Motherhood: Filling Your Emotional Cup

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We’ve all heard it before. Motherhood is tough, toughest thing you’ll ever do. You’ll be tired, you’ll be thrilled, you’ll be anxious, you’ll be hurt and you’ll be proud. Yeah, yeah we know all that.

tom asleep cute

You just need to look at your sleeping kid to evoke emotion right?

How hard does it hit when we realise all these emotions can actually happen in one ‘ordinary’ day. No wonder we’re exhausted!

It’s right. It’s so right. You think you have this spectrum of intensity when it comes to emotions. Then you become a mother and your spectrum of emotions becomes completely widened. You feel whatever emotion you might be having at 100x the intensity you’ve previously felt. Part of that is because you’re more sleep deprived than EVER. The other part of that is because there’s an invisible string that is attached from your heart to your children and it gets pulled pretty fiercely every time you look at them, every time you worry about them, every time they do something adorable. After a while, this motherhood business becomes your new normal.

What is an emotional cup?

I can visualise my emotional cup quite often. It’s definitely filled with coffee. It’s also swirling around with all the emotions that come with being a mother. Now and again, the negative emotions outweigh the good ones and with T’s separation difficulties at kinder, I can tell you that cup has been filled with more anxiety than I’ve experienced in a long time. Unfortunately, that can lead to being tired, irritable and just plain frustrated. What happens when my cup is full of that negative stuff? It overflows.

I’m starting to recognise that if I stick with this analogy I can become more aware of the fact that my cup needs to be drained at some point. I need to be able to tip those emotions down the sink (hold the coffee, thanks). The only way I can do that is time out for me. Not an hour or two. Actual time to myself, to breathe, to empty the cup and be ready to face whatever it is parenting is throwing at me with the respect and patience it deserves.

How can you empty out your emotional cup and re-fill?

When I turned 30 I wanted to travel interstate by myself, to a hotel and have a weekend away without anyone at all. That didn’t end up happening, but after being through a rough patch that year I decided friends and family to distract me would be a better idea.

Now I’m craving that night away. I’m dreaming of a shopping trip, a hotel room with room service, reading a book under a tree and just doing nothing. That’s what I need to fill my emotional cup.

So I’m not going to feel guilty about needing this time anymore. I’m just going to do this. I’m looking at booking a Travelodge hotel in Southbank, as it particularly takes my fancy! Did I mention I like to shop and read, write or just do nothing at all? Sounds like the perfect spot to do all of that!

travelodge-southbank-melbourne-hotel-guest-room-queen-2014 (1)


Sometimes we get the urge to do this on our own, other times a family getaway is what we need. Whatever helps to empty that emotional cup and start again, afresh.

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Do you recognise when it’s time to fill your emotional cup with the good stuff? How do you do it?

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