Leaving Home

our houseI thought 2015 was going to be THE year. It’s only the end of March and already I’ve battled two surgeries (see here and here), emotional stress and well, I’m just really tired.

But I did just say it’s ONLY March, and that means I’ve gotten most of the crap stuff out of the way because only good things are going to happen from here on in. That’s what my usually never optimistic brain is telling me. I might be too clogged up with flu to think the way I normally do though.

But no, good things really will happen for School of Mum.

Number 1: We are MOVING

Yes, yes! We are moving to Ballarat in the very near future. Ballarat is the coldest, most nostalgic place I ever lived and I love it. I’ve never stopped loving it. It holds so many memories of independence, friendships and romance. It’s where I studied my teaching degree, where I made forever friends and where I met my husband. The buildings are old, the coffee is good and the shopping is fantastic. It’s also closer to family and friends and will bring a wealth more opportunity to School of Mum, as a business and as a community.

School of Mum will be expanding its STOCK as soon as we move. The shop has been quiet since Christmas because I plan to attack markets in and around Ballarat and I’m soooo excited to bring School of Mum’s wooden toys and educational items along to Ballarat and be able to get home to spend time with family, rather than spending the entire day or weekend away doing markets, which I have been forced to do in the past!

mushroom set in action

I’m also looking into tutoring sick/disabled children through the Ronald McDonald House – something I have done in the past and thoroughly enjoyed. So glad they want me back to do some work down Ballarat way!

Then there’s kindergarten choices, moving into a new home and all the joys of unpacking. But eventually, we will kick on, and we really feel there’s a very cool (literally) and very right future for us there. We cannot wait.

What do you want to see in the School of Mum shop? And what markets are your favourites? Hit me up!

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