Lego – The Test of Time **GIVEAWAY ENDED**

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Lego. How iconic is it? As soon as you read the word, your mind is instantly filled with miniature colourful blocks, little round faces with caps and a world of possibilities.

Lego has really stood the test of time. The first Lego brick was born in 1958 and here it is today, popular as ever.

Most people are aware of the common knowledge that playing with Lego is good for a child. But why? What makes it SO educational? What parts of their brain is being tapped? How come this simple, brilliant invention is ridiculously awesome when it comes to children’s learning?

They encourage open ended activity – Playing with Lego is not a game that just ends when you’re ‘finished’. Because you’re never finished. Playing with Lego opens a child’s mind up to possibilities. Even if they are following the steps to build something, after they are done the imaginary play with their new toy can go on forever!

DSC_1260Lego builds up fine-motor skills in children’s hands and fingers as they manipulate the pieces and fit them together. It also develops their ideas of patterning and grouping when putting similar colours together or in a pattern.

Lego also encourages patience and problem solving skills. It can be frustrating when you just can’t put something together! (Flat-packed furniture springs to mind) but it’s also a really good feeling when you achieve success! Lego helps teach that from a young age.


I could write about Lego forever. It’s amazing, versatile and educational. Now that I’ve convinced you of all that, of course you want to win some right!?

Good. Because you can. Right here!


Shell, Lego and Ferrari have teamed up to bring customers 6 limited Edition Lego Ferrari Collectibles. I’m here to tell you they are very cool and could even become collector’s items in the future! They have the smallest pull-back motor ever produced by Lego and they can perform over 300 pulls. Lots of car racing to be had!

The cars are $6 each with a $40 purchase of Shell V-Power or $8 without a fuel purchase.

You can have one full set of LEGO cars including a set of money-can’t-buy mini figures (only 2,000 available in Australia!!)

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Please note: This Lego is designed for children (and adults) 6 years and up. It contains very small parts. My little man did not build these and only played with them briefly while being closely supervised.

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28 thoughts on “Lego – The Test of Time **GIVEAWAY ENDED**

  • I use to borrow my brother’s Legos for making doll house for my barbie. I use to give him 2 Cadbury chocolates and he use to allow me to keep my barbie in lego doll house for a day.

  • My fondest memory is playing with my brothers. We would make extroidinary things only to pull apart and remake. I also remember the competiveness that we had , but being the girl, I always won hahah

  • my sisters and i use to take our big brothers lego and pull down his things so we could build houses to play with our dolls he hated it we loved it we still chat about that now over 30 years on

  • I remember making different animals with Lego. Having so many siblings (7 sisters and 2 brothers) it was always a race for the Lego piecesthat had the eyes painted onto them.

  • I was a very girly girl as a child so my earliest memory is quite recent. After getting our now 4 year old son into lego, we bought him a lego police station worth $120 and various lego emergency vehicles, only for him to take the small lego police dog and make that the plaything of the year. Forget the robbers, the cops, the cool computer desks and swivel chairs complete with coffee cups, or the jail cells with beds and toilets, he just wants the little dog and his little doggy bed and bowl. Amazing.

  • How fun, not sure if Im entering for my son or for me, we are both lego fanatics and Ferrari lovers.
    Great post!

  • My first lego gift was when I was 8, my neighbour had 4 kids like us, they had four boys, mum had four girls and I used to go over and play with their lego and for my birthday they gave me my first lego and I was hooked ever since. Now my son shares the same passion and love and Im over the moon, everyday we sit in his room building something. Love it.

  • I remember going to school and seeing all the ‘cool’ kids playing with these LEGO. At first, I didn’t think anything of it. Now I’m hooked.

  • I remember always getting in trouble from dad. So what I’d do is place all my LEGO pieces all over my bedroom floor. He’d get angry because he could never walk in to punish me 😉

  • my best memory was my kids making a Happy Birthday sign for their Dad out of LEGO, it looks so awesome, so much effort went into it

  • My fondest moment would be when I saw LEGO showcasing the exact replica of the train station in Taiwan. It was so detailed it even had all the trees surrounding the station with the fallen leaves on the ground.

  • I can remember my older sisters making a dolls house out of LEGO. It was amazing. My Mum & Dad even helped. That’s a big deal.

    (I don’t do twitter, but I am an Email Subscriber.)

  • I remember being about 10 or 11 and spending the whole day making this massive town of lego on my bed, and when it came to end end of the day, I slept on the floor so I didn’t have to pull it apart!

  • My mum use to take my sister and I every xmas school hoildays to Grace Bros (Myer) for the big Lego displays on the top floor. It was a yearly event! very happy memories

  • My earliest memory is my sisters dragging this big red tub out every school holidays – setting up a monopoly game and building Lego City around the monopoly game – that would go on all holidays. I was allowed to join in when I was 7. My mum still has the big red tub of lego and my children love lego as much as we still do!

  • I watched as my Dad built a brick retaining wall. His meticulous effort mixing the cement and mortar, plastering it on the brick and sticking it down.

    At 5 years of age I decided I had a solution for dividing my shared bedroom with my older sister. Armed with my brothers Lego collection and an array of glues or similar, I began my own brick laying job. Working very hard sticking pieces down, my Dad decided I’d been quiet for too long. Searching he found me in my bedroom; myself and the carpet decorated in an assortment of glues, paint and silicone; and a multitude of sticky Lego pieces.

    I was very proud of my efforts until I saw Dad’s reaction. Needless to say, the Lego was never to be seen again – being sent to Lego Heaven, the carpet had to be pulled up and my backside was raw for days.

  • Showing my age here lol but my first memory dates back to about 1980- when I used to ‘borrow’ my brother’s lego to build all sorts of creations. Not so bad? Well the story is in what I did with it rather than putting it away…
    Mum and dad had made me some shelves in my room with bessa bricks and painted planks of wood- and I worked out that the cavities within these bricks was a wonderful place to hide all sorts of random things- including lego. They could not work out why my brother’s collection was dwindling until one day they moved the shelves and found the bricks stuffed with all sorts of things. Let’s just say that afternoon was one of the longest of my life as I sorted…and sorted…and sorted!

  • My mum kept my brothers and my duplo from when we were kids and today I use it with my 3 boys, its coming up to 30 years old! We have the train track and trains and the farm set with tractor etc. I can remember making the train track as a kid, there is only one way that you can use EVERY piece of track and make it a circuit track including the bridge and I LOVED spending the first afternoon we brought it out trying to remember how to do it! (i got it btw) *heres a tip for everyone too, lego goes great through the dishwasher! just pop it in a fine mesh bra bag and sit it on the top rack of the dishwasher – comes out super clean and sanitised too!

  • One of my earliest memories is catching the train into Sydney, and going to Centrepoint Tower where there was a lego exhibition on. I remember being so awed by the amount of lego that was used in just creating one of the pieces displayed, let alone the amount in the whole exhibition and thinking that our (quite sizable for children) tub of lego was actually very piddling in comparison!

  • My earliest memories would involve building the biggest tower possible with my Dad and also spending days building Mum a special birthday present out of Lego!

  • Playing LEGO with my oldest male cousin,
    he’d help me make castles by the dozen.
    For all my My Little Ponies and trolls,
    and even big ones for my barbie dolls.
    The Ninja Turtles always HAD to be included,
    for this I definately was not deluded.
    We had fun playing pretend,
    for back then he was my best friend.
    Many great memories happened with LEGO blocks,
    that why to them all the children now flock.

  • I remember lying on the floor in front f the fire in winter (in NZ) with my brother making lego towns – we never fought because if we did we got sent to our rooms and they were freezing so it made us co-operate!

  • I got a lego house of Santa when I was about 7. I spent so much time building and decorating with the little flowers and trees.

  • When I discovered the flat pieces could connect orthogonally to pretty much any other brick, between the studs. It was a great Eureka moment and certainly my fondest Lego memory.

  • I remember when my brother and I were young, we used every piece of our rather large LEGO collection and created a ‘town’ complete with roads and airport which covered our entire bedroom floor. We were so proud of it and Mum must have been too, cause it stayed built for a few weeks before we were made to pack it all away again!

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