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Guest Post by Steve East

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My name is Steve. I’m 34 years old and I watch cartoons.
Yes, cartoons. In particular cartoons based on comics.
Superhero comics.

So when the folks at Warner Bros. Australia offered up a choice of DVDs to review for the blog and I saw Son of Batman on the list I  naturally told Ange, ‘That one’.
It’s a tough gig but someone’s got to do it.

I’d argue that many people are familiar with Batman and his backstory, after all he has been fighting crime in Gotham city for 75 years! However, this DC Universe Original Movie does a great job of introducing the viewer to the other characters of the story and how they are tied in with the Caped Crusader without it being obvious. Son of Batman opens with a bang as “The League of Assassins” is attacked by a disgruntled former member, Deathstroke. Talia al Ghul, along with her son Damien, survive the attack by Deathstroke and Talia decides that Damien would be better off with his old man… who just happens to be Batman. Batman is unaware of the whole fatherhood business due to a spiked drink Talia had given him many years ago. Of course, being the type of bloke who doesn’t shirk responsibility, Batman takes Damien in while Talia goes after Deathstroke.

son of batman movie

Damien also wants Deathstroke. He was after all, as Bruce Wayne elegantly puts it, ‘raised by illegal assassins’. This creates tension and Damien soon crosses paths with The Dark Knight’s former protégé, Nightwing. Batman does see potential in his son though, and he is soon donning the Robin uniform- much to the dismay of Nightwing.

son of batman article

The movie kicks along at a cracking pace as it balances the interweaving plots of the al Ghul’s wanting to take down Deathstroke, Deathstroke’s plans for world domination and Batman (with assistance from Nightwing and Alfred) trying to guide his hot head son on the path of good. It culminates into an underwater climax full of ninjas, explosions, man-bats and a Lazarus pit!
I think that fans of Batman will enjoy this movie, and if you are unfamiliar with the Bat-legend this is a great film to come in on. I must stress that even though this is a cartoon, this is not a kids’ movie. There are many deaths and quite a bit of violence. I won’t be showing it to Tom or Jeremy anytime soon, it is rated M for a reason.

I really enjoyed this movie and the addition of Damien into the Batman mythos is an interesting development. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see Batman take a leaf from another costumed crime fighter and begin a tradition of passing the mask from father to son.

***The Giveaway***


Warner Bros. in conjunction with School of Mum are running a DVD giveaway. The DVD is a limited-series event called Political Animals and stars Sigorney Weaver as a former First Lady and current Secretary of State (hmm… that sounds familiar). To win a copy answer below…

If you could be a costumed crime fighter what would you call yourself and what would be your special ability?


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Only Australian residents are eligible

Winners based on SKILL and creativity in comment
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7 thoughts on “Men, Cartoons and a DVD giveaway for Anyone!

  • Time Lord: I would have the ability to manipulate time.

    (I never seem to have enough hours in the day.)


  • (Answering this for the man of the house who also loves cartoon – but more the old school Looney Tunes type.)

    Super Top Gear man – able to watch 15 episodes a day without leaving his chair.

    (Yeah, you’re right – he has no idea I said that and would probably give me a dead arm if he knew!!)

  • Spidermum…able to leap tall high chairs and kitchen benches in a flash, saving the house from misadventures with small children, all while looking hairy and gorgeous!

  • My super name would be ‘Super Crafty Mum’. My special ability is a bottomless pocket with a never ending supply of stationary and crafts that can be used at a moment’s notice.

  • I’d be called Prankster and my special ability would be that I could morph into anything or anyone, hence the name and all the mischievous fun I’d get up to along with fighting crime 🙂

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