised cardboard backing) RRP $6

A selection of cards to suit everyone, whatever the occasion including Birthdays, General, special occasion and floral cards in varying sizes, including some very special 3D cards! RRP $35

Ember has also kindly provided a discount of 10% until the end of May for all readers who mention School of Mum when making an order!




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COMMENT below and share what a mum in your life (your mum, sister, aunt, grandmother) means to you and why.
The winner will be judged on their comment. The rafflecopter form must be filled in for the entry to be valid!

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111 thoughts on “Mum’s Giveaway **ENDED**

  • ohhhhhh I want to win sooo bad!! There are so many things here that would be perfect gifts for my very special mum!

  • Oh now, what my mum means to me… EVERYTHING! Noone else has the time or patience to listen to my constant issues or ideas or dreams. Noone else looks after me so well when I am sick. Noone else makes it feel like I am home when I am around them. Noone else loves me as much as my mum (except maybe dad!).

  • My Mum passed away in August of 2011 but she was the Most Amazing Caring Person and I feel so Lucky to call her my Mum. I will always Strive to be just like Her. She is my Inspiration.

  • My mum died a few years ago, unfortunately before I got married and had my beautiful twins. She was the one I could always talk to and I miss her everyday. Even though she’s not here she still means the world to me and I make sure that my own kinds know just how much I loved their grandma.

  • My mum inspires me to be a kind person and to always work hard to achieve my goal. She’s a generous woman with lots of love to give.

  • My mum is always there at the end of the phoneline, a drop of a hat when I need her to come around and look after the children in an emergancy. She is there to talk to, give cuddles to my children and always encouraging me to try something different, to work hard and achieve my goals.

  • My Mum was always around when I was little , always there for the big snuggles and somewhere to hide from the older brother that’s threatening to beat you up (the joy of being the baby girl, lol). We always had plenty of love and support, we were always given choices and encouraged to think for ourselves. I miss the Mum I once had 🙁

  • My mum means the world to me, she has a heart of gold and is always there for me and my kids whenever we need her even though she still works fulltime and has some health problems.
    I love her so much !

  • My mum is just the most amazing woman in the world – having to juggle between her career and looking after me when she was younger and despite still maintaing a full time working life now – makes sacrifices to support me as I go through pregnancy and motherhood. She is not just a fantastic mother and daughter herself she is also a fabulous grandmother! I hope to be just like her! She is definitely my role model!

  • My Mum means everything to me. We didn’t speak for 9 years and were reunited when we had a chance meeting at the hospital. She was having chemotherapy while I was pregnant with my son.
    She is my rock, a pillar of strength for me. She overcame an abusive husband and cancer and is now a wonderful grandmother to my son.

  • MY SISTER – my best friend, confidante, counsellor, jokes companions, holiday companion. Such a capable, loving and dedicated person. Always putting her family first. Her generosity of time and spirit is enormous. Juggling work, being a mum, dedicated wife and part-time carer of family members. Full of confidence, glowing happy spirit. Sensing your troubles and she’s there without you even having to ask. Her commitment to nurturing family and keeping close networks going, allows all the extended family to stay in contact. She’s a treasure. I’m blessed to call her ‘my sister’.

  • My mum means the world to me, she not only brought me into this world but kept me here by jumping in front of a car when i almost got hit by it as a toddler…she is the most nicest caring person i know!

  • My mum is so special and always there for me, to support me and to encourage me to achieve my dreams. I am so blessed to have her in my life and am so appreciative of all she does for me. She is such a special friend.

  • A mum to me means having someone to take you by the hands and dance you through the days of your life, even when life isn’t a party.

  • I have a very special person in my life who is my not my real mother, but might as well be.
    To me she is an ear when I need someone to hear,
    She gives love when I need a hug,
    She is special to me and its plain to see
    She is my mother above any other.

  • My mum has been pretty stressed in past 18 months as she has watched both myself and twin sister both go through cancer and she always says it should have been her. She cries a lot so I’d like to see her smile.

  • My late Grandma was like a Mum to me while growing up – she was always there for me, strict with letting me know what was right and what was wrong – yet she had my back the whole time I was going through the teenage years and I so miss her. She was more than words can say xxx

  • My daughter is inspiring. She has so much patience and is a total playmate to her son…..she deserves a prize!

  • My mum was my life’s foundation. She built me up from a strong base and lent me support when it was necessary!

  • My sister in law and I are so close, she’s the sister I’ve never had, a best friend to share stories and ideas and now motherly tips!

  • When I was younger my Mum was just a “Mum” to me. Weren’t all Mums the same? Working with four kids, I thought she was just normal. When I grew up and became a Mum myself we became closer to eachother. Now we have an even better relationship. I love my Mum!

  • my foster mother is my angel she picked me out of thousands of children and took me to live with her family and then adopted 3 more kids there was 7 of us and she is and was amazing with us she was a school teacher but gave it up to look after me and the other children love this lady like no other she is an amazing woman with a heart of gold

  • My mum is my soundboard, cheerleader, doctor, the support I couldn’t survive without. She is an amazing inspiration for all the good things in my life

  • My Mum is very special to me. We are very alike is some ways and complete opposites in others. She is the example I aim to follow in regards to how she treats people and her values. She is also my inspiration for wanting to do some things differently to her such as getting my drivers licence, she never did. And I’ve always strived to never let my husband treat me the way Mum lets Dad treat her. I see her flaws, no doubt she sees mine, but we love each other.

  • My Nana meant the world to me, I was living with her when she passed away from a stroke when I was only 17, I just wish she was around to be a Great Great Nana to my 4 kids.

  • My mum never says NO and always says YES, she does so much and she says she is happiest when she can help out her kids.

  • Some of these prizes I would love (and need!!)… and some of them would be perfect for my step-mum, who is my rock. She is more of a mother than any other woman in my life. She is the ONLY grandmother that my three children know. She is my world. She is their world.

  • What would any of us do without our Mums? Not looking forward to the day when I have to find out! Enjoy each minute & make them feel appreciated!

  • My mother and grandmother are two of the most influential people in my lives. The fact that they each passed a long time ago meant that mothers day was not something i celebrated, however as this is my second turn as a mother i am reminded of how much those amazing women gave up for me, and did for me every single day. I see so much of them in my own parenting and in my little girl. It warms my heart to know that even with great loss can come ever lasting life, my daughter is so very much like all three of us yet she has only known me <3

  • All our mothers and grandmothers are special people who shape and influence our lives Women, especially have a positive effect on our lives whether you are connected through family relationships or friendships. My mother is very dear to me and I hold her memory close to my heart.

  • My lovely Mum thought she was done having Grandkids when at 41 I told her I was pregant with my 3rd (just a bit of a shock for Nanna!). Now, with my youngest nearly 2, it fills my heart with joy to watch them playing together with Mum often down on the floor playing with CJ, the 9th Grandchild she never thought she’d have 🙂

  • Without my mum, I don’t know how I would cope. Mums are the backbone of the family and my mum was this in my family growing up and she is someone I admire and want to incorporate her great qualities into my own parenting style as a mother.

  • My mother is all that is good in this world. She embodies sacrifice, generousity, navitiy, humility, warm, sensitivity, strength and love. Heaven lyes beneath her feet and no one with no amount of money in this world could ever even come close to her purity.

  • Having my Mum in my life means always having a best friend, someone I can count on, talk to, ask advice, lean on. She is there through good times and bad and my life is better because she is in it.

  • Mum
    A woman whose love is unconditional – even after all the stupid things we say and do.
    A woman who would do anything for us – her strength to watch and support a daughter fight for her life and care for grandkids while not being well herself!
    A woman who listens (even if hearing is difficult) – holding judgment, biting her tongue especially when I’m wrong!
    A woman who loves me
    A woman I am proud to call, MY Mum

  • My Mum is like having a medical encyclopedia – she has the answers for all my life’s ‘prickly’ questions!

  • It’s not until I had children of my own that I truly appreciated how special my mum was and the love, dedication, loyalty and hard work she’d injected into our lives over the years. By my side through both births of my children rubbing my back and holding my hand the birth of my kids meant I needed her more than ever. Every single sniffle, odd noise, slightest mark on their skin resulrs in a phonecall ‘mum what’s this? What should I do?’
    On a day like today we come to realise just how mortal we are as human beings. ….. and it devastates me to imagine my life without her. I only hope I can be half as amazing as a mother as she is

  • ‘MOM’ u feel the different… each time when this word came out from ur mouth!!! Mom…i love my mom alot. She is everything for me!!! I wont be in this world without her!!!

  • My mum means reliability, kindness, happiness and love to me. No matter how busy or bad her day has been, she’s always got the time for a cuppa/chat/cuddle 🙂

  • My nanna shes amazing been through so much in her life she has given me the strength to not take crap from anyone and just be happy being me!

  • Children are all so predictable they need your help when they are growing up, when the are teenagers the think you were never children, and when they are in their twentys they say mum was right after all

  • I’m super proud of mum. She’s always been quite shy, her sense of direction poor (like me!), and she’s not real great at anything technical.
    To celebrate turning 60 she’s currently holidaying in Tuscany, Paris, London, Venice, Florence, Rome, Berlin…the list goes on. It’s her first time out of Australia and she’s also just signed up for Facebook so she can keep her friends and family updated (and jealous).
    Miss you, mum!

  • My mom has gone through a trying marriage and I never realized that anything was amiss coz she sheilded me from it all and brought me up in the best environment She could manage. She has given up a lot for me and I am a successful independent person coz of all the correct freedom and good company through my life. Always encouraged to study well, read a lot and kee good company, I am lucky that I have always had so much of love and care.

  • My Mother does not judge. She just helps you fix up your troubles & I’ve had my fair share of trouble and strife over the years.

  • Mum means someone you can confide in no matter what, who’s always there and who does too much for others but not enough for herself.

  • My mother in law is a real gem!! Always there when we need her we have an 8 week old baby girl and she has saved my sanity while I’ve been running on empty most days.

  • Loves me despite mistakes I’ve made
    Taught me to love life, not being afraid
    Thanks to her, now I’M a good mother,
    My love for her is like no other!

  • My Mum means everything and more to me! She is-
    • a person of strength- fighting breast cancer 3 times over 30 years (never showing self pity)
    . A juggler- balancing work, family and community commitments,
    . A great negotiator and peace keeper- ensuring that her 4 daughters were brought up calmly and taught strong values (and didn’t tear each other to shreds!)
    . A provider- always cooking healthy, varied scrumptious meals,
    . A role model- always showing us that we could achieve anything as long as you put your mind to it,
    . A rock- calming us when we are worried, remaining positive and knowing when to just listen,
    . A fantastic Nanna- to 5 wonderful grandchildren that she is now teaching the above values to.
    We are all so lucky to have such an inspirational person in our lives!

  • My Mum has been gone for many years sadly, but she is still with me every day in the nicest way. I don’t have a conscience, I have my mum sitting on her cloud with the dreaded finger pointing at me. If I am about to say something nasty about someone I immediately see the “finger” and rethink the situation. I still so miss her sensible advice and kindness to all.

  • Unconditional love is what I get, no matter what I’ve done or said. From my mum and mother in law, I love them both, no others comes close.

  • My mum means the world to me and the ultimate memory I have of my selfless mum is her eating a small can of baked beans for lunch and dinner for a whole week while my sister and I had meat and veg because she was a working single mum and that week there just wasn’t enough money left over to buy her a meal other than baked beans. My mum is my hero.

  • One could not ask for a better mum that us seven kids have, she was and is the best. I never got to meet any of my Grandparents as they were overseas and have passed away….I make sure my children see their grandparents as much as possible.

  • My mum is one of the kind,
    gentle, strong and simply divine!
    She left abusive husband and
    raised 3 kids all by herself
    worked 2 jobs and gave us her best!
    We learnt real values from our mum
    and now she is loving grandma
    to my daughter and my brothers son! xx

  • My Mum meant the world to me but she sadly passed away last September from breast cancer. This will be my first Mother’s Day without her.

  • Mum and I have always been very close and so I was in shock when she was diagnosed with Bowel cancer. Especially seeing this was the same disease that took Dad within 5mths of him being diagnosed. Long story cut short Mum was given 3mths. Mum refused to believe it and kept saying not to worry that she would be fine. 5 years later she was going for her final check and we received another shock. She has now been diagnosed with liver cancer. That was 18mths ago and shes still going strong. She plays bowls once a week and up until 4 years ago she was still going to the gym twice a week. Shes amazing and is a Mum and Gran Mum to be proud of.

  • I’m strangely alarmed that the Special K hamper is the prize I lust after the most??Could be all those Asian breakfast I had in the holidays…Love noodles but I missed cereal!

    I have a friend who mothers me! I love that she checks in when she thinks I’m down, and even drops off a meal when I’m clearly overwhelmed. Sometimes a mother is close at hand, even if she’s not your own.

  • My friend, and mum of four, is so many things to me. She is my:

    Confidante – I can tell her anything
    Role model – She has the best ideas of things to do
    Help line – Always there for me to call on
    Godmother – ‘Auntie’ to my children
    Source of good conversation & laughs
    Guide/teacher – an experienced mother of 3 by the time I had my first child
    Fountain of knowledge, while I was in the dark about motherhood
    And, above all else …
    My best friend.

  • My mother means the world to e because she comforts me when no one else does, she watches out for me and is always there when i need her. Love you mum! xx

  • My Mum is my best friend, confideant and support and advice system rolled into one.
    She was there holding my hand when my daughter was born a terrifying 8 weeks early. And she was there every night for the month afterwards with a home-cooked meal ready when I’d come home from the hospital without my little miss, helping me be strong. Three years on and she still constantly puts herself second to help me and the kids, and without her I’d be a complete wreck! Lol.

  • My sister is the one who understands my jokes, shares my problems and always makes me laugh. She’s one in a million and I wish we lived nearer each other, 1500km is just too far.

  • Kiss is
    A kiss
    MUM is
    Both a friend
    Richly my mother
    Only we were poor
    Otherwise enriched with love
    Kisses & hugs, eternally.

  • Left a message on Kambrook’s Facebook page through Write a Post! As cannot do it any other way but still let others know of Mother’s Day Giveaway on my timeline!!

    So i had SHARED this competition on Kambrooks Facebook page.

    **Goodluck Everyone
    **Congrats to all the LUCKY winners
    **Everyone Enjoy your prizes!

    **Everyone have a great fab day … Cheers!

  • Kindhearted is my sister
    Adorable & pretty
    Most loved
    Rough is life
    Onlook becoming healthier
    Otherwise heart is richer
    Keeping our love enriched!!

  • Mum is sturdy like granite, An Entertaining queen,
    A Wonderful being, My Lifesaving vaccine,
    Her love is unconditional,
    Always so nutritional.

  • Generous nature,
    very sweet,
    excellent friend,
    always there
    when I needed her,
    years have gone by since she died, I still miss my grandmother so much.

  • everything, the fact that she would kill or be killed for me
    she is always been there for me. Taken care of me in sickness loves me for who I am trusts me completely. She inspires me to become a better person.
    There is no love like a mothers love.

  • My sister is the one who supports me and is my strength.I share everything with her and she supports me and motivates me a lot.

  • My mum has become like a good friend as I have become older. Someone with life experience that I can turn to whenever.

  • My grandmother is always there for me no matter what and as much I don’t always listen to her advice I appreciate she means well and is always looking out for me

  • A great giveaway competition love your blogs have had fun reading them from your newest liker

    • my mum means the world to me she helped me through a messy marriage break up helped me look after my son who is now 21 .We live a street away and see each other every day even though I have remarried had 2 more children nothing is ever a bother for her or for her grandchildren she has been by my side for every milestone and every failure not only for me but my children as well I love her to the moon and back and I’d do anything for my mum

  • My mum is a loving kind woman who sometimes gets lost in the world. But when her feet are firmly on the ground she is a wonderful mother to have. I wouldn’t swap my mum for anything.

  • My mum worked very hard to give us kids opportunities she never had. Then when we married she was always there for her grandchildren too.

  • This is the most amazing giveaway ever! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this and share it with my mum <3

  • my mum can be very clinical as she is a registered nurse, but when you need her the most, like we have in the last few weeks when we nearly lost our Daughter, she has been my biggest comfort, my biggest support and most importantly MY MUM, i could not have got through it with out her, and i love her to bits.

  • The absolute world a trust that can never be compared, unconditional love no matter how much time apart the door is always open and that no one else can replace her what she does for you

  • To the world, she’s just one person.
    But to me, she’s the world
    Would love to win some of these things for my mum

  • My mother, has shown me unconditional love always. She is the one who taught me to love, laugh, have morals, to know right from wrong, and that we are accountable for our own actions.

  • My mum shows me the meaning of strength and compassion every day. I hope to be half the woman she is when I’m her age.

  • My Mum means the world to me, she is someone I can always rely on and always talk to, I trust and respect her.

  • my mother means the world to me even though she sometimes does not know who i am but when saying good night there is always a kiss and a hug and a word to tell me she loves me

  • My mum means everything to me! She is the most loyal, honest, loving & selfless person. She brought us up to respect, love & care for others. Even if I’m living 1000km away she is always there to turn to if I need her!

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