Mother’s Day – Use it to clear the fog

This is a sponsored post for Uni Hill Factory Outlets, Bundoora

Sometimes I find myself walking through a fog. It is usually a sleep deprived one. When I’m walking through that fog, I can’t see beyond the next menial task that needs to be done. Before I know it, the day has come and gone and all I’ve done is a few of those menial tasks and I feel no sense of accomplishment. Motivation to clear the fog is usually zero – and the result is a cranky, tired, uninspired me.

I know I don’t do enough to clear the fog sometimes. I let it go on for days, weeks, months until it lifts itself (for a while). I feel like I’m drowning in all those inane tasks that never seem to end and I can’t even begin to think about doing something for myself.

On Saturday, that changed. I was given an amazing opportunity in the lead-up to Mother’s Day and I snapped it up. I pushed away the boring things I ‘needed’ to do (what about my Saturday hurricane type clean of the house?) and I drove 2 hours to meet a friend and head to Uni Hill Factory Outlets in Bundoora to have a day just for us!

I thought almost 5 hours of driving in the day would have me spent, and I wasn’t sure it was going to be ‘relaxing’. Um, I soon realised anything without a toddler around is relaxing. I pumped up the music, the sun was shining and I DROVE.


When we arrived we headed straight to Star Nails to get our nails done. I’ve only ever had a manicure once in my life. I didn’t see the point. Silly me! It was so darn relaxing, my bestie Leesa and I decided it should definitely become a semi-regular occurrence! I only got a plain manicure but I was even asked that day by a retail assistant whether it was shellac because they were so shiny! Only $20 too!


We then went to lunch. What I liked about Uni Hill DFO is that they have an outside area that is almost attached to the DFO, like a street to call their own. So if you’re looking for something a bit different to a food court, you don’t have to stray from the shops to get it!

We were in a treating ourselves kind of mood so we got ourselves some cosmopolitans, burgers and relaxed! It was a $10 lunch deal at Azurea. Cheap and delicious!


Then my friend Leesa went off to get her hair done at Madness Hair. That was going to be a little too time consuming for me to do. With my curly curls I decided to let the hairdresser go and headed to Simone Perele for some luxury lingerie shopping.

I had not bought a bra post breast-feeding. 3 months later and I was still living in maternity bras. My old bras don’t fit me anymore. So when I tried on my first frilly number, I was expecting uncomfortable underwire galore – but actually, it felt really good! I was professionally fitted there too which was a bonus as I had no idea what size I was anymore!

I expected to be spending a fortune there, but I ended up buying a bra that was almost half price. Score!


Leesa met me afterwards, glam hair and all, and we hit the rest of the shops. She got herself some brand new Sketchers and then it was time for me to hit the road again. We took one last happy snap together.


I was looking forward to coming home. The fog had definitely lifted. Even the next day – a clear path remained. We went to a local street parade and the park. I focussed on my family, good cooking and the time spent.

Sometimes that’s easier said, than done. Sometimes you need to get out there and take time for yourself. It feels so much better than what you would ever expect. This is the beautiful photo I stopped to take on my way home that day. It summed up exactly how I felt.


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How do you get time to yourself to ‘lift the fog?’

19 thoughts on “Mother’s Day – Use it to clear the fog

  • What a fab day out. I know what you mean about the fog. It’s so important to take some time out regularly just for you, even if it’s just to have a coffee by yourself, or with a friend.

  • The name of that hairdresser sounds like it would have been perfect for you hair. We do need to take some time out for ourselves some time and with mothers day coming up i might just do that. A mani and a pedi, hair done and some lingerie sounds perfect.

    I know what you mean about the bras too. I bought some after breastfeeding but just plain ones that don’t fit well. Need to lift my game a bit or my breasts hahaha.

    • haha I had no doubts they would have done a great job. But I would have been there ALL DAY!

      Yep. Do it. You will feel awesome!

      I was completely wrong about my size when I was there. The lady that worked there took one look at me and told me my size. It was NOT what I was expecting but it fit perfectly.

      If you want something a little special in terms of lingerie definitely head there. It’s all class 😉

  • Sounds like my kinda of day out 🙂 Lovely to spend some time just drifting around the shops and spending money!!

    • Yes it is! It’s also nice to throw some experiences in there! I hadn’t realised that sitting down and getting something done like your nails can be just as relaxing, especially in combination with some shopping too 🙂

  • Us mums tend to put our own needs last, but if we take the time to put ourselves first, we are much happier and more able to be the mums we want to be.
    I’m feeling the need to get my nails done.

    • So true Toushka! It was the best thing I’ve done in a long time…just have to tell myself to keep it up whenever I need a pick-me-up!

  • Wow, I’m sooo jelly! I haven’t had my hair done in months. Come to think of it I really need to make an appointment as the naughty greys have defo returned.
    Looks like you had a ball!

  • Great day, but so important to get that time to ourselves – it restores our souls, gives our spirit a chance to catch up with us and everyone is a winner in the long run. Beautiful final picture too. What an amazing place to live.

    • Thanks Kim! It’s funny…when I left I was busting to get into the city life but as I was returning home and watching the view (and the road), I realised I don’t think I could ever go back.

  • Loving the colour!! Time out for yourself is so important. Especially when you’re dealing with sleep deprivation too. Trust me, I know after going through it twice – 14 months both times! Funnily, I used to have regular time out for myself then, but rarely do it now. I should!!!
    It sounds like you had such an awesome day!

    • Thanks Kellie! Yep it’s so easy to get sucked in that you’re ‘too tired’ to do anything or go anywhere – especially when everything is such a long drive away! But no regrets once you get out there and do it of course!

  • Yes some time out for yourself is very important to keep the demands of life, balanced. Well I think so, anyways. Love that nail colour!

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