Make Up Free Me

Do you generally wear make up? I can’t say I do these days…

Make Up Free Me is on tomorrow and is a charity movement that is looking to shine a light on negative body image among women and girls in Australia. The stats are pretty frightening for girls, and I’ve heard some things come out of girl’s mouths during my teaching years that really worry me. In a society filled with women being exploited and sexualised in the media, it’s so important to send a strong, confident message to girls – make up or no make up!

Here are some warning signs and tips from Sian McLean, a researcher from Latrobe University’s Body Image and Disordered Eating Research Group:


  • ·         Love & accept your own body
  • ·         Don’t talk about diets in front of your children
  • ·         Talk to your child about the way they feel about the way they look
  • ·         Don’t weigh yourself in front of your kids
  • ·         Balance the praise you give to your children so move away from appearance based praise
  • ·         Watch any appearance based teasing/comments – make your home a non-teasing zone
  • ·         Showing acceptance for everyone else’s body shapes and sizes

Warning signs:

  • ·         General preoccupation with appearance, to the point it might be interfering with social events/activities
  • ·         A focus on diets, calories, health and particular food
  • ·         Complaints about the way they look
  • ·         Frequent weight changes/rapid weight loss
  • ·         Change in clothing style such as wearing baggy or oversized clothing
  • ·         Preoccupation with looking perfect, and downplaying nonappearance based achievements

Register for the day here!

Will you be signing up?

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