Little Learners Club is in Ballarat (MINERS REST)

little learners

Here’s everything you need to know about Little Learners Club! Want more info? Email me or check message the Facebook page!


Little Learners Club is so much fun!

Our group of 3.5-5.5 year olds have been learning everything they need to start school. While it seems far away, it comes around mighty quick! I’m pretty sure my own 4 year old was being rocked endlessly in his bassinet yesterday, right!?

Little learners

How much will it cost?

There will be a free 1:1 consultation over the school holidays. After that sessions are $15 for 10 weeks. That’s only $150 per term for a one hour session each week with an experienced Primary school teacher. Consider it similar to sending your child to a sport or music class. It’s just all about their literacy and numeracy learning!

Where will the sessions happen?

Our headquarters are now in Miners Rest. It is a bright and open space, with room to move but safe and secure for all children. Here’s a look (although it is a bit more full these days!)

teepee elephant


What will the sessions look like?

The sessions are a lot of fun. To begin with, we focus on letters of the alphabet, identifying numbers and counting. Because it’s such a small group (maximum of 5) I can cater to your child’s needs, depending on their learning style and abilities. Each child will be challenged according to what they already know. We learn through craft, song, play and more! Stick with us and your child will feel more confident about transitioning to school when the time comes.

volcano fun

How else can we help?

We will help parents too. We will provide a ‘quick tip’ to take home each week which will help you reinforce at home the learning that happens at Little Learners Club.

Contact us

Be sure to contact us soon. There isn’t much time left! We’re now taking bookings for our 1:1 consultation in Miners Rest, Ballarat for term 2. Group sessions in Term 2 will be on FRIDAY at 10-15am – 11:15am. Contact us via the website, contact me directly at or through Facebook.

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