Let’s Learn about Breastmilk: 5 Amazing Facts You May Not Know

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Breastfeeding. One, emotionally charged, almost ‘controversial’ topic. I’ve done a host of things – breastfed only, mix fed, formula fed only, dummy, no dummy. Each of my children were different, and I was also different with each of my children. I’ve spoken about my breastfeeding journey a few times, which you can read about here and here. The fact will always remain, breastmilk is an amazing thing. We can only truly appreciate it how great it is if we understand it.

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When I was breastfeeding Jeremy I was super proud of myself. After quite a tumultuous time feeding Tom, Jeremy was such a breeze. However, Jeremy would NEVER take a bottle. I mean no way, no how. He was attached to me for 15 months, and I would be lying if I said that every feed was magical and I gazed at him in wonder. No. Some feeds went for hours, some went multiple times in the night, and some had me giving up certain social events because going out for a friend’s 30th where there was no accommodation nearby just wasn’t doable.

Deep into those dark nights, I would Google one thing…


They got me through. Honestly, I would read them over and over. I would marvel at what I was providing him. THEN I would gaze down at him and feel at peace. Bloody exhausted, but at peace. Here’s some of my favourites provided by Medela and my own research. Read them when you’re feeling sore, read them when your back aches from holding the same position for hours, read them when you want to feel like a SUPERHERO. Even if you are only breastfeeding a little bit, or you did 10 years ago. Read it, and tell me it doesn’t make you think you’re wearing a cape.

Post-milk bliss

Post-milk bliss

  1. There is no man made substitute for breastmilk: Every woman’s breastmilk is completely unique to cater to the baby that is feeding. Your body produces the right nutrients in the right amount and the right volume to meet the needs of your baby.
  2. There are THOUSANDS of different ingredients in breastmilk: Proteins, fats, lactose, vitamins, iron, minerals, enzymes, probiotics and stem cells. They are all naturally made to suit your baby perfectly and have a distinct purpose.
  3. Your breastmilk is your baby’s first immunisation: Many of the proteins in breastmilk are there to kill any bacteria and pathogens as well as acts as immune barriers. I’ve breastfed while we all had gastro – all, except the breastfeeder, Jeremy. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
  4. Breastmilk tastes a little like what you eat: When you breastfeed, your baby gets a slight taste of what you eat. Introducing them to different flavours through breastmilk can help introduce them to solids down the track.
  5. Breastmilk is a living liquid: Yes, breastmilk is alive! Leukocytes (white blood cells) are living cells and are found in breastmilk. They fight infection and produce antibodies to ward away any nasties.

If you’re a visual learner or you just want to stick some amazing breastfeeding facts in your house somewhere, you can download the full version of the image below HERE.

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Learn about Breastmilk: 5 Amazing Facts You May Not Know

  • As well as all of the above, I loved the portability. I fed on boats, beaches, cafes, markets, 30th birthdays, everywhere at any time and didn’t need anything with me except the baby! I loved the self sufficiency and not having to worry about storing, heating, sterilising.

  • The way baby can smell your milk and know when mum is holding them. My little one would wriggle herself into position to feed all by herself

  • Im amazed at how i never dropped our sons while breastfeeding especially during night feeds when you get the big release of happy endorphins and feel like i could sleep forever lol. Love The Pharmacy, great buys.

  • The bonding is amazing,
    And every babe & Mumma know,
    There’s magic in Mumma’s breast milk,
    Babe’s are contented & strong they grow!
    Antibodies and a unique bubba blend,
    Of goodness, vitamins and more,
    Babies & Mumma’s can depend,
    On breast milk with it’s nutrients galore!

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