Meet my new baby!

There’s a new baby in the house. She spends a lot of time on a baby change table. She is so warm. In fact, she can warm up the room in minutes! She isn’t cuddly though I’m Β afraid. I’ve already been burnt by her – more than once.

She is little miss Pressy!


Thanks to my brother who is a whizz regarding all things printing, engraving and more over at Prytec Solutions, I’ve had Pressy for a while now and have been working out how best to push her buttons and keep her happy for months.

We’re like a well oiled machine now. Both of us together that is. Pressy and I make things work.

We’ve got an order for a shirt with this digger design to do, but we’re still waiting for the right size shirt to arrive and I couldn’t wait any longer!

So I made a bib for my little nephew to check out the cute digger on fabric.


Looking forward to putting this cute little design on a shirt too.

The design is pressed at a very high temperature using inks perfect for fabric.

Did I mention Pressy and I can make your little person a bib like this too? Only $12 from the School of Mum shop!

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